5 Most Fantastic Movie Search Tricks With Google

My article on 10 Most Amazing Google Search Tricks was very well received which made me realize that people have not yet seen the powerful features provided by Google. The tricks in the article were amongst the common ones which frequent searchers know. But there are still many more which a few rare search savvy people, termed “google hackers” seem to know.

The fact is that, people miss out on these tricks since they are busy finding the keywords! In order to make them aware I will be trying to put up different tricks and their usage as per the requirement so that it becomes easier for you to get the required information in an instant.

This article is specially for the movie lovers since I am one of them. I am not “crazy” about movies but when I am keen to watch a movie I make it sure that the money is well worth spent. This is the place where Google helps me to make most of the decisions quickly. Some of these decisions include finding:

  • Release date
  • Cast of the movie
  • Reviews of the movie
  • Theatres where the movie is being aired
  • Checking the schedule
  • Trailers

So let me reveal the 5 most fantastic Google Movie Search tricks that I frequently use:

1. Movie Reviews

Google provides a meta parameter “movie” for finding details of movies. For example, if you want to search for the details of the movie “The Matrix” then you would have to use,

Google Movie reviews

This would give you the information on the release year of the movie and also would show you the ratings which the movie has got from well knowns critic web sites. The interesting part of these reviews is that it even shows the number of positive reviews, neutral reviews and negative reviews, sorting by relevance, date and rating.

If you want to stop your friend from pestering you to watch a movie then make sure to check out those negative reviews! If you want to find out the details of a certain character from the view, check out links of the characters in “Frequently mentioned terms”.

2. Discover Movies

If you are left pale from you routine and want to catch up with the new releases then instead of reaching out for the different movie sites just go to,

This will of course give out the American movies. But what if you like to watch movies from your country. Of course, Google must have done something about it! And it does this, in the form of a simple domain change in the URL. For example if you want to find out Indian movies then change the domain in the URL to .co.in Here you go,

If this page appears blank to you then it is because of the requirement of the city name you want to see the movie in. If you are from US, just enter the zip code. This is the fantastic feature of the Google Movie search. Enter the city name in the box and watch the results. The results will show you all the theaters of the city with the list of movies which are currently being aired.

Movie by city

Some links worth checking out of this page are the schedules and the consolidated display of movies and theatres.

Movie Schedule

3. Movie Details

Let’s say that at this instance, you are feeling about watching any romantic movie. The first thing you would do is either ask your friend about a recommendation or walk into a shop to ask which movies are worth watching. You would not need to do this with Google Movie Search in place. All you need is to know what you are looking for. So your keywords in this case would be “romantic movies” . If you want recent ones just sort them by date.

As with our earlier trick of changing domain, for searching movie by country, you would be short of luck over here. Because the results always would display english movies regardless of the domain of search. But hey, I have a trick for that too. Just a little change in the query,

4. Movie Anatomy

Sometimes it happens so, that you remember a movie but fail to remember the cast of it, even who was the director of it. Google can help you quick fix these thoughts without much waste of time. You don’t have to open any website nor find the specific keywords if you don’t know whom you are searching for. For instance try this,

The first line highlighted in bold spells out the directly the required answer. Fantastic, isn’t it? Similarly you can find about the entire cast of the film by just doing something similar to this,

Movie Cast

Remember that this might not work out in any movie. But for most of the popular movies you would be able to do the above tricks.

5. Trailers

Finally after you have done a hard work of finding the movie details, you would not want to suppress your excitement to go and actually watch the movie. If you cannot wait for long then why not add something more to it. And that is, watching the trailers!

For finding a trailer, you don’t have to visit the official movie website nor search the video sites. Just use the keywords “youtube” and “trailer” with the movie title in between. For example,

Movie Trailer

These searches would display two videos from youtube which have been named as trailers. These won’t necessarily be official trailers but they just the right videos which you would like to watch. Even if you don’t get the video playing option in the search results page, click the first link which would open up in youtube.

Bonus Tip: Apart from the fantastic five searches just one more bonus tip to get to the official site of any movie. Just use the keyword site besides the movie name. Examples are:

You might ask, why I have chosen the same movie names in the examples. This is because these are some of my all time favorite movies ๐Ÿ™‚ . Similarly search for your favorite movie information with Google and enjoy it even more. Have fun!

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  1. @TechBanyan –

    I use the Firefox Google Search Box maximum. So instead up of opening up a particular site I just use these tricks to put in the box and quickly get the results.

    @FakeSteve –

    Could you please provide me a link to MSN MovieInfo

  2. Can’t find the Wiki-site with pictures where pictures and text are combined–pictureWiki or imageWiki or something like that.
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