Create Beautiful Collages Out Of Your Photos

Did you always think about what creative stuff you can do with your photos? Well, I do most of the times and end up editing some of my most favorite ones and putting in some artistic touch. I always feel that, enriching the photos gives them a whole new dimension to look from. It might be either making it more attractive, more lovable or to enliven the sentiments you attached to them from a long time.

Whatever the reason may be, editing a photograph is no layman’s job. Sometime people give up half way through when they do not find the required results. I recently found a something which might make your spirit rise higher when you will notice the results you get out of it. The name of the tool is Picasa. Its a tool from Google. I am sure you must have used it many time to upload your photos to the online Picasaweb. But did you ever try making collages from it. Picasa can generate some really amazing collages out of your precious photos and make them really gift worthy or send it amongst friends as a memoir.


So here’s how you can make collages out of your photos:


  • Download and install Picasa if you don’t have it already from here
  • When you open it Picasa will start indexing all your image folders
  • Choose a folder of which you want to make a collage from
  • Now carefully select the photos which are your favorite and which you want inside the collage
  • Click the Collage button in the bottom bar
  • Your collage will be loaded in the dialog mode
  • You might not be satisfied with the collage at first so you can try one of the 2 tricks
  • Press Shift and drag your mouse pointer on the collage window. You will see a change in the layout
  • Keep trying till you are satisfied with a layout
  • Sometimes, you might like a layout but not how the pictures are placed
  • In this case press Ctrl and drag the mouse pointer. The layout will be same but the pictures will start to randomize in their placement.
  • Once you are done, hit the Create Button and specify location as the “current folder”
  • The collage gets created and gives you a chance to edit the collage
  • Here you can try out interesting presets which include making the collage black and white or giving it a sepia tone or soft focusing it. You can have real fun over here.
  • After finishing with the effect choose file > save. A backup of the original will automatically be made
  • So here you are with a amazing memorabilia of your treasured photos. Sounds simple isn’t it?

You can do different types of collages in Picassa. The one above is called the “Picture Pile“. The other types include:

Picture Grid


Contact Sheet


You can always edit the collage features after saving it. But however there is no provision to change the photos of it later. You would have to again do the above steps for making a new collage.

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