XRAY, in very simple terms, is a bookmarklet with some eye popping features. It is aptly named as XRAY. It completely skins a website and like an actual XRAY, sees within the elements of the web page and gives information just about any element. This is the most interesting utility I have seen in a browser after the web developer toolbar for Firefox. If you have Firefox then you can simply stick to web developer toolbar but what would you do if you had the ill famed Internet Explorer or any browser which does not have the features like Firefox. XRAY rescues you from such situations.

XRAY Example

The installation of XRAY is to just drag and drop the bookmarklet on the browsers bookmark tool bar and it becomes ready for use. You can read about the usage instructions here. XRAY has been tested on Safari 2 and 3 on Mac OS X and Mozilla based browsers (Firefox, Camino and so on) on Mac OS X and Windows, and most likely Linux as well. The most exciting thing is that XRAY now works with Internet Explorer 6+ on Windows.

This is a news for rejoicing for all web designers who are stuck up with IE. Its now easier to skin a website using XRAY for testing out designs on the fly. Also they can now learn a lot from other good designs on other websites by finding out the placement of a particular element and how it behaves with the margins and padding’s. You can even click on the XRAY window for finding more about sibling elements too!

Even for Firefox users, its definitely worth a try.

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