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3 Easy Steps to Install MySQL on Windows XP

Posted on June 9th, 2008 in Tutorials, Windows | 70 Comments »

This article needed to be written from a long time and since it was not, I almost suffered the same hiccups during the installing of MySQL on Windows XP. Every single time I had to search the internet for the solutions which I often forgot over a period of time.


So today without any procrastination, I intend to put down the simplest of the steps to configure and run MySQL on Windows XP in the quickest of the time. First and foremost, as I always tend to follow a course is, break down the task into 3 steps. They are:

Step 1: Getting the software

Download the latest version of MySQL from the community site. Unpack it into your desired folder. It is always a good practice to download the zipped archive of MySQL binary distribution since using the one click installer, you might sometimes lose the power of configuration manually.

Its also a better way to understand configuring manually since if you switch to a Unix based environment later on, you will have to carry out a similar procedure and there is usually no one click installer in such environments.

I unpacked MySQL in C:\Program Files\mysql-5.0.45-win32

Step 2 : Configuring the environment

While configuring in the Windows environment you have to do two things. One, putting a file having a name my.ini in the Windows folder of the operating system. Two, setting the path in your system environment variable. Here’s what you have to do: Read the rest of this entry »

How To Install Windows Live Writer

Posted on January 13th, 2008 in Featured, Tutorials, Utilities, Windows | 6 Comments »

I am writing this article for the first time using Windows Live Writer. The interface of the tool is amazing and the installation has given me a new kind of energy to get more productive. I am starting with my blogging stint from Live Writer by writing a post on how to install Live Writer on your system.

What is Windows Live Writer?

Live Writer is a power blogging tool which helps in offline blogging. If you are a regular blogger then you might have used the ScribeFire Firefox addon. But Windows Live Writer is not just an addon its a full fledged blogging platform with many blog rich features. The features are fully in synch with the WordPress platform.

The best part of blogging in Live Writer is that, Read the rest of this entry »

Feast Your Eyes With Firefox Piclens

Posted on November 5th, 2007 in Firefox, Utilities, Windows | 2 Comments »

I stumbled upon the Piclens plugin for Firefox today and this in my opinion, is one of the most elegant plugins created for Firefox. Firefox till date remains the world’s favorite browser and the addition of such wonderful plugins makes it even more worthwhile to browse the web. So what’s so wonderful about this plugin?


Piclens is a slideshow presenter for convenient viewing of websites which have stack loads of photos. You name it, Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Picasa Web Albums and any other. You may have never witnessed such a slideshow before within a browser. When you install this plugin and browse any of the above site, the pictures get a tiny play button displayed on the bottom. The instant you hit this play button your get transferred into wonderland. Believe me, its true.

Piclens has been developed by Read the rest of this entry »

The pride of Windows desktop – “Bliss” Wallpaper

Posted on July 11th, 2007 in Windows | 24 Comments »

The one thing I can say I truly liked the most in XP is its wallpaper “Bliss“. If one was to look at my desktop it would always have one of the Windows Bliss Wallpaper. I just love it to keep them on my desktop and thoroughly admire those designers behind the XP look and feel who made especially the original wallpaper “Bliss” which someone told me is the most viewed wallpaper in wallpaper history.

The specialty of the Bliss wallpapers is the unique way of the lawn which spreads apart to about half way up to the screen and the above half is taken by different types of skies. This blue and lush green combination of colors brings a sense of peace and looks pleasant to the eye.

Original Bliss Wallpaper

Original Bliss

Since then “Bliss” has gone Read the rest of this entry »

XP Installation – The 34 minute hiccup

Posted on March 12th, 2007 in Issues, Windows | 466 Comments »

You want to install XP professional and suddenly you realize that it freezes up at the mention of 34 minutes remaining! You try all your efforts to make it running but nothing seems to be working to your dismay. You try checking your RAM, checking for any bad sectors in your hard drive, even your motherboard (as I have done) but cannot make a conclusion as to what’s the answer to your woes.

So what is the solution to the defamed 34 minute XP installation hangup problem?
Its as simple as deleting a simple file which caused the installation to freeze. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – Nothing Special

Posted on October 15th, 2006 in Reviews, Windows | 2 Comments »

Microsoft has borrowed a lot of stuff in tits and bits from everywhere and has packaged into the form of Internet Explorer 7. I have got the RC1 and the first impressions of IE7  came in front of me as a mixture of Opera interface combined with some of Mozilla Firefox features. The features that I have found added to over IE6 are:

  1. Introduction of tabs – The most irritating feature in the tabs is that if ther is a single tab the cross mark to close it is not visible (i.e you ougt to close the window!!). Mozilla handles this very well in a way that it shows tabs only when there is more than one tab which is more smarter. In IE7 you would definitely start searching for the close button when only one tab is present
  2. Glossy interface (looks more like Opera to me) – not needed at all since it is the culprit for literally sucking memory from your RAM.
  3. Anti phishing (not tried it out yet)
  4. Improvised feed processing and access– Being a mozilla user and using its simplified feed access techniques I found this in Read the rest of this entry »