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Advertising Touches New Heights on the Internet

Posted on October 15th, 2007 in News, Opinions, Utilities | No Comments »

Tell me a place which is deprived of advertisements. You won’t think of that so easily. Life has become today an advertising gimmick. There are advertisements on billboards, neon signs, roads, streets, even the lame rocks are not spared despite the government putting a ban on them. The sole purpose of such gimmicks is not only to get viewership or an increase in sales but to break out of the mold of traditional formats of advertising and make people long for it.

This fashion of advertising has been long displayed many histrionics in the massively trafficked world of the internet and espcially blogs. Google which started as a search engine provider quickly went on to become the biggest advertiser on the world wide web. Due to this blogs have started to increase in numbers exponentially because Google has the Adsense program which helps blog owners to earn some money for the information they provide freely. The impact of blogs is quite commendable to the way the internet has got structured.

internet advertising

The trends in advertising after the launch of Google Adsense has never been the same. I have known some techniques of advertising which are worth appreciating because they don’t harm the view of the reader but in fact help the reader gain more quick access to the information available on the exhaustive web.

Some of the great advertising campaigns which have come into my blogging tenure till now have been Read the rest of this entry »

Unleash the Power in Your Blog with Google Custom Search

Posted on October 14th, 2007 in Google, Utilities, Wordpress | 6 Comments »

Some bloggers often get confronted by the question which is, “If a blog already has written a custom search function then what is the need to replace it with a Google Search?”. Well, now that TechTracer is replacing the default wordpress search with Google Search, I am ready to answer the question. The answer is simple. Google Custom Search not only benefits bloggers but also readers of the blog. The only thing required to understand is how does it actually benefits both.

Google Custom Search

For the Blog Owner

It is very easy to setup Google Custom Search either through the Adsense Program itself or by using Google Co-op which provides Customized external search engine which can be used either by an individual or by a collaboration. I personally like the second option than the Adsense customized search. Of course you can make money with both the counterparts.

For hosted WordPress users, the Google Custom Search can be easily Read the rest of this entry »

HP Snapfish India, For Cost Effective Printing

Posted on October 13th, 2007 in Opinions, Reviews, Utilities | 14 Comments »

As I read Madhur Kapoor’s blog post about SnapFish I instantly recalled the day my friend had asked me, as to where he can get a printed mug with pictures of his friends on it. We had done some research for local shops which provide such stuff. He finally got the printed mug from one of them, with a pricey tag of Rs. 300 and gifted to one of his friends. That day I did not have the answer to let him know of any such service available online and for that matter hadn’t even bothered to do some search on the same.

But after getting an experience of Snapfish it feels good to know that such a service now does exist in India and moreover its got a branded name too which is, HP.

HP snapfish india

A quick search on Google reveals the news,

Snapfish, HP’s web photo service, has finally made its way to India as With around 40 million members in 15 countries, around a quarter billion pictures are added to Snapfish every month.

I made an account with Snapfish to get an experience with it. The first thing that impressed me to open an account with Snapfish was Read the rest of this entry »

Mozilla’s New Killer App – The WebRunner

Posted on October 6th, 2007 in Utilities | 1 Comment »

Mozilla has introduced an amazing application called “WebRunner“. This application when installed on your system provides a runtime environment for specific web apps of your choice. The web apps have their individual executable files with the extension “.webapp” which open on a double click and launch a distraction free browser version of the application.

This is a great news for people who have the constant need for opening up Gmail or Google Reader without carrying out the mundane tasks of opening a separate tab or window and typing the URL of the site and logging in. With WebRunner you just have to open it once and make the application remember your login credential and after doing this simple enjoy the experience of launching your favorite web application in a similar manner to your desktop applications with the click of a mouse. Its pure fun!

Google Reader Search Goes Live!

Posted on September 6th, 2007 in Google, News, Utilities | 1 Comment »

Google seems to read people’s minds and to truly show how it cares for the ones seeking online information, it makes striking revelations in its new avatar of Google Reader. The new features include the stunning new and much awaited feature – Feed Search and a collapsible sidebar separator. On a personal note I had craved for searching some of my feed archives and failing to find the much needed information right away.

Google Reader Search

The official Google Reader Blog announces the delightful news,

That’s right, search is finally in Google Reader. Now you can find that that apricot recipe you came across a few months ago and now have a craving for. Or perhaps you’d like to search for “ipod” so that you can read at once all the posts in your subscriptions that mention today’s announcements.

I have almost above 100 sites listed in my feeds and saving the URL’s whenever I found exciting information was a thing out of reach. It was also time consuming to add each of the links into my account. The craving has finally ended and the lord has showered glory on my online wealth. The Google Reader Search is here. And mind you it is not simple as Google sometimes appears to be. On the contrary it is stunning and leaves a striking impression if you too craved for it from a long time.

This time its not a single search box as the Google homepage has. There are Read the rest of this entry »

Xinu – Ajax Based Site Statistics Tool

Posted on July 15th, 2007 in Ajax, Utilities, Web 2.0 | 2 Comments »

You might have used many site statistics checking mechanisms to keep a track of how much popular your site is. Such mechanisms include using Google Pagerank, Alexa‘s ranking tool, Technorati’s Authority Value, the number of diggs you have got. But this requires you to go to the individual sites to keep a watch. This is time consuming.


Ajaxian recently reported about this tool by the name Xinu which is simply amazing. Some of the amazing statistics it provides are: Read the rest of this entry »

Future of Web Preview – CoolIris or Snap?

Posted on January 21st, 2007 in Utilities, Web 2.0 | 2 Comments »

Web Previews are gaining popularity over the days. WordPress announced the incorporation of Snap preview anywhere in 10% of the free blogs for testing and I had written about the agony caused to the bloggers due to it. Of course I did turn it off but I had also mentioned about my idea about how a preview should be.


A week later I discovered a web preview plugin for Firefox called CoolIris. This was the exact thing I had mentioned and wanted. Read the rest of this entry »

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