You must be well aware of the Google doodle’s to mark an occasion or to celebrate something important. Now it seems to do something similar in Orkut. Orkut is sporting a brand new theme, especially for Diwali. This will surely bring the large numbers of Indians who mostly are Orkut users, a new kind of enthusiasm igniting the spirit of Diwali even more. Looking more closely, the Diwali theme displays the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar. I could not however, make out what the other buildings represented.

Orkut Happy Diwali Theme

To load the new theme, login to Orkut and click the “Happy Diwali” message which is shown besides the diya (lamp), on the top menu. To bring back the original theme, click on it once again. The new theme is definitely a treat to watch. I hope Google keeps bringing more such themes for Orkut in future, for different events, just like its Doodle’s.

TechTracer wishes to all its readers a wonderful and fruitful Diwali!

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