10 Most Amazing Google Search Tricks

Searching on Google can be a magical experience once you find out how to make your search queries efficient. By making efficient I mean using some tricks or the cheat sheet provided by Google itself to quickly find what you actually require. Having being hooked onto Google for a long time now, I have come across some amazing search tricks which can change the way you look at Google today.

Google Search Tricks

In this article I will list down the search tricks which I use quite frequently. Be it finding time, meanings or watching the cricket score, searching PDF’s, with Google as the search engine life cannot be more simpler. Here are the 10 most amazing Google Search tricks:

1. Different Types of Files at your will
How many times would you have asked for materials (PDF, PPT, DOC) for a particular topic from a friend? Its almost everyday that we might have the necessity to ask them either for knowledge, preparing a presentation, white-paper or for case studies. Such times it mostly difficult to look out what to exactly search for because most of the times you don’t know about the topic at hand. But this petty keyword unleashes its lethal power at such occasions.

Let’s say I want to implement a case study on SOA which means I have to read a lot of information for SOA. So I just have to find materials which might have already been uploaded on the web in the form of PDF’s, DOC’s or PPT’s. These materials can be easily obtained by doing a search for:

2. Scholarly Search
If you want some authenticity of the materials then it would be better to find the materials from educational institutes or universities. For this use the Google scholar search. But suppose you don’t like to switch to Google scholar search you can add the same query with an additional parameter to the normal Google search box,

3. Meanings of any word in an instant
Now you do not have to carry a dictionary or install a dictionary software just for the purpose of finding out a meaning of a word. With the wealth of information in Google’s hands, its a piece of cake to find out the meaning of the word. Just use the define: keyword. The meaning would of course be displayed but also a set of other links which might have an alternative definition are also given out with the link to read more about it.

You would argue here that, a dicitionary gives out more information than this. But what about words that don’t actually fall within the vocabulary. Suppose you want to know what SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is then you would have no choice. Google Search comes to your rescue in this case,

4. Find the time of any location
Many of us might be probably working for client which are based at different locations. And communication has to be carried out frequently carried out in such cases. But before a communication you have to know which time zone the location is falling into otherwise you would be causing a disturbance.

I have seen people installing time zone software for showing the time of the location they would be calling to. But with Google at your hands you don’t have to install any software. It would be just simple to use a query for finding the current time such as,

psst….look closely the time on the little clock graphic. It also shows the perfect time!

5. Weather at your fingertips
I had been to GOA for a Christmas vacation in the last week of December. But I made a mistake of not finding out the temperature of GOA before leaving. Had I known that it is hot even in the winter I would not have made the mistake of carrying additional luggage consisting of blankets and jackets.

If you are thinking to visit a place it is useful to know what the temperature of the place is before hand, it can make efficient packing. Google helps you here too. Just use this query without asking anybody or waiting for the news to make a weather report. I wish I had thought of this!

6. Google does live commentary too!
Indians are cricket fanatics. But its amusing to see the organizations here trying to put together tactics to devoid cricket lovers from wasting time to watch the cricket scores instead of doing their work. What I think they fail to understand is that by blocking the live cricket scoring sites they are actually making the employees more curios and provoking them to hunt for proxy networks or listen to the radio or chat with their friends elsewhere.

Jokes apart, you actually don’t need proxy networks to view the live cricket scores if you at least have access to Google. If you want to find the latest info about all the cricket matches then just type,

But if you want to find out only about a particular match then use only the names of the two playing nations,

Remember that the scorecard will come only when the play is going on.

7. Calculate with your browser
Every OS has a calculator inbuilt but when the browser is the thing which is constantly open whey bother to open up a calculator. Open Google and straight away type your mathematical expression. You can go all the way from basic arithmetic to trigonometrical expressions. This is simply amazing stuff accomplished by Google.

8. Compare your currency with others
Now that the dollar is declining, the rest of the world must be busy trying to check the impact of the dollar on their currencies. But first of all one must know how much a particular currency amounts to when cashed in another currency. Google’s inbuilt currency converter just does this.

