How I see my Blog after one year from Today

Rishi has announced a contest for his upcoming celebration which marks the completion of 1 year of his blog . The contest entry is to write a post on what do we see our blog as one year from now. The contest details can be found out in this post. Here is my entry for the contest.

How I see my blog after one year from today?

TechTracer is a blog on technology. It relates to a blog on software technology, tough many people assume that a technology blog might be something based on hardware and gadgets. I had started this blog as a resource where beginners might get some kind of relief on any doubts and difficulties in any field of software technology. Of course it might be easier said than done. I did have a tough experience of keeping this blog in all its positive spirits. Somewhere down the line I might have become lazy enough to keep it on its toes. Yet this blog has given me a sense of belief that if you write from the heart then people will read it eagerness. The moment you try to game the audience into reading the blog just for the sake for building traffic or earning through ads, then at that moment your conscience itself detaches from the soul of the blog making it look like a zombie in the hoards of already present to pounce on the poor hapless reader.

In some course during my tenure of running this blog of 7 months I had become traffic addicted and money conscious which almost had killed my blogging intension and I felt lifeless. To revive and start a comeback was very painful which took about a month or two. After this I regained and felt that, unless I have a good intension of blogging to actually help the reader than to help myself it wouldn’t be good for me as well as this blog. I am trying hard to attain this regime of helping the reader in some way or other. Even if my course of work shifts from time to time I will try to serve purpose to this blog by putting content which might have made my work easier. It is very difficult to run a full fledged information site as a part time to your hectic schedule but once it is done, it resounds a pleasure in the mind.

For the next one year, keeping this enlightened thought and the readers necessities in mind, I will try to make this blog a bit more specific to software technology rather than spreading its focus here and there. And this time, my intention to keep it running would be more simpler. I will keep it to help others rather than myself and earn the attention of readers through my blog’s success. In other words, one year from now, I would make this blog get recognition for itself through my words without me having to promote it by hook or crook.

Hope you find my blog useful and your opinions to improve this are always welcome with an open heart. If you have been through some of this articles of this, then I would definitely like to hear your opinions on them.

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  1. You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

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