I am Nitin Pai, Author and creator of TechTracer.

TechTracer is my brain child. I am a software engineer, currently employed by Larsen and Toubro Infotech Limited. I am a programmer, a web developer having tremendous interest in the field of upcoming web technologies. My field of inclination is J2EE, AJAX and PHP and have done majority of my work in them. I spend most of his time in collecting information on web related trends and products and try to co relate it with building robust enterprise applications.

Below you would find out with some of the information about TechTracer.

What is TechTracer?
In simple words, TechTracer speaks technology. As far as the name is concerned it traces technology. It follows the complexities of technological artifacts and leaves behind a simplified trace of knowledge. This trace is very much useful to those who sometimes come across the same complexities and do not have the time to resolve them. TechTracer comes to the rescue of such people and helps them by the traces it already has encompassed.

Why did I launch TechTracer ?
It was in my mind to have a personal web site. I started with a simple web site in geocities which provided free HTML uploads to have a static site. I was happy but only for a short while. The static nature of the site did not appeal to me. I had seen some blogs round this time and thought about having one as one can atleast update a blog and have it hosted for free with a URL having the blog company’s name in it. I did blog for a while with personal adventures and emotional overturns. But one thought was always ringing a bell in my head. What is the purpose of my rants to anyone? They are no more good than just plain text for someone else.

This was something which made me think about a different avenue in the field of blogging. When I got employed I got inclined quite deeply in Information Technology and its vast arenas. I thought maybe if I ranted on technology at least it would be of use to someone somewhere. The thought that someone would thank me for something I had done for them gave me a kind of deep satisfaction. With this in mind I entered the field of serious minded blogging. I wanted to have a professional administration for my blog and so I tried out this with WordPress. With WordPress I got addicted to professional blogging.

WordPress helped me to get fame and recognition. My technology blog was in the meantime was listed in the top most blogs and I was becoming more happier by the day. It was only during this period I got knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing. With the power of this knowledge I strategised my blogging activites. This bore its fruits and my Google ranking improved day by day. Within only 6 – 7 months of starting this blog it has reached a visitor count of 18000.

The wordpress which was hosted for free did help me in improving my sense and approach in presentation of information and marketing it, but it was restrictive in nature and did not allow freedom of experimenting much. It was only then that I decided that it was time I moved to a commercial host and make my own efforts and get a feel of being independent and experiment whatever I had learnt to the maximum. This intention gave birth to TechTracer.

Where does TechTracer move on from here?
will trace through the nuances and paradigms of technology so that others can follow the trace and avoid the time to make it themselves. TechTracer is just like the arrows which shows directions in the right path for those who sometime get lost in the midst of something important. My priorities in making TechTracer currently includes providing help for beginners in the field of J2EE and web services since I myself have got quite a good hold over these aspects and its a good time to make someone learn from my knowledge. It gives me a tremendous satisfaction when somebody leaves behind a vote of thanks as a comment to my posts.

Hope I receive the same kind of affection and appreciation that I had got in my free wordpress blog. :)

Disclaimer: All the content in this site is not in any way related to the employer nor its sources and are solely the opinions and views of the author.