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ShopWiki – The New Generation of Shopping

Posted on November 29th, 2007 in Utilities, Web 2.0 | 1 Comment »

ShopWiki is a unique site which lets you get information about a wide range of products for purchasing. And currently it has covered a massive range of about 3 billion products. ShopWiki combines the need of knowledge of products with the ability to search the desirable products from the wide varieties. It provides all the basic necessary information about what you need to know when you want to make a choice.


Lets say I want to buy an mp3 player but I don’t have the idea what is the ideal kind of mp3 player to purchase from the current market. There is an MP3 player section in the Electronic Goods category which sports a page full of useful knowledge about the types of MP3 players available. I did not know until now that there existed 3 types, namely

  1. Hard Drive Models
  2. Micro / Mini Hard Drive
  3. Flash-Memory MP3 Players

The crux of the above information will definitely help an individual make more smart choice as apposed to information got by just searching out the popular brands or pestering your friends. You wouldn’t have to search for Read the rest of this entry »

Minesweeper – Back with a Bang

Posted on November 28th, 2007 in Ajax, Google, Microsoft | No Comments »

If I asked you “What were the first few things you did when you purchased your first computer?”. I bet a majority of the answers would be open up the Programs menu and scramble for Games list. Then enjoy the most loved and sweet games such as Solitaire, Minesweeper, Spider, Pinball or Hearts. I have loved them and still do. They relieve your tension without any hassles of the big bad world of 3D games and work on the weakest of the configuration.

If I picked a favorite of the lot, it would be Minesweeper. It is a single game which employs strategy over luck. But I miss it at my office since none of the computers come installed with it. But in the current age of web 2.0 who searches the program menu any way? Its all out there open on the web. And if you think that games are blocked as well you are pretty right. But when the provider itself is Google, who can Read the rest of this entry »

Drool Over the all new Google Android UI

Posted on November 27th, 2007 in Google, News, Utilities | 1 Comment »

The new Android SDK from Google is all set to make new standards for mobile application development. Android SDK in Google’s own words is,

A software stack for mobile devices including an operating system, middleware and key applications. Developers can create applications for the platform using the Android SDK. Applications are written using the Java programming language and run on Dalvik, a custom virtual machine designed for embedded use which runs on top of a Linux kernel.

Apart from the platform, the UI looks promising. It can be even slated to compete with the UI of Apple iPhone. The features are worth drooling over. Check this video presentation made by Sergey Brin and his associate, Steve Horowitz. Read the rest of this entry »

URL History – Firefox beats IE in URL Ordering

Posted on November 26th, 2007 in Firefox, Opinions, Reviews | 2 Comments »

If you are a daily surfer then probably you would have the habit of keeping your URL history alive for a very long period. This is because frequent surfers do not have the time to remember each and every URL they have visited over the last few days. They even dread to lose their URL for an article of their liking. That is why bookmarking sites like, Reddit etc have become so popular. Storing bookmarks in the browsers itself has become a passe for frequent surfers.

The bookmarking sites are fast enough to load on entering its URL. But it is somewhat distracting to get to the required article or site by getting redirected from the bookmarking site. This is the time where the browsers URL history comes in to utmost important. And it is not a small feature to be missed out on. For me, it is THE Read the rest of this entry »

CSS Builder – Fast and Easy StyleSheets

Posted on November 24th, 2007 in CSS, Utilities | 1 Comment »

How many times you have cursed the feeling of finding fault in your CSS stylesheet and unnecessarily scanning the internet for searching the proper technique and ended up messing up your site design? If you were like me, then it wouldnt be less than every five minutes getting frustrated over minor mistakes in CSS. There are in fact softwares which can help you to quickly develop your CSS stylesheet and move ahead with your design. But such softwares often are confusing enough to give you the confidence that the CSS will work out properly on the finalized design.

Manually making the stylesheets certainly gives you more freedom. It does also take out your time to properly remember all of the syntax and produce them correctly. But there is a simple solution out there on the web and it is Meta Titan CSS Builder. It does not actually give you the output but Read the rest of this entry »

Canon Powershot S5 IS in my hands NOW!

Posted on November 18th, 2007 in News | 9 Comments »

Hey readers, I have not ditched my blog and don’t intend too either. Its probably my enthusiasm surrounding my intention of purchasing a first digital camera which may have slowed down a bit of my posting spree. Hopefully I would recover soon over my photography instincts. But at the moment, I am truly exasperated at the end of a 2 week long research for the best digital camera considering,

  1. Ease of use
  2. Full use of manual as well as automatic features
  3. LCD Live Preview
  4. Gives the best image quality
  5. Has set a standard amongst fellow photographers
  6. Has good warranty
  7. Last but not the least has given a value for the money spent

So, folks the race has stopped and the winner has been chosen. Yesterday I bought Read the rest of this entry »

Orkut Diwali Theme is Wonderful

Posted on November 8th, 2007 in Google, News | 16 Comments »

You must be well aware of the Google doodle’s to mark an occasion or to celebrate something important. Now it seems to do something similar in Orkut. Orkut is sporting a brand new theme, especially for Diwali. This will surely bring the large numbers of Indians who mostly are Orkut users, a new kind of enthusiasm igniting the spirit of Diwali even more. Looking more closely, the Diwali theme displays the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar. I could not however, make out what the other buildings represented.

Orkut Happy Diwali Theme

To load the new theme, Read the rest of this entry »

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