If Microsoft Came Up With A Phone!

This is out ragingly hilarious. Imagine a scenario where Microsoft comes with an iPhone clone and you own one of those pieces. How would you feel if this ever happened to you. I couldn’t control my laughter as I came out this little gem of a comment in fakesteveballmer blog.

Microsoft ZunePhone

The comment reads as follows where ZUP is slated as Microsoft’s iPhone clone called ZunePhone. If that did’t amuse you, the following comment will take your wits off. 😀

I am anxiously waiting for a call from a family member or close friend when my ZUP rings, and I touch the “Answer” button…

1 – The call doesn’t connect, but I am shown a dialog box that says “Do you really want to answer the call?” I touch the ‘Yes’ button.

2 – A second dialog box is displayed that says “A Secrity Service Pack is available for your ZUP, do you want to install it before answering the call?” I touch the ‘No’ button…the phone is still ringing.

3 – The ZUPs screen turns bright blue and then displays the following text in 8 bit courier:
*** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC00000005, 0x804EF844, 0xF89463FC,0x00000000)

4 – The ringing stops and I must hold down four keys, plus a secret hidden one that can only be accessed with a paper clip. The ZUP shuts down.

5 – After a seven minute boot up, I am prompted to remove the SIM card and call my carrier.

Now, that’s whom I call a Microsoft experienced consumer.

8 thoughts on “If Microsoft Came Up With A Phone!

  1. Wow that is all surprisingly true stuff. I think Microsoft creating a phone isn’t very likely especially with the Windows Mobile platform but I must admit I’m shocked they haven’t got one out there!!

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