Google Experiments are Brilliant

Google Experimental Labs has a few impressive techniques which could enhance your search experience in Google. The experiments are intended to refine your search results which I think will be added to the Google Advanced Search techniques. The experiments which I liked were:

Timeline Search

If you want to search the chronology of certain events then you can add the attribute “view:timeline” to your query following a space. For example, you can find the timeline invention of television which dates back to the 20’s when John Logie Baird had invented it. I found out that the first laptop came about in the 80’s which was GRiD Compass. It’s strange that I could not find computer.

Google Timeline Search

You can click on the timeline to find out the details of the searched query pertaining to that period. Its a nice useful feature which helps you learn more.

Search Navigation

This feature makes your search even more easier by providing you combinations of the input query that you would be likely to search in the next instant. This includes finding maps, videos, images etc. I tried searching for my Canon S5 IS which I had purchased recently.

Google Search Navigation

Google makes the combinations based on the most likely keywords which were searched in the past and displays them in a sidebar. This eliminates the need of switching your views or typing in more keywords. In short, a good way to make you more lazy. 🙂

Digg Style Voting

TechCrunch reported the start of new Google Experiment which enables a user to vote the best search result pertaining to his query. This helps the user to retrieve the same result at the top when he searches for the same query again. This voting applies on to the user when he logs into this Google account and not to everybody.

I have been addicted to refine searches in Google ever since I started to use it. I believe such experiments helps us to retrieve the most minute information from the hoards of websites that lie on the web today. Which technique do you like?

68 thoughts on “Google Experiments are Brilliant

  1. I couldnt get the timeline to work. I even searched for the timeline in google labs and just found the news timeline. Please email me. Did google get rid of the original timeline that you are talking about here?

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