Do Books Inspire You To Excel?

Books play an important role in molding the mental state of a person and make him to think from a different perspective altogether. Leadership might not be in the genes of every individual but when you read the history of global technology leaders like Larry and Sergey, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc, you tend to read the future a little bit in your own way and this is something every technology enthusiast should opt for.

I have been a Java EE lover for quite sometime now. But currently I am in the field of Data Warehousing. I was a little bit reluctant to venture out in an unknown field altogether, but some reading from the greats in the field of technology changed my mind. It was just recently that I started to read about Larry and Sergey in The Google Story.I completed the book in just a week because it was so addictive to look in the lives of the now global leaders so close and personal.

The google story

Search Engines at that time was considered a side business and a commodity amongst the heaps of portals coming up. But Larry and Sergey, with their astounding vision and determination for achieving their goals despite the fact that everyone disbelieved their intentions crossed with some remarkable success has made them world leaders in the field of technology today.

The book has made to wonder for myself and now I am realizing day by day that technology is not much important as compared to the needs you are able to solve in the quickest and the most efficient manner. You have to know technology for that of course but being an enthusiast in a particular field just doesn’t help. Many factors make for this realization. Being a jack of all trades sometimes helps since you get the adage of being a true owner of all round knowledge.

I am currently reading the book “iCON Steve Jobs – The greatest second act in the history of business” and just reading the 1st chapter was mesmerizing from the fact that Steve Jobs being an orphan and a violent brat in his childhood had a vision in the field of electronics and his self built abilities of empowering over his comrades.

icon Steve jobs The second greatest act in the history of business

Such biographies often makes me wonder as to if such incredible personalities had such treacherous past and now they have achieves an iconic status even we belonging to much better life styles can do something that can change the way the world works today.

I would definitely like to know if any such book inspired you to change the way you perceive your ambitions and has shown you a path worthy to strive for.

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  1. Hi Nitin, Thanks for dropping by on our (its authored by multiple people) blog and taking time to leave the comment.

    Well, I don’t read too many books but I’ve to say that the way you’ve written the post will make me pickup the steve jobs book 🙂

    Great write up 🙂

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