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Eclipse Europa Has Ruined My Day

August 26th, 2007 / 43 Comments »

Yesterday I woke up with a fresh mind to start my day by learning something useful. I had the aim to learn Spring Framework. So with this in mind I sat before my machine and decided to plan what to do for getting started in spring. I had downloaded Eclipse Europa a couple of days […]

Working With JAX-WS in JDK 1.6

August 19th, 2007 / 5 Comments »

I had created a web service client from an online web service while learning it for the first time and then had written a tutorial on creating a client with JAX-WS and JAXP. At that time I had JDK 1.5 and JWSDP 2.0 pack for web services. I tried today working in JDK 1.6 and […]

JAX-WS + JAXP Tutorial – Building A StockQuote Web Service Client

August 15th, 2007 / 12 Comments »

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a standalone Web Service client using JAX-WS. JAX-WS and JAXP API together, provide an easy way to develop a web service client. This tutorial makes use of an existing online web service instead of creating one from scratch just for making a client. For this tutorial […]

Java EE – Exhaustive yet Enchanting

August 13th, 2007 / 1 Comment »

Java EE (JEE) has changed its face entirely from the past. The new look of JEE is exciting and simpler. With the rise of Web 2.0 and usage of simpler and lighter mechanisms for enterprise application, JEE has come a long way, to provide the latest and the best features in the market. For the […]

J2EE or JEE, Java 5 or Java 1.5 – Is SUN Crazy?

August 1st, 2007 / 22 Comments »

Will they take a J2EE professional or a JEE professional now is the thing I am worrying about. It is obvious for a technical person to know that J2EE and JEE are one and the same except for the HR persons! How do we go about convincing them? Many people including me, still are confused […]

Plagiarism – Black Listing of Sites is a Must

July 30th, 2007 / 1 Comment »

In the present days you may have heard of black listed organizations or institutions and now it is time that the web should follow the same real life principles. Spams can be resolved by various techniques but is there any way to stop plagiarism? I definitely feel that the policy of black listing of sites […]

New Theme for TechTracer

July 29th, 2007 / 1 Comment »

Edit: I reverted back to Bosco theme, if you are reading this now because of advice from many of my friends. You might have noticed the big change in the looks of TechTracer. If you are reading this post through an Feed Reader or through Email then you would have to visit the site if […]

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