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How I see my Blog after one year from Today

Posted on October 21st, 2007 in Random | 2 Comments »

Rishi has announced a contest for his upcoming celebration which marks the completion of 1 year of his blog . The contest entry is to write a post on what do we see our blog as one year from now. The contest details can be found out in this post. Here is my entry for the contest.

How I see my blog after one year from today?

TechTracer is a blog on technology. It relates to a blog on software technology, tough many people assume that a technology blog might be something based on hardware and gadgets. I had started this blog as a resource where beginners might get some kind of relief on any doubts and difficulties in any field of software technology. Of course it might be easier said than done. I did have a tough experience of keeping this blog in all its positive spirits. Somewhere down the line I might have become lazy enough to keep it on its toes. Yet this blog has given me a sense of belief that if you write from the heart then people will read it eagerness. The moment you try to game the audience into reading the blog just for the sake for building traffic or earning through ads, then at that moment your conscience itself detaches from the soul of the blog making it look like a zombie in the hoards of already present to pounce on the poor hapless reader.

In some course during my tenure of running this blog of 7 months I had become traffic addicted and money conscious which almost had killed my blogging intension and I felt lifeless. To revive and start a comeback was very painful which took about a month or two. After this I regained and felt that, unless Read the rest of this entry »

Developers Dilemma – pride or prestige

Posted on May 12th, 2007 in Random | 3 Comments »

Developers vs Managers
Being just a developer, you might sometimes feel that it does not give you good returns in terms of monetary or maturity aspects in the IT industry but being a project manager definitely gives you more power, more prestige, better opportunities and better experience. But it might not always be true that people with better managerial skills tend to take the management positions and leave the technical aspects to the developers alone. I have known many project managers in my fraternity those who have climbed to the level of mangers by starting on as a developer. I would prefer the same approach to becoming a manager or getting to a leaders position.

Technical experience acts as a savior
Of course management and developing skills are mutually exclusive. A professional in application development might not be a professional in management but every individual has a knack of management. It might though not be very staunch. Developers need not fret on this aspect since this actually would work their way. A developer can sometimes become a more better manager than an MBA professional because Read the rest of this entry »

Web and Desktop Apps – the 3rd World War!

Posted on April 9th, 2007 in Random | 1 Comment »

The debate on desktop applications dying under the limelight  of web applications is on the rise these days. But the thing that actually means when they talk about the death of desktop apps and rise of web desktop apps is all about the end users’ perspective. The web has evolved into a whole new enterprise which include blogs, podcasts, feeds, web desktops, online chat, social networks etc. All these inventions have made communication faster and more effective.

Coming to the web and desktop war I may cite an example. Read the rest of this entry »

Tracing the route of technology

Posted on March 9th, 2007 in Random | 6 Comments »

TechTracer is soon to get active within a short period of time. The short time involves setting up TechTracer plans and activities to be done for making it the most expected technology weekly for the techie-beginners. Yes! TechTracer doesn’t target the pro’s and master’s. It makes a trace out of the technological artifacts heard and unheard alike keeping in mind that there are millions of newbies (addressed noobs) waiting for something that would help them in dreaming of becoming like a master in a short span of time. Then what do you think is in store? It would be surprise to watch out for. TechTracer would be a guaranteed fun ride through the traces on the course of the world of technology. Happy tracing!