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Different People Different Networks – Shelfari and BottleTalk

Posted on October 29th, 2007 in Social Networks | 4 Comments »

It was a sort of a startling revelation when I gazed at these sites and was quite amused. Book Lovers and Wine Lovers too have an online community of sorts! I always thought people other than bloggers and surfers, were inclined to use the more obvious communities like Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace. But these sites have given me a new enlightenment for the new cultures that have evolved for being online.


Introduced to me a couple of days ago by my colleague this social network has more than impressed me. I have been into book reading from quite a while now. As I am trying to find more interesting books I indeed use the most obvious way to find them i.e Google. This can indeed be quite exhausting to come up to a firm decision to choose the next book. The next best thing is to ask from your friends for a quick suggestion. The problem with this is, your tastes might vary leading you to picking a wrong book.


Shelfari makes your task a lot more simpler by building a community around book lovers. All you have to do is Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes Facebook Win Over Orkut?

Posted on October 26th, 2007 in Google, Microsoft, News, Social Networks | 42 Comments »

I was quite surprised to see the news in the headlines today about the deal of Microsoft with the social networking site Facebook. Facebook is a 3 and a half year old social network for friendship and a community hub. Microsoft’s entry into the social networking venue has raised quite a many eyebrows over the fact that,

Microsoft paid $240 million price for 1.6% stake in Facebook. This clears the view , world’s largest software maker, crudely wanted to deepen its relationship with a startup that didn’t have $200 million in annual revenue

This deal was the only thing which made me to open an account with Facebook. The only other friendship community I am associated till now was Orkut which in my opinion definitely gives a far more friendly user experience than FaceBook, especially now after having registered with Facebook.

I did look around for the reason as to why users prefer FaceBook over Orkut and was surprised to see that Facebook users are more than the number of Orkut users. Read the rest of this entry »

LinkedIn – start your own network today

Posted on March 29th, 2007 in Social Networks, Wordpress | 2 Comments »

LinkedIn is a a new growing community which I came across a few days ago. Quickly I got registered in it and since then it is a fun routine and enlightening one to visit my LinkedIn  account and getting linked to people across the globe sharing the same interests as mine or working in the same field.

Once you open an account with LinkedIn you have to fill in proper details about yourself since without the details nobody would be interested to be linked to you. Once you are done with it you have the option of going inviting your colleagues to join the network or just go  or just wait and watch until somebody eagerly invites you to join his network.

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