uCertify SCWCD PrepKit – Detailed Review

uCertify had asked me to do a review on their latest offering of exam simulators called PrepKit, and this article therefore is an outcome of the review process I did for it. In this instance I have taken the SCWCD PrepKit since I already had an experience of JWeb Plus and Whizlabs simulators while preparing for the SCWCD examination.

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uCertify SCWCD PrepKit comes forward as a breath of fresh air to break away the eeriness which comes to people while facing a exam. The look of the PrepKit is unique and new such that it compels us to explore more than the PrepKit itself. The practice exams are of course are the major highlights as it should be, but the features complimenting them come with a surprisingly elegant experience.

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uCertify PrepKit Features

uCertify has done a commendable effort in putting together a product in making the user to develop a liking for the exam experience. The PrepKit acts like a tutor in cases you have a difficulty in answering. After using uCertify PrepKit you would feel as you have got more than what you were expecting. These reactions are not only mine but also of those people whom I have shown this PrepKit.

The features of uCertify include:

  1. 4 practice exams
  2. One final exam (which might be saved for the D day)
  3. Adaptive tests
  4. Customized tests (These are of great use)
  5. Test History
  6. Readiness Reports

Mock Exams

Each of the practice tests contains a number of 45 questions. I am not quite sure why they chose 45 questions when the exam should contain a set of 60 questions. The final exam consists of 40 questions. The difficulty level of the questions is somewhat easier than other simulators such as Whiz labs or JWeb Plus. They very well cover the basic aspects of all the topics. If I compare them to the exam questions, they are almost of same nature.

I have contacted uCertify myself to check on the issue of 45 questions and they did reply to me saying that the PrepKit was just in the preliminary stages. If that’s the case then you should watch out for the future releases.

Readiness Reports

The reports show the percentages you have scored in each of the tests including the custom tests. The likeable feature in this is that the reports allow you to get a retest done based on the categories. The categories include:

  • Answered wrong
  • Answered right
  • Un attempted
  • All questions

User Interface

When I opened the PrepKit the UI impressed me the most. It has a special feel of user friendliness. It is great in usability perspective and I would attribute another adjective to its aspect, which is “helpful”. This means that the PrepKit at all times keeps you aware of where you might have gone wrong and to where you should correct yourself.

Apart from the above features, uCertify comes packed with a bunch of nice features. I am separating out these features from the above ones because I have not found such features in other PrepKits. These are:

  1. Study Articles
  2. Tagging, Book marking, Rating
  3. Interactive Quiz
  4. Flash Cards

Special Features

The PrepKit has some special features such as tagging, rating of questions and book marking which can prove to be very effective. These 3 features appear in all places such as while giving the test or while going through the flash cards. So when you tag or rate a particular topic you would become more confident when you witness it again in a test or while revising.

Interactive Quiz

You don’t have to wait to finish with your preparation to give exams. This PrepKit comes with an interactive quiz feature. In this, all topics of the syllabus have a set of 12 questions each. You can choose combinations of the topics which you want the quiz to be based on. In this way, you can skip the topics you haven’t prepared and take a quiz. Based on the quiz results you can decide if you are well prepared in those chosen topics or not. You can also set a timer for each question. In my opinion this interactive quiz comes best when you don’t have the time to give a full length test.

Study Articles

You get Study articles as yet another feature. All the topics have been covered and there are in all 196 articles to read from. This feature serves the best as a last day preparation. The articles and very concise and provide many examples. They cover all those aspects which are very essential to remember.

Flash Cards

You must have seen flash cards. You may have used them to remember difficult words in English. But here you can find them in this PrepKit for remember the core concepts for SCWCD. The flash cards are based on the study articles so it might be helpful if you try to remember through flash cards after you have been through the Study articles.

Tagging / Rating / Bookmarking

The best part of tagging questions is that they can be used while creating a custom test too. Suppose you tag certain questions or topics as “difficult “ either while giving a quiz, reading flash cards or giving a test, then all these tagged questions can be clubbed together to form a new custom test. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

The same is the case for rating where you can rate any question from 1 to 5 stars. One single group can be then formed from the similar rated questions. You can also bookmark any question for further reference any time you need.

The all new ‘How To’ Feature

Hey you get a bonus too from the ‘How To’ feature. At present there is a single document which tells you how to go about using Tomcat. The document is very well illustrated. It is indeed impressive for an exam PrepKit for including practical know how’s. I hope they include more of such documents.

The current cost of the SCWCD PrepKit is USD 29.99. But you can test it with a demo version. To conclude, I will say that you should definitely give a try to the uCertify PrepKit and check it out for yourself. Even if you are willing to give any exam other than SCWCD, uCertify has a variety of simulators to choose from.

Finally, wishing you all the best from my side if you are going for SCWCD. 🙂 If you have just started with your preparation then you might as well read my SCWCD preparation plan.

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