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WordPress Database Error – Table ‘wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 in Issues, Wordpress | 27 Comments »

I recently upgraded my hosted WordPress from version 2.2 to 2.3.1. The upgradation process went smoothly but something strange happened when I tried to log into the administration dashboard. When I logged in, the page showed me a message stating that my database was old and I needed to upgrade it. I did as it suggested and the dashboard came into picture as usual. All till this point seemed fine, until I did the following things:

  • Tried to add a new category
  • Tried to edit a post
  • Tried to comment from the blog post page

When I tried to do the above things I was shown a big fat error message which cried out,

WordPress database error: [Table ‘wordpress.wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist]
SELECT cat_ID AS ID, MAX(post_modified) AS last_mod FROM wp_posts p LEFT JOIN wp_post2cat pc ON p.ID = pc.post_id LEFT JOIN wp_categories c ON pc.category_id = c.cat_ID WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ GROUP BY cat_ID

I managed to resolve this error in some time but those few moments were somewhat shocking. If you are getting the same error, the solution is quite easy. At first Read the rest of this entry »

Unleash the Power in Your Blog with Google Custom Search

Posted on October 14th, 2007 in Google, Utilities, Wordpress | 6 Comments »

Some bloggers often get confronted by the question which is, “If a blog already has written a custom search function then what is the need to replace it with a Google Search?”. Well, now that TechTracer is replacing the default wordpress search with Google Search, I am ready to answer the question. The answer is simple. Google Custom Search not only benefits bloggers but also readers of the blog. The only thing required to understand is how does it actually benefits both.

Google Custom Search

For the Blog Owner

It is very easy to setup Google Custom Search either through the Adsense Program itself or by using Google Co-op which provides Customized external search engine which can be used either by an individual or by a collaboration. I personally like the second option than the Adsense customized search. Of course you can make money with both the counterparts.

For hosted WordPress users, the Google Custom Search can be easily Read the rest of this entry »

SEO for WordPress Beginners

Posted on September 26th, 2007 in Concepts, Wordpress | 5 Comments »

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term commonly used for the techniques which ensure that your website becomes search engine friendly. This includes making you site adhere to certain rules which makes it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl effortlessly in your site pages and rank them or list them accordingly.

Why is SEO required?

SEO is must required for anyone who wants his/her website to reach to a large audience. For personal blogs, it does not matter much as the content in its sense is somewhat personal and does not cater to a large mass. But the web sites or blogs which cater to a reader’s needs should follow some SEO techniques without which the intention to get the idea across is left unintended. In other words, as you need expressions to make your thoughts move across to the people, you need SEO to make your online information accessible to the worldwide surfers. Thus, SEO is important.

Can you provide any example?

Techtracer is a blog on technology. It includes articles, views, reviews, tutorials, news, resources which cater to a technology. Whatever I write, I make it a point that Read the rest of this entry »

WordPress Error – “Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes”

Posted on July 18th, 2007 in Issues, Wordpress | 48 Comments »

You sometimes might get the following error if you are trying to import a previous blog into a newly installation of WordPress through an RSS feed or while installing a new plugin as:

Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxxxx bytes)

This means that the server is not allowing to process the size of the data than its maximum alloted size. Remember that there is nothing wrong with the WordPress installation. Its the matter of the amount of data that the server can process at one time.

Don’t be scared, you can get it resolved in a matter of seconds. There are two ways of resolving this error.

Method #1 : Without Restarting the Server

If the error mentioned appears during the importing, what you need to do is get access to the source code of the WordPress where you have done the installation.

Once you get the access you will need to modify two files . They are: Read the rest of this entry »

BlueWhirl – new wordpress theme for TechTracer

Posted on April 22nd, 2007 in News, Wordpress | 4 Comments »

I designed this theme yesterday and have named it BlueWhirl since every thing in this theme has a shade of blue. Why blue? Because it’s one of my favorite colors. The design has the layout of the theme Andreas which is a fluid 4 column widget ready theme. I had loved the Garland theme which was ported to the free wordpress blog by the Drupal Team. I had used it for a long time in my old blog and had loved it. But surprisingly it hasn’t been made available as a free download. BlueWhirl has the shades of Garland theme especially if you notice the background and the sidebars.

BlueWhirl - new wordpress theme for TechTracer

This theme is not a fancy theme nor purposefully made to look attractive. It is entirely made using CSS and does not utilize images for the sake of loading the site faster. I also have made the theme SEO and adsense friendly. I am not sure if BlueWhirl would be realeased as a free theme in the near future. But for the time being I am requesting readers to please report any bugs if found. It will be helpful to make sure that it works properly before a stable release. All kinds of suggestions are gladly appreciated. :)

LinkedIn – start your own network today

Posted on March 29th, 2007 in Social Networks, Wordpress | 2 Comments »

LinkedIn is a a new growing community which I came across a few days ago. Quickly I got registered in it and since then it is a fun routine and enlightening one to visit my LinkedIn  account and getting linked to people across the globe sharing the same interests as mine or working in the same field.

Once you open an account with LinkedIn you have to fill in proper details about yourself since without the details nobody would be interested to be linked to you. Once you are done with it you have the option of going inviting your colleagues to join the network or just go  or just wait and watch until somebody eagerly invites you to join his network.

Read the rest of this entry »