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The Great Hibernate Tutorial – a great jump start for beginners

Posted on December 30th, 2008 in Featured, Java EE, Tutorials | 47 Comments »

Hibernate has become the de-facto ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework for most of the organizations today. It provides a very simple framework to overcome the cumbersome techniques involved with core JDBC implementations. Whenever there is a project based on database intrinsic activities it is advisable to use Hibernate than do JDBC coding. It saves a huge amount of time revolving around unnecessary chores.

Having said that, the major question which strikes anyone who does majorly JDBC is that how does a Hibernate DAO layer look like. Without looking at a practical implementation one cannot be easily convinced to work on it. This is the only compelling reason why I intended to write The Great Hibernate Tutorial.

This tutorial is aimed at those developers who want to Read the rest of this entry »

Reflection in Java – Simplified

Posted on November 24th, 2008 in Concepts, Featured, Java | 33 Comments »

There are times when you wish you had some access to the information present in your Java classes. Information, such as which fields, methods and constructors are defined in it. This information is called as the metadata of a class and there is a way in which you can access easily without doing tedious coding or resorting to any hacks. It is called as Reflection.

Reflection in Java is done by using using the java.lang.Class class. This class provides access to all the information within your own applications classes or even the regular java library classes. Let’s say you have a class in a package called then if you need the metadata of the Employee class you would have to first assign it to the Class as :

Class c = Class.forName(“;

Accessing Fields, Methods and Constructors with Reflection

If you are not sure which fields and methods are declared in a class and you don’t have access to the source code then you can easily get this information by simple looping.

For example, if I wanted to access the fields and methods declared in the class Employee then its as simple as the below code.

Field[] fields = c.getFields();
Method[] methods = c.getMethods();
for (Field f : fields)
System.out.println("Field: " + f.getName());
for (Method m : methods)
System.out.println("Method:" + m.getName());

You might get some additional methods if you use the getMethods() method. This is because Read the rest of this entry »

Google Chrome – What’s in it for ya?

Posted on October 6th, 2008 in Featured, Google, Web 2.0 | 43 Comments »

It was hardly a matter of a blog post on the official Google blog about the release of Google Chrome Beta to get noticed. That was it. And the rest of the work was done for free by the hoards of bloggers, internet marketing experts, forum members and mailers. The intention of Google to get its browser hooked to users got its due that easily. My post too does talk on Google Chrome but I don’t intend to rant on it or praise it or even compare it with the competitors. Is it really competing enough? That might be a question to ponder about but lets for a moment bask in the glory of the success of Chrome’s beta launch. Hey, its by Google, mate.

Future Smackdown

I am not pretty sure behind the motive of the launch however. It might have got something to do with the browser wars in particular. You see, when the giants are busy fighting a dwarf can easily run away with the bounty. If the saying is anywhere close to truth then Google Chrome just might be the next big thing we have to wait and watch. What makes me say this you might wonder. Well, Internet Explorer is busy getting decked up for its version 8 release which Microsoft must be really pushing in with its best efforts. On the other hand Firefox has had a majestic release of its version 3.0. So where does Google Chrome fit in here? Remember, they say its in beta! Gmail was too!

Google Chrome has already been stated to possess best features of Firefox and other browsers. Bloggers have been ranting about this, the most. That is true since Read the rest of this entry »

ReadAir – Google Reader On My Desktop!

Posted on July 6th, 2008 in Featured, Google, Utilities, Web 2.0 | 15 Comments »

The only constant thing for me in my life is change. I like to change my lifestyle, habits, hobbies once in a while so as to keep my mind fresh and active. I get bored with routines and so is the same case in my browsing activities or tools which I use. This time around my axe swayed in the direction of my age old favorite feed reader, Google Reader.

I am thoroughly satisfied with Google Reader for reading my RSS feeds but I felt its been a long time I have spent on it and it has now started to bore me a bit. So I started some search for good desktop applications which would give some eye candy and also improve my productivity while learning from the feeds.