9. Keep track of the stocks
With the booming stock market it is very important to track the stocks on a day to day basis. Putting a stock ticker in the search box is the most obvious thing you would think of. But it is not always you would remember the stock ticker, you should add the keyword “stocks:” to the company name.

The best part of the obtained result is that it provides a chart which shows the trend in the company’s stock along with important statistics.

Note: Currently the results are restricted to the companies listed in the US stock markets.

10. Wanna find some faces?
This is most interesting trick. You might be needing images for various occasions and searching for images is the most difficult thing because what we expect might not be possibly mapped to a query. But Google has a parameter in place for images in situations we need an image which describes a face.

Suppose I search for the term “happy” then the Google results page displays smileys. But I would like to use images of happy people. Even if I choose the term as “happy face” the results don’t show images which contain people. For this there is a parameter “imgtype” which you can use with the URL. For this put in the URL as follows:

There are many more variations which can be bought about with the above tricks thus making your search experience not only enriching but also exciting. If I have missed any tricks of common usage, feel free to mention it.

Update 1: Google keeps on experimenting new ways of searching. If you liked the above tricks then don’t miss out my article which mentions how to use the new search experiments introduced by Google. Believe me, they are brilliant!

Update 2 : Search for your favorite movie information with Google and enjoy it even more. Have fun with the 5 Most Fantastic Movie Search Tricks With Google.

Update 3 : Why not carry out the search for exactly what we are looking for? Get excited for trying out 5 Most Exciting Search Tricks with Google Operators

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  1. ummm…in the math thing you do sin(90)/cos(90)
    cosine of 90 degrees is 0 and therefore you would have 1/0 which is undefined over the real set of numbers….
    google says the answer is -1.99520041
    whats up with that?!

  2. Howdy Partner, I am glad I pressed harder enough until I found currancy converter, because this post on was extremely helpful. Just last Thursday I was pondering on this quite a bit.

  3. I know I can always get some freebies from you! I am getting smarter than my co-workers each time I read your site!

  4. If knowledge is not shared it is a waste. you guys deserve some kind of award and recognition for the free education you offer

  5. Here’s another search trick. Type in “movies” followed by your zip code to see a list of all movies playing in your area along with theaters and times. The results also link to reviews of the movies.

  6. @ Steve –

    I was expecting someone to come up with that. Yes, I had purposely left it out because I wanted to write about the Movie Search Tricks in detail.

    I have published that article. You can find a whole lot more tricks in the new article.


    @AllieK –

    The number of pages cannot be determined as of now since you can customize how many results you want to display on a single page. You can see how many links have returned. It is displayed on the right corner of the top of the page.

  7. Bureaucracy. Though I’d imagine typing Beureaucracy would activate it’s helpful “Did you mean…” feature. Seeing as E and U are pretty far apart, I’d say that’s not a typo. But there are easier words to misspell so don’t worry. Keep reading. Don’t give up. Literacy will be achieved.

  8. pretty worthless list if you ask me

    “Stocks: Company Name” doesnt work! It just gives you a link to Yahoo Finance

  9. It includes a few constants and unit conversions too:

    (2*pi*radius of earth)/(speed of light)
    0.133675091 seconds

    Switching between Google and Google Scholar really is a pain in the ass though, isn’t it?

  10. One more tip
    to search for mp3’s search
    intitle:”index.of” mp3 ArtistName
    Where ArtistName can be like Bryan Adams, Kishore Kumar etc.

  11. Goodle does unit conversions as well. Just type in the following:
    2000 square metres in acres
    to get:
    2000 (square meters) = 0.494210763 acres

  12. I find the Google Site Specific Search operator very powerful as well.

    For example, if you want to search for a specific term on Wikipedia you can use

    “keyword” site:wikipedia.com

    http://www.search1x.com has more search tricks and tips if for those of you interested!

