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Google Reader Search Goes Live!

Posted on September 6th, 2007 in Google, News, Utilities | 1 Comment »

Google seems to read people’s minds and to truly show how it cares for the ones seeking online information, it makes striking revelations in its new avatar of Google Reader. The new features include the stunning new and much awaited feature – Feed Search and a collapsible sidebar separator. On a personal note I had craved for searching some of my feed archives and failing to find the much needed information right away.

Google Reader Search

The official Google Reader Blog announces the delightful news,

That’s right, search is finally in Google Reader. Now you can find that that apricot recipe you came across a few months ago and now have a craving for. Or perhaps you’d like to search for “ipod” so that you can read at once all the posts in your subscriptions that mention today’s announcements.

I have almost above 100 sites listed in my feeds and saving the URL’s whenever I found exciting information was a thing out of reach. It was also time consuming to add each of the links into my account. The craving has finally ended and the lord has showered glory on my online wealth. The Google Reader Search is here. And mind you it is not simple as Google sometimes appears to be. On the contrary it is stunning and leaves a striking impression if you too craved for it from a long time.

This time its not a single search box as the Google homepage has. There are Read the rest of this entry »

Working With JAX-WS in JDK 1.6

Posted on August 19th, 2007 in Java EE, News, Web Services | 5 Comments »

I had created a web service client from an online web service while learning it for the first time and then had written a tutorial on creating a client with JAX-WS and JAXP. At that time I had JDK 1.5 and JWSDP 2.0 pack for web services.

I tried today working in JDK 1.6 and to my surprise I found out that it comes shipped in with web services utilities which include JAX-WS 2.0, JAXB 2.0, JAXP2.0. This means a lot of ease in the development of web services for the developer. The benefits are:

  1. There is no need to separately download the JWSDP 2.0 as I had mentioned in my tutorial
  2. There is no need to remember all the different set of libraries which are required to be included in the classpath before your program has to run.
  3. It eases out the development and saves your time.

Does that mean there are no Issues?

There are some. Read the rest of this entry »

Plagiarism – Black Listing of Sites is a Must

Posted on July 30th, 2007 in News | 1 Comment »

In the present days you may have heard of black listed organizations or institutions and now it is time that the web should follow the same real life principles. Spams can be resolved by various techniques but is there any way to stop plagiarism? I definitely feel that the policy of black listing of sites must be bought into effect. I would like to elaborate the reason why this is required in two examples, one of a hugely popular community and one of my very own.

Example of Mashable

Mashable is huge in its popularity for providing the readers with all the different kinds of news on websites, technologies, social networks and links to various resources. It comes in use to many people worldwide and thats why I suppose it’s attracted a massive community.

On the flip side, if you carefully notice the comments section of Mashable you would be amazed by the antics of one blog which calls itself as the “Technology News Daily“. The amazing thing of this site is it provides the contents as is from the source and also leaves a trackback to the site.

For example, if you search in the site for the term “Mashable” then you would get almost all the posts from Mashable with its content as is copied. I was dumbfounded when I saw this. I know that many sites do rip – off content without anyone’s knowledge but this was the first time I saw from a trackback!

The site is such a mess that the content ripped off from the source contains even the Read the rest of this entry »

New Theme for TechTracer

Posted on July 29th, 2007 in News | 1 Comment »

Edit: I reverted back to Bosco theme, if you are reading this now because of advice from many of my friends.

You might have noticed the big change in the looks of TechTracer. If you are reading this post through an Feed Reader or through Email then you would have to visit the site if you want to see the changes.

TechTracer is growing in its popularity and I am trying to make it a big collaborative technology resource. So a change was required to make it look more professional. I searched many themes for WordPress which had a professional look for almost 2 months but nothing seemed better than the previous theme “Bosco“.

Yesterday while I was surfing the web a theme immediately caught my eye. The name of the theme is “Illacrimo“, don’t know what it means. The credits for the theme are mentioned in the footer of the layout. I liked it so much that after downloading it I tweaked it for almost 2 hours, before applying to this site.

Servlet 3.0 – The Journey Begins Now

Posted on July 23rd, 2007 in Ajax, Java EE, News | 8 Comments »

The Servlet 3.0 specification is doing rounds of the web these days. Although people have loved to use Servlets for various purposes such as implementing business logic in case of small web applications to using it as a controller in MVC architectures, we are yet to see what power will the new specification unleash to the world of web application development.

On a brief note the Servlet 3.0 specification has been approved in the form of JSR 315 is going to be a part of Java EE 6 as mentioned by SUN:

The JCP has approved JSR 315 (ballot) starting the process that will develop Servlet 3.0. Servlet 3.0 is intended to be part of Java EE 6 together with approved JSRs like JSF 2.1 and JAX-RS 1.0 and several more yet to be launched.

The new specification suggests to bring in the feature of asynchronicity to Servlets. We still can leverage the asynchronous nature in a JEE application with the use of Ajax. Experts think that the Ajax model has a problem in its Read the rest of this entry »

SCWCD – Mission Accomplished 2

Posted on July 9th, 2007 in News, SCWCD | 7 Comments »

Holy Grail !

It was a wonderful day today as the morning proved very good for me. This morning I gave the test of the time after my earlier mission of giving SCDJWS. Sincerely speaking this exam was much more easier than SCDJWS but I feared it more than SCDJWS. The reason being I had the access to all the materials one could ever think of. And more to it, this time I was fully prepared and not half confident as my former one.


I had vouched to give this exam as soon as I had completed my SCDJWS certification. This was because I have more liking for working in the web applications domain rather than the business applications to which SCBCD caters too. So this exam was to be my third accomplishment after SCJP, SCDJWS. This exam was still not tough as thought since it had the same vastness as SCDJWS but the main thing which was my advantage was my company library. The library gave me access to all the things I required for the exam and I did not have to spend even a single penny on the materials.


I had started to prepare for SCWCD from the start of March, 2007. So its now almost after 4 months that I gave the exam. But sincerely speaking if you even Read the rest of this entry »

Reverting the theme to Bosco

Posted on April 25th, 2007 in News | No Comments »

Recently I had applied my own designed theme BlueWhirl to TechTracer but I am reverting it back to the earlier theme Bosco due a lot of bugs in the underlying theme layout Andreas 04-10. The problems faced in using the Andreas theme are:

  1. No RSS link in the header (resolved)
  2. No favicon plugin support (not resolved)
  3. No submit it plugin support (not resolved)
  4. Search and archives displays only a single page of posts (not resolved)
  5. Search shows entire length of posts rather than excerpts (not resolved)
  6. No formatting done for displaying the pages in the page header (not resolved)
  7. The URL mapping goes haywire and therefore script files in the root directory are not linked to the function calls. (not resolved)

Due to the large number of unresolved problems I am reverting the theme to the earlier stabilized theme Bosco. I will be performing a thorough testing of the underlying layout and till the time I am able to stabilize the theme Bosco will rule :)

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