I have found one nice solution which has relieved me to some extent and which is certainly an impressive effort in the direction of web desktop integration. Its called ReadAir. It is a really nice application for feed reading and I am impressed by its potential.  The reason I liked it was because Read the rest of this entry »

Best Tools For Editing Your Photos Online

Posted on June 15th, 2008 in Featured, Reviews, Utilities, Web 2.0 | 23 Comments »

A few days back my colleague asked me if I could edit one photo of his in Photoshop. I am some what good at editing photos in Photoshop but at that particular point of time I could not help him since I did not have Photoshop installed on my system. This is really common case which most of us face. We want to edit our photos and at the most needed time we do not have the appropriate tools at our disposal. What do we do in such cases?

Enter Web 2.0, and you do not have to ponder much over lost time for waiting to get hold of a tool. In this era, whatever you think of is already available online. So without fretting just google up your requirement and you would be amazed by what kind of power the internet can provide you. Coming back to the question, I responded him coolly, to use an online photo editor! He was totally baffled at the thought. If you are too, then I might as well introduce to you the best tools for photo editing online. :)

Online Photo Editors

The most important thing for a photo editor is to provide the features such as, cropping, editing brightness and contrast, sharpening and blurring, resize, effects and saving in multiple file formats. In a standalone editor you are most likely to find these features. But in an online environment the features will be severely limited with regards to flexibility of usage, since they are entirely web based which make them complicated to implement. I will suggest you some nifty tools which would actually make your work easier and lot more fun. Browsing across several editors I would recommend you 3 of the most liked online photo editors.

1. Phixr

Phixtr Editor

Phixr is an interesting tool which does not use Flash. It is completely Ajax based and has got the potential to Read the rest of this entry »

Create Beautiful Collages Out Of Your Photos

Posted on May 28th, 2008 in Featured, Google, Tutorials, Utilities | 8 Comments »

Did you always think about what creative stuff you can do with your photos? Well, I do most of the times and end up editing some of my most favorite ones and putting in some artistic touch. I always feel that, enriching the photos gives them a whole new dimension to look from. It might be either making it more attractive, more lovable or to enliven the sentiments you attached to them from a long time.

Whatever the reason may be, editing a photograph is no layman’s job. Sometime people give up half way through when they do not find the required results. I recently found a something which might make your spirit rise higher when you will notice the results you get out of it. The name of the tool is Picasa. Its a tool from Google. I am sure you must have used it many time to upload your photos to the online Picasaweb. But did you ever try making collages from it. Picasa can generate some really amazing collages out of your precious photos and make them really gift worthy or send it amongst friends as a memoir.


So here’s how you can make collages out of your photos: Read the rest of this entry »

BEA Dev2Dev TechDays – An Experience

Posted on May 11th, 2008 in Featured, Java EE, News | 6 Comments »

BEA had invited people across India for attending their TechDays sessions of which Adobe was the event partner. I had registered for it almost a month ago. It was held on May 9th Friday at The Leela, a five star hotel in Andheri, Mumbai. The timings for the session were from 9:00 am till 12:00 pm and no registration nor event fees were taken. Here is my experience about the entire event.

The Sessions

The session was primarily held for the developers community and less for the corporate. This provided a relief as there weren’t much marketing gimmicks being played and the speakers were purely techie guys which proved to be an onus. BEA has upgraded their Weblogic Server to version 10.2 and their Workshop too. I had worked on the BEA workshop studio and Aqualogic platform for ESB earlier. So my main interests lied in what new features these upgraded products had in their offerings. After having attending this session I am now all the more excited to work in the BEA platform.

Although many people were awestruck with the features and some felt jealous for continuing to work on the older versions at their workplace, one thing was going through the minds of many including mine. The question was as to what was the road map for these BEA products since now the acquisition by Oracle has got completed. There was a slight wave of concern over this merger on the current developers as well as for those who wanted to adopt to the BEA environment in future. Would Oracle continue to support active upgradation to these wonderful products or take away the key features from them to promote its own products? The concerns were raised higher during the session when the BEA guys told us that Read the rest of this entry »

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