  13. I use “xx wiki” I include the search word wiki to find out info on defined subjects. Wiki usually has it. Say i want to know about a certain game say “COD4” then it comes up without going to games sites.

    This article isn’t even telling you most of it. It shoud be “20 most amazing search tricks” even 30.

  14. you can also use intitle: and inurl: which is sometimes useful say if you want to find out a topic that are likely in forums so you go. intitle:forum or inurl:forum.

    Just look at the top of your web browser. It says “10 Most Amazing Google Search Tricks” that is that title.

    See the address bar, too, it says “http://techtracer.com/2008/01/06/10-most-amazing-google-search-tricks/#comment-3037″ that is the inurl:.

    So if I want to search this article i can try to search:

    google search intitle:”10 most amazing”

    type the entire thing above and see what you find.

  15. Hello, I want to add the ‘did you mean’ feature (like on Google) on my shareware site, where a lot of users have mistypes, and they get 0 results… so they exit the site very fast. Do you have any idea how I could implement such a thing? Does it require a dictionary or something? I found some scripts, but none of them gave relevant results… just stupid, irrelevant suggestions. Any help would be appreciated…
    Thanks, Lucy

  16. @Lucy – Yes, it would require a dictionary for checking it with a set of words. Look for some dictionary site which have their api’s so that you can easily compare the entered word and come out with similar terms.

  17. Didn’t read all the comments so this might be posted already – sorry if so. “french military victories” and click “i’m feeling lucky”

  18. Good job!!. regarding number three how to find a meaning of a word. I would like to add something else for those of us who wants to know how to spell for a word what we are looking for,locating the precise special word for what we want o say, REVERSE DICTIONARY is the best site. Also try EXALEED

    I bet you would love this site

    bye bye

  19. I knew this inane insane list had to be the work of some pussy indian joker… cant think beyond soa and goa,

    you speak for all mediocrities in the world. you are their champion. you are their patron saint

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  22. If only user belongs to USA can use this facility then what is the way to find the same in India..??

  23. The site:edu trick is neat, but note that will restrict your search to universities that use this domain name. In the UK, for example, most universities use ac.uk instead. I think you’d get much better results using Google scholar.

  24. ya its great to share a knowledge to every one…….
    I am appriciate to you alot go on …………………………

  25. If you want to search results for a term which is there only in the title of the post/article then use the operator [allintitle:] for eg. allintitle: cooking rajasthani dishes will only ive you results that have ‘cooking rajasthani dishes’ in the title…
    visit me for stuff

  26. The calculator part also does complex conversions at the same time. How far around is the Earth’s orbit? Well, the Earth’s orbit is almost circular, and the distance from the Sun is 1 Astronomical Unit, and the equation for the circumference of a circle is 2* pi * radius, so google:
    “1AU * 2 * pi in miles”.

    Any other math/conversion problem is as easily solved.

  27. wow, wonderful images. it is great to see. i think it is photo shoped, but it’s amazing .
    That’s really a fantastic post ! i added to my favorite blogs list..

  28. thank you very much the tricks are very good/////////////////.

    but ht elast trick is nt working efficiently in the times

    so please try to check it out once and post it

  29. Superb article.

    I will use this I am sure. I also use biterscripting for filtering further, the data from google searches. I search for stock prices and news and this way I can get the most concise search results. Thought I should share this in case others can use it too.

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  33. This is greate!
    one thing with google, we can list files hosted in a website using ?intitel:index:of? pdf html tutorials
    and can right click save as wecan save instatly

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  35. wiki indeed but not always.. everybody knows that we cannot live without google anyway..talking about our cyberlife of course;)

  36. @someone
    The cosine value of 90 is -0.448073616 , and the sine value of 90 is 0.893996664. So, 0.893996664/ -0.448073616 is -1.99520041. Right? 😉

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  48. All of the tricks given above are amazing. When I am searching for any item in Google ,with the valuable result I also get some worst one. Now with these tricks the search become easy to us.

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