Java 5 Generics – Changing for good

I had recently tried some programming in JDK 1.6 which falls in the league of Java 5. The Eclipse environment started behaving strange in someway which I had not expected. The code which was irritating me was the one which included a collection object List list = new ArrayList(); list.add("someString");List list = new ArrayList(); list.add("someString");…

Convert Date to String and String to Date in Java

This is quite a common query which is faced by a Java Programmer while dealing with dates. The problem is when a form value returns back the date value input by the user in the form of a string. The application might be using a Date object to hold the date values in the application….

SCDJWS study material and resources – The most searched thing

Where do I learn from for SCDJWS? Its a good question and probably the best question. In the arena of SCDJWS you should mark my words, you would never go through with a single source of material in your hand. Well its not to scare you though, its just a matter of fact. The vast…

SCDJWS preparation – a kick start guide

If you are looking for getting started with preparing for SCDJWS (Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services) certification then its very normal that you will be stuck on the material required for it. SCDJWS in nature is very vast in its scope. So you have to be very careful in choosing the appropriate resources….

Groovy with Grails – Java’s fight back to Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is undoubtedly the fastest developing framework for agile web development which one can witness in various discussion groups and blogs these days. Being a developer from the Java community what you can do most is to sit and watch the power being unleashed by Ruby and do nothing about it. It seems…