Minesweeper – Back with a Bang

If I asked you “What were the first few things you did when you purchased your first computer?”. I bet a majority of the answers would be open up the Programs menu and scramble for Games list. Then enjoy the most loved and sweet games such as Solitaire, Minesweeper, Spider, Pinball or Hearts. I have loved them and still do. They relieve your tension without any hassles of the big bad world of 3D games and work on the weakest of the configuration.

If I picked a favorite of the lot, it would be Minesweeper. It is a single game which employs strategy over luck. But I miss it at my office since none of the computers come installed with it. But in the current age of web 2.0 who searches the program menu any way? Its all out there open on the web. And if you think that games are blocked as well you are pretty right. But when the provider itself is Google, who can come as a barrier. It was a startling revelation when I found Google did have its own version of Minesweeper implemented with AjaxGoogle Minesweeper comes in a Google Homepage Gadget. In fact there are 5 games that you can choose from from here.

If you however don’t like the layout of the minesweeper game in your homepage you can turn your heads to the more animated version offered by telerik. It has been implemented Microsoft’s Silverlight. For playing  it, first install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin and enjoy!

SilverLight Minesweeper

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