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Yahoo has launched its latest offering. An online webcam portal named Yahoo! Live. The concept somewhat similar to Youtube, might just scream out loud about the intentions on the part of Yahoo that if it wants to take the place of Google, it has to follow its footsteps too. But the name Live is something which is beyond my reckoning! Has Yahoo simply lost its direction following its mishaps in the falling US market or is it gearing up its innovations to make up for the lost time? If its the latter then there is little hope of its survival before Microsoft gobbles it up.

Yahoo Live

What is the difference between Yahoo Live and Youtube?

Yahoo Live can be seen as a video conferencing portal. Get your webcam and broadcast into Yahoo Live by creating channels. The difference Yahoo Live offers from Youtube is direct broadcast from your webcam and not recorded uploads. I slightly doubt such a service getting popular when Youtube has become a brand name of sorts. It would take Google only a matter of days to offer a similar service. Where the business of Yahoo goes with the launch of live is the thing to watch out for.

Does it offer anything new?

In my opinion it does not seem to be an innovative concept. The live webcam has been around ages right from the inception of online porn webcam portals. Yahoo Live should avoid becoming one, because spammers are always on the prowl to attack new emerging systems. Something worth of interest in Yahoo Live is that, it has featured channels which includes some famed personalities performing live for free. This may be just for popularising the service. On the flip side you cannot archive the live broadcast.

Yahoo Live Featured

What to expect from Yahoo Live?

Yahoo Live says that it is an experimental release. I am not so sure what this means but if there is something innovative to be seen in its future then Yahoo just might be able to revive its business after the downstream trend it is facing currently. Apart from the webcam streaming, Yahoo Live offers live chat, a developer’s API. The API might be of interest since it would offer features for embedding live video chat from your blog or site which has become popular these days.

Guess what, its even got a twitter feed!

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