How To Install Windows Live Writer

I am writing this article for the first time using Windows Live Writer. The interface of the tool is amazing and the installation has given me a new kind of energy to get more productive. I am starting with my blogging stint from Live Writer by writing a post on how to install Live Writer on your system.

What is Windows Live Writer?

Live Writer is a power blogging tool which helps in offline blogging. If you are a regular blogger then you might have used the ScribeFire Firefox addon. But Windows Live Writer is not just an addon its a full fledged blogging platform with many blog rich features. The features are fully in synch with the WordPress platform.

The best part of blogging in Live Writer is that, it has a facility of providing you the actual template from the blog layout while you blog. This makes you feel as if you are directly writing on your blog layout than in the standard WordPress TinyMCE editor.

Windows Live Writer

Installation Steps

  • For installation of Live Writer make sure you have the following system requirements. More important that it requires a .Net Framework.
  • Download the Live Tools Installer. This installer is not the Live Writer Installer. Instead it is general purpose installer and lets you select more products to install if needed.
  • Start the installation from WLinstaller.exe
  • Accept the agreement policy.
  • Uncheck all the check boxes. They are optional utilities.
  • The installer then downloads the Live Writer installation. Please be patient as it takes quite a lot of time if you have slow connection.
  • You don’t have to do check anything. The installation would immediately after the download is complete.
  • Follow the further steps which include putting the login credentials, blog URL.
  • Allow the installation to detect the blog layout settings and post a temporary post to verify. It won’t affect your blog since no test post is published.
  • Start the Writer and blast away with your writing. Enjoy!

Live Writer makes you feel as if you are working in the WordPress environment itself. Blogging with it will surely enthral you. Try it out and you will see the difference for yourself.

Also do check out the gallery of Live Writer Plugins and also the CodePlex development zone to make your blogging experience even more enjoyable.

6 thoughts on “How To Install Windows Live Writer

  1. I just downloaded the 1.2 meg file and am running the exe file now. Why the hell is it going online to download Messenger and other tools???????? I DIDN’T ask for that!! This is what I HATE about Microsoft! I only want the bloody Live Writer app. Jeez!! I’m CANCELLING INSTALL since my overall progress is 20% now. I frigging still here in East Africa with a slooow connection.

    Thanks a lot MS!!! Do I really need to install all this crap just to run Live Writer??? I’m soooo pissed off right now.

  2. I have installed Windows live writer and I found that blog writing is a lot easier and much more fun with Windows Live Writer. I didn’t find any major problems or defects when I used it. I highly recommend this offline blogging tool to anyone who blogs.

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