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As I read Madhur Kapoor’s blog post about SnapFish I instantly recalled the day my friend had asked me, as to where he can get a printed mug with pictures of his friends on it. We had done some research for local shops which provide such stuff. He finally got the printed mug from one of them, with a pricey tag of Rs. 300 and gifted to one of his friends. That day I did not have the answer to let him know of any such service available online and for that matter hadn’t even bothered to do some search on the same.

But after getting an experience of Snapfish it feels good to know that such a service now does exist in India and moreover its got a branded name too which is, HP.

HP snapfish india

A quick search on Google reveals the news,

Snapfish, HP’s web photo service, has finally made its way to India as www.snapfish.co.in. With around 40 million members in 15 countries, around a quarter billion pictures are added to Snapfish every month.

I made an account with Snapfish to get an experience with it. The first thing that impressed me to open an account with Snapfish was the price. Rs. 2.95 for a 4×6 photo print and Rs. 399 for a printed T Shirt is quite reasonable. The printed mug which my friend purchased for a sum of Rs. 300 comes only in Rs. 195 at Snapfish. This smells like value for money.

To get a feel of what Snapfish account has in store for you after you register in it let me show you some snapshots. First impressions are a little pale in comparison to Flickr, the photo sharing site. Snapfish itself maneuvers too as one, but the looks won’t make me move to Snapfish unless I have an urge to get something printed for a gift. It has rather an amateurish look.

Uploading of Photos

Snapfish provides you option of uploading photos either through a installable downloader or through the site page itself. The loader is pale if, again, compared to Flickr.

snapfish loader

Viewing and Sharing

You can make albums for categorizing your pictures and later on using the same for either sharing it, emailing it to your friends and viewing it in a slideshow format online.

snapfish slideshow

Printing Options

There are many options available for making a choice of a print. They include Photo Prints, Poster prints, Calendar, T-Shirts, Mouse pads, Mug, Key ring. Once you select the required product you are taken to their designer. Their is a choice of editor is a nice little feature to have since you can view how the dimensions of the selected pictures would turn out to be in the end product.

snapfish editor

You can crop, rotate, preview before selecting a perfect fit for the product to be printed. The approved print is then shown besides the product. This can be a less impressive experience since one would expect the picture to be shown on the product itself rather than besides it.

snapfish designer

I particularly like this print option in their list. The Calender print makes for a nice gift which has a lasting impression for a year! It allows you to first make a calender pattern choice and then gives you the option for putting in different pictures from your albums for each month of the year. The cost is something around Rs 700.

snapfish calender

HP Snapfish is a good service for the online buyers in India and with a reasonable pricing tag it can well be afforded by any one having a credit card in hand. The courier pricing however is excluded from the above mentioned prices. If you get registered now you will get an offer of 20 free prints. So I don’t see any reason which might stop you. Now at least, I have some advice at hand for someone who asks me for a choice of a gift.

14 thoughts on “HP Snapfish India, For Cost Effective Printing

  1. Hi Nitin,
    Yeah i did try Snapfish but i also ordered a few more prints. So i am not sure of the case wherein the user only orders the free prints. 🙁
    btw. interesting blog and also thanks for going through mine and commenting 🙂


  2. do not try gifts! won’t recommend snapfish india (snapfish.co.in). they took my order for photo-gift (mug & keychain) and fled away with the money, no email for confirmation or anything. customer service is only thru email which doesn’t work. yet to receive response after eight days. cannot cancel either because nobody replies to your email after submitting the form. there is no phone no. or any individual’s email address either where to contact. Stay away from snapfish!! They fleeced me of my money, but i won’t let that happen to others.

  3. hi nalin….

    i just placed an order for snapfish… i got a confirmation email… lets see… whether i will receive order or not…

  4. @Jim-
    Thanks a lot. It is nice to see visitors like you who leave a comment of appreciation. It motivates me further to write useful content in this blog.

    You can also subscribe to the feed to get regular updates automatically.

  5. Hi,

    There is no way that a company like snapfish would run with your money. I have been ordering for the last 3 months 3 orders so far out of which one order of Canvas prints and mugs, quality is simply awesome. Snapfish is a Do it yourself portal, you need to fine tune the images and then order, my opinion. 5 stars.

  6. Low quality prints, no phone support, long waiting time, do not recommend snapfish India. I had very good relationship with snapfish UK, but their India service is very bad, customer care is of no use, just pre-formatted replies, nothing else. Just copy your photos to your thumb drive and go to nearest photo studio, you will get your prints in a day or two, even if it costs you 20-50 rupees more, you have peace of mind and prints on time.

  7. Simple attractive layout for your site. Nice quality reading material. Keep it up.

    Regarding SnapFish, my first order was delivered on time and with good quality. Second order was delayed and the prints were bad. The delivered order had a mail apologizing for the delay which was due to a huge increase in volume of orders. On mailing details of the quality problem to helpdesk with details of the order, I was issued credits for the ordered items and was promised refund of postage too. This points to a decent effort of customer satisfaction.

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