Techtracer 2.0 is Coming

I had been designing a theme for Techtracer 2.0 which would resemble a proper and professional design. The new look would serve purpose for both beginners and technology update seekers alike. The theme would be revealed on the 31st for the coming new year’ eve. I have named the theme as Sleeko which stands for a clean looking, professional and sleek theme. The theme would be my first self designed theme and I am all the more excited to present Techtracer in a brand new way.

Techtracer 2.0

I have decided to keep Techtracer 2.0 strictly adhered to the field of web technology and it would be one of my new year resolutions too! 🙂 The site would be dedicated to articles on Ajax, Java, News of Google and Web 2.0, utilities and websites of interest and finally tips on using WordPress. I hope to expand the reader base and double it in the coming new year. I aim to write much more quality articles and probably get some guest authors to contribute to this technical portal. The new theme in my opinion is going to serve purpose to all the above expectations. You can view a mock demo of the new theme in Techtracer development zone. Sleeko 1.0 is here to stay!

I would like to hear from you how do you find the new theme. Criticism is gladly welcome. I would like to make sure that the theme is liked by one and all before I unveil it here. If you find anything wrong with the theme please leave a comment in this post.

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