Unleash the Power in Your Blog with Google Custom Search

Some bloggers often get confronted by the question which is, “If a blog already has written a custom search function then what is the need to replace it with a Google Search?”. Well, now that TechTracer is replacing the default wordpress search with Google Search, I am ready to answer the question. The answer is simple. Google Custom Search not only benefits bloggers but also readers of the blog. The only thing required to understand is how does it actually benefits both.

Google Custom Search

For the Blog Owner

It is very easy to setup Google Custom Search either through the Adsense Program itself or by using Google Co-op which provides Customized external search engine which can be used either by an individual or by a collaboration. I personally like the second option than the Adsense customized search. Of course you can make money with both the counterparts.

For hosted WordPress users, the Google Custom Search can be easily incorporated into their blogs because it is much more easier. DoshDosh provides an excellent article to integrate Google Custom Search with Adsense into a WordPress Blog. You have to remember that this cannot be done on a free WordPress Blog since Javascript posting has been disabled there. For users of other blogs like Blogger, free WordPress, the users will have to use the custom search page which is published when you make a custom search engine.

For those who would would like to setup a Custom Search for Adsense from their Adsense Setup itself, they can refer to a tutorial written by Liew Cheon Fong.

The benefit of using Google Custom Search on blogs is that the blog owner comes to know if his site has been optimized for search or not when a search is carried out in the custom search engine. If the pages from the blog are not indexed then he/she can carry out some SEO techniques to get them indexed because the sole purpose of writing is to get the article spread to the masses.

Apart from that, Google monetizes the search queries and also the search results page. So it is some sort of support in the terms of value of information provided by the blog. This helps the blogger to get monetary advantage for free information given out. One more important benefit is that the more a query is searched for in Google the more chances are there of the page containing the query being indexed by the crawlers.

Benefits for the Readers

A reader might be any one who either is a dedicated reader of the blog or any one who stumbles over an article through a search engine. Now if the reader finds the article interesting in the blog then he/she might wish to find similar such articles in the blog. Of course the blog can be search by using various Google Search techniques but not all users are blessed with technical skills so instead the reader to bear the brunt of not knowing how to search the blog through Google he/she can take the benefit of the Google Custom Search provided by the site itself.

The Google custom search proves superior to a Blog’s default search engine in the following aesthetics:

  1. Provides all the possibilities of results for a given query
  2. Is very quick as compared to the local search engine
  3. Pagination is typically done Google style which users are accustomed to.
  4. Summary of what might be in the article is provided, adhering exactly to the search query. This is not possible in local search engines.
  5. Categories, comments too are indexed and provided in the results as opposed to just articles provided by local search engines.

All these benefits will definitely culminate into a wonderful searching experience. You can see the benefits in action right here right now. Just put a query in the Google Custom Search box placed in the header region of TechTracer and see the wonders of Google with your own eyes.

What more benefits can Google Custom Search provide to a blogger and to a reader is something I would like to know from you.

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  1. You have got a very valid point here. I have been planning to use the custom search for some time now. Will implement it soon in my blog also.

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