Different People Different Networks – Shelfari and BottleTalk

It was a sort of a startling revelation when I gazed at these sites and was quite amused. Book Lovers and Wine Lovers too have an online community of sorts! I always thought people other than bloggers and surfers, were inclined to use the more obvious communities like Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace. But these sites have given me a new enlightenment for the new cultures that have evolved for being online.


Introduced to me a couple of days ago by my colleague this social network has more than impressed me. I have been into book reading from quite a while now. As I am trying to find more interesting books I indeed use the most obvious way to find them i.e Google. This can indeed be quite exhausting to come up to a firm decision to choose the next book. The next best thing is to ask from your friends for a quick suggestion. The problem with this is, your tastes might vary leading you to picking a wrong book.


Shelfari makes your task a lot more simpler by building a community around book lovers. All you have to do is open an account and start exploring the books on the shelfs of book lovers, make friends having similar tastes, form groups, get recommendations on books , last but not the least see which books are the favorites this week. Shelfari even provides you with widgets to flash out your shelf on your blog. And I thought bookworms don’t use the web! By the way, here is my shelf.


And you thought surfers were sober? Think again. If you have a flair for wine and don’t have the people to share it with, then Bottletalk will definitely be your rescue point. It doesn’t get more simpler than this. You don’t have to be an expert for bottle talk. I never have had a glance myself, of any wine stuff before. Looking at this site for a while makes me believe that wine has too trends, like in fashion.


With Bottletalk you can easily find the wine you want, by its appropriate tag or search for it, see how much popular it is and in which place in the world it is available. Also the user’s review on the drink will make you more confirmed as to whether your satisfaction will be fulfilled or not, in both terms, money and its magic! It even has a blog out there called bottleblog . Now who ever guessed only sober people could blog? 😀

4 thoughts on “Different People Different Networks – Shelfari and BottleTalk

  1. Thanks Jason, for mentioning the different communities. It will definitely serve purpose for all wine lovers 🙂

    I have been through winelog.net. The first impression of the site seems more like a news portal. Splash it with some images of bottles or wine brands like Bottletalk has. I believe that the first impression should be intoxicating enough to last for a while 😉

    3 Cheers!

  2. nitinpai, that’s great feedback. We just launched a way for users (and us) to add wine labels and photos to wines. We plan on taking these photos and sprinkling them throughout the site.

    So I think you will see more “wine images” on the WineLog homepage, etc, moving forward.


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