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The Power Of Google Chart API

Posted on December 17th, 2007 in Featured, Google, Tutorials, Utilities | 33 Comments »

What do you do when you want to show the reports of some particular analysis in your website? Some of the answers to this question would probably be:

  • Use a server side framework to code in the chart
  • Use a database to collect the report data and then code for the framework integration
  • Insert chart image after generating a chart in a software
  • Use some heavy JavaScript libraries which add to the loading time of the page

Google Graph API

But if you had only a few outcomes and wished to show a simple chart in your web page to the readers of your website or blog then probably you would be fixed in a situation like this. The main reasons being: Read the rest of this entry »

Google Experiments are Brilliant

Posted on December 3rd, 2007 in Google, Utilities | 68 Comments »

Google Experimental Labs has a few impressive techniques which could enhance your search experience in Google. The experiments are intended to refine your search results which I think will be added to the Google Advanced Search techniques. The experiments which I liked were:

Timeline Search

If you want to search the chronology of certain events then you can add the attribute “view:timeline” to your query following a space. For example, you can find the timeline invention of television which dates back to the 20’s when John Logie Baird had invented it. I found out that the first laptop came about in the 80’s which was GRiD Compass. It’s strange that I could not find computer.

Google Timeline Search

You can click on the timeline to find out the details of the searched query pertaining to that period. Its a nice useful feature which Read the rest of this entry »

ShopWiki – The New Generation of Shopping

Posted on November 29th, 2007 in Utilities, Web 2.0 | 1 Comment »

ShopWiki is a unique site which lets you get information about a wide range of products for purchasing. And currently it has covered a massive range of about 3 billion products. ShopWiki combines the need of knowledge of products with the ability to search the desirable products from the wide varieties. It provides all the basic necessary information about what you need to know when you want to make a choice.


Lets say I want to buy an mp3 player but I don’t have the idea what is the ideal kind of mp3 player to purchase from the current market. There is an MP3 player section in the Electronic Goods category which sports a page full of useful knowledge about the types of MP3 players available. I did not know until now that there existed 3 types, namely

  1. Hard Drive Models
  2. Micro / Mini Hard Drive
  3. Flash-Memory MP3 Players

The crux of the above information will definitely help an individual make more smart choice as apposed to information got by just searching out the popular brands or pestering your friends. You wouldn’t have to search for Read the rest of this entry »

Drool Over the all new Google Android UI

Posted on November 27th, 2007 in Google, News, Utilities | 1 Comment »

The new Android SDK from Google is all set to make new standards for mobile application development. Android SDK in Google’s own words is,

A software stack for mobile devices including an operating system, middleware and key applications. Developers can create applications for the platform using the Android SDK. Applications are written using the Java programming language and run on Dalvik, a custom virtual machine designed for embedded use which runs on top of a Linux kernel.

Apart from the platform, the UI looks promising. It can be even slated to compete with the UI of Apple iPhone. The features are worth drooling over. Check this video presentation made by Sergey Brin and his associate, Steve Horowitz. Read the rest of this entry »

CSS Builder – Fast and Easy StyleSheets

Posted on November 24th, 2007 in CSS, Utilities | 1 Comment »

How many times you have cursed the feeling of finding fault in your CSS stylesheet and unnecessarily scanning the internet for searching the proper technique and ended up messing up your site design? If you were like me, then it wouldnt be less than every five minutes getting frustrated over minor mistakes in CSS. There are in fact softwares which can help you to quickly develop your CSS stylesheet and move ahead with your design. But such softwares often are confusing enough to give you the confidence that the CSS will work out properly on the finalized design.

Manually making the stylesheets certainly gives you more freedom. It does also take out your time to properly remember all of the syntax and produce them correctly. But there is a simple solution out there on the web and it is Meta Titan CSS Builder. It does not actually give you the output but Read the rest of this entry »

Feast Your Eyes With Firefox Piclens

Posted on November 5th, 2007 in Firefox, Utilities, Windows | 2 Comments »

I stumbled upon the Piclens plugin for Firefox today and this in my opinion, is one of the most elegant plugins created for Firefox. Firefox till date remains the world’s favorite browser and the addition of such wonderful plugins makes it even more worthwhile to browse the web. So what’s so wonderful about this plugin?


Piclens is a slideshow presenter for convenient viewing of websites which have stack loads of photos. You name it, Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Picasa Web Albums and any other. You may have never witnessed such a slideshow before within a browser. When you install this plugin and browse any of the above site, the pictures get a tiny play button displayed on the bottom. The instant you hit this play button your get transferred into wonderland. Believe me, its true.

Piclens has been developed by Read the rest of this entry »

Mozilla Prism – A Revolution in Web Apps

Posted on October 31st, 2007 in Opinions, Utilities, Web 2.0 | 12 Comments »

Mozilla is on a spree to revolutionize the way we use web applications today. I had mentioned a brief post on Mozilla WebRunner. Naming it as a killer app just wasn’t doing justice to it. So I felt an urge to bring to the notice that it isn’t just any other app.It will be, probably the next biggest thing that the web will be seeing after Ajax.

Ajax had redefined the web application just a couple of years ago. It definitely changed in the way web apps were being developed. This promoted rise of different interesting possibilities that more than widened the eyeball of a regular surfer. Web Operating Systems were at that time being touted as being able to replace the desktop operating system altogether in the future. But all these breath taking ideas have fallen flat to a place where the idea is still traditional. The usage of web browser.

Web applications have and still are web applications and I have not come upon any idea so simple yet so revolutionizing as the WebRunner. To update you upon the news surrounding WebRunner, Mozilla has converted the WebRunner project to a Mozilla Labs Project with a new fascinating name, Prism. When I saw Web Runner I was not amazed at this app itself. My mind was already seeing the future of web applications. It’s behavior was similar to the nature of a desktop application. Yet it ran on the web! It was the perfect example of how Read the rest of this entry »

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