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Firefox 3 Review – It’s Simply Amazing

Posted on June 22nd, 2008 in Firefox, News, Reviews | 14 Comments »

Firefox 3 has arrived and my behavior has changed right from the instance I have switched to Firefox 3. The sudden gush of excitement has made me more happier and I am starting to become more smart in the web world. Is it due to Firefox or something else, I am not sure but one thing which I am sure about is you must and must switch to Firefox 3.  Its rare that you come across something very perfect, efficient, creative and beautiful all at the same time, and this time its in the form of Firefox 3. Beauty has certainly met brains in the new version.

Without letting any of my excitement down, I am going to tell you the amazing things that I found in Firefox 3. First of all the startup time of Firefox 3 is much quicker than Firefox 2. The next things which strikes as it starts is its appearance. I have fallen in love with the two little glowy buttons for back and forward browsing. :)

Firefox 3 Buttons Large Firefox 3 Buttons Small

Now We Have The Awesomebar!

The show stealer of the entire futuristic parade of Firefox 3 is its address bar or awesomebar. Its awesome in its true sense. You wouldn’t even have imagined that Read the rest of this entry »

Best Tools For Editing Your Photos Online

Posted on June 15th, 2008 in Featured, Reviews, Utilities, Web 2.0 | 23 Comments »

A few days back my colleague asked me if I could edit one photo of his in Photoshop. I am some what good at editing photos in Photoshop but at that particular point of time I could not help him since I did not have Photoshop installed on my system. This is really common case which most of us face. We want to edit our photos and at the most needed time we do not have the appropriate tools at our disposal. What do we do in such cases?

Enter Web 2.0, and you do not have to ponder much over lost time for waiting to get hold of a tool. In this era, whatever you think of is already available online. So without fretting just google up your requirement and you would be amazed by what kind of power the internet can provide you. Coming back to the question, I responded him coolly, to use an online photo editor! He was totally baffled at the thought. If you are too, then I might as well introduce to you the best tools for photo editing online. :)

Online Photo Editors

The most important thing for a photo editor is to provide the features such as, cropping, editing brightness and contrast, sharpening and blurring, resize, effects and saving in multiple file formats. In a standalone editor you are most likely to find these features. But in an online environment the features will be severely limited with regards to flexibility of usage, since they are entirely web based which make them complicated to implement. I will suggest you some nifty tools which would actually make your work easier and lot more fun. Browsing across several editors I would recommend you 3 of the most liked online photo editors.

1. Phixr

Phixtr Editor

Phixr is an interesting tool which does not use Flash. It is completely Ajax based and has got the potential to Read the rest of this entry »

uCertify SCWCD PrepKit – Detailed Review

Posted on January 16th, 2008 in Java EE, Reviews | No Comments »

uCertify had asked me to do a review on their latest offering of exam simulators called PrepKit, and this article therefore is an outcome of the review process I did for it. In this instance I have taken the SCWCD PrepKit since I already had an experience of JWeb Plus and Whizlabs simulators while preparing for the SCWCD examination.

uCertify Logo

uCertify SCWCD PrepKit comes forward as a breath of fresh air to break away the eeriness which comes to people while facing a exam. The look of the PrepKit is unique and new such that it compels us to explore more than the PrepKit itself. The practice exams are of course are the major highlights as it should be, but the features complimenting them come with a surprisingly elegant experience.

ScreenShot of uCertify SCWCD Simulator

uCertify PrepKit Features

uCertify has done a commendable effort in putting together a product in making the user to develop a liking for the exam experience. The PrepKit acts like a Read the rest of this entry »

URL History – Firefox beats IE in URL Ordering

Posted on November 26th, 2007 in Firefox, Opinions, Reviews | 2 Comments »

If you are a daily surfer then probably you would have the habit of keeping your URL history alive for a very long period. This is because frequent surfers do not have the time to remember each and every URL they have visited over the last few days. They even dread to lose their URL for an article of their liking. That is why bookmarking sites like, Reddit etc have become so popular. Storing bookmarks in the browsers itself has become a passe for frequent surfers.

The bookmarking sites are fast enough to load on entering its URL. But it is somewhat distracting to get to the required article or site by getting redirected from the bookmarking site. This is the time where the browsers URL history comes in to utmost important. And it is not a small feature to be missed out on. For me, it is THE Read the rest of this entry »

HP Snapfish India, For Cost Effective Printing

Posted on October 13th, 2007 in Opinions, Reviews, Utilities | 14 Comments »

As I read Madhur Kapoor’s blog post about SnapFish I instantly recalled the day my friend had asked me, as to where he can get a printed mug with pictures of his friends on it. We had done some research for local shops which provide such stuff. He finally got the printed mug from one of them, with a pricey tag of Rs. 300 and gifted to one of his friends. That day I did not have the answer to let him know of any such service available online and for that matter hadn’t even bothered to do some search on the same.

But after getting an experience of Snapfish it feels good to know that such a service now does exist in India and moreover its got a branded name too which is, HP.

HP snapfish india

A quick search on Google reveals the news,

Snapfish, HP’s web photo service, has finally made its way to India as With around 40 million members in 15 countries, around a quarter billion pictures are added to Snapfish every month.

I made an account with Snapfish to get an experience with it. The first thing that impressed me to open an account with Snapfish was Read the rest of this entry »

Adobe Reader 8.0 – Fully Loaded

Posted on July 25th, 2007 in Opinions, Reviews | 1 Comment »

ADOBE READER 8.0 has drastically changed in its appearance than all the earlier versions. The influence of Macromedia is quite prominent with Flash like interface features thrown in. It has adopted the glossy looks too! Adobe seems to be on the same lines as Windows Vista for its GUI.

The features not found in its prior versions are:

  • Shared Reviews – Reviews are stored on a central server, allowing all participants to see reviews in real time
  • Commenting – The selected comments are highlighted for easier visibility when zoomed out
  • Attachments – A PDF file can have Read the rest of this entry »

Firefox 2.0 – Winner Of The Browser Wars

Posted on October 29th, 2006 in Firefox, Reviews | 1 Comment »

My favorite browser in its version 2.0 provides much more than one could ask for. Firefox 2.0 comes up with some even more powerful features than it already had and even more number of exciting add-ons for a all in one kind of a application feeling. I wont list out the features here as the Mozilla guys have done it pretty well in thier release notes.

The things to which I appreciate in the new Firefox is the session storage. It’s of a tremendous usage in daily works that if ever your browser were to close down somehow either due to an abnormal shutdown your session would be restored the next time you open your browser. It means that now, you dont have to bear the brunt if ever you forgot to bookmark a page if you have opened it and in case your system crashed or you wear typing out some details in a form when the firefox got restarted. The next time you open your browser all tabs with all the information filled in the forms would be restored.

The best thing of Firefox 2.0 is Read the rest of this entry »

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