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I stumbled upon the Piclens plugin for Firefox today and this in my opinion, is one of the most elegant plugins created for Firefox. Firefox till date remains the world’s favorite browser and the addition of such wonderful plugins makes it even more worthwhile to browse the web. So what’s so wonderful about this plugin?


Piclens is a slideshow presenter for convenient viewing of websites which have stack loads of photos. You name it, Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Picasa Web Albums and any other. You may have never witnessed such a slideshow before within a browser. When you install this plugin and browse any of the above site, the pictures get a tiny play button displayed on the bottom. The instant you hit this play button your get transferred into wonderland. Believe me, its true.

Piclens has been developed by the same people who gave us the yet another amazing plugin, CoolIris. Its usage is very simple. Install, restart Firefox and hover on to an image heavy site and click play button. For example, visit my Flickr photostream and hover your mouse over any of the pictures. Your would notice the play button and when its clicked your browser will be transformed into a full screen slideshow presenter as shown below:

Piclens in Firefox

However, there are two glitches. One which would dampen this eye catching effect is your bandwidth. Try it, only if you have loads of it. Another is, this plugin works on Firefox only if your platform is Windows. So Linux guys will probably have to wait for it for some time.

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