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Mozilla Prism – A Revolution in Web Apps

Posted on October 31st, 2007 in Opinions, Utilities, Web 2.0 | 12 Comments »

Mozilla is on a spree to revolutionize the way we use web applications today. I had mentioned a brief post on Mozilla WebRunner. Naming it as a killer app just wasn’t doing justice to it. So I felt an urge to bring to the notice that it isn’t just any other app.It will be, probably the next biggest thing that the web will be seeing after Ajax.

Ajax had redefined the web application just a couple of years ago. It definitely changed in the way web apps were being developed. This promoted rise of different interesting possibilities that more than widened the eyeball of a regular surfer. Web Operating Systems were at that time being touted as being able to replace the desktop operating system altogether in the future. But all these breath taking ideas have fallen flat to a place where the idea is still traditional. The usage of web browser.

Web applications have and still are web applications and I have not come upon any idea so simple yet so revolutionizing as the WebRunner. To update you upon the news surrounding WebRunner, Mozilla has converted the WebRunner project to a Mozilla Labs Project with a new fascinating name, Prism. When I saw Web Runner I was not amazed at this app itself. My mind was already seeing the future of web applications. It’s behavior was similar to the nature of a desktop application. Yet it ran on the web! It was the perfect example of how Read the rest of this entry »

Different People Different Networks – Shelfari and BottleTalk

Posted on October 29th, 2007 in Social Networks | 4 Comments »

It was a sort of a startling revelation when I gazed at these sites and was quite amused. Book Lovers and Wine Lovers too have an online community of sorts! I always thought people other than bloggers and surfers, were inclined to use the more obvious communities like Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace. But these sites have given me a new enlightenment for the new cultures that have evolved for being online.


Introduced to me a couple of days ago by my colleague this social network has more than impressed me. I have been into book reading from quite a while now. As I am trying to find more interesting books I indeed use the most obvious way to find them i.e Google. This can indeed be quite exhausting to come up to a firm decision to choose the next book. The next best thing is to ask from your friends for a quick suggestion. The problem with this is, your tastes might vary leading you to picking a wrong book.


Shelfari makes your task a lot more simpler by building a community around book lovers. All you have to do is Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes Facebook Win Over Orkut?

Posted on October 26th, 2007 in Google, Microsoft, News, Social Networks | 42 Comments »

I was quite surprised to see the news in the headlines today about the deal of Microsoft with the social networking site Facebook. Facebook is a 3 and a half year old social network for friendship and a community hub. Microsoft’s entry into the social networking venue has raised quite a many eyebrows over the fact that,

Microsoft paid $240 million price for 1.6% stake in Facebook. This clears the view , world’s largest software maker, crudely wanted to deepen its relationship with a startup that didn’t have $200 million in annual revenue

This deal was the only thing which made me to open an account with Facebook. The only other friendship community I am associated till now was Orkut which in my opinion definitely gives a far more friendly user experience than FaceBook, especially now after having registered with Facebook.

I did look around for the reason as to why users prefer FaceBook over Orkut and was surprised to see that Facebook users are more than the number of Orkut users. Read the rest of this entry »

If Microsoft Came Up With A Phone!

Posted on October 22nd, 2007 in Microsoft, Offbeat | 8 Comments »

This is out ragingly hilarious. Imagine a scenario where Microsoft comes with an iPhone clone and you own one of those pieces. How would you feel if this ever happened to you. I couldn’t control my laughter as I came out this little gem of a comment in fakesteveballmer blog.

Microsoft ZunePhone

The comment reads as follows where ZUP is slated as Microsoft’s iPhone clone called ZunePhone. If that did’t amuse you, the following comment will take your wits off. 😀

I am anxiously waiting for a call from a family member or close friend when my ZUP rings, and I touch the “Answer” button…

1 – The call doesn’t connect, but I am shown a dialog box that says “Do you really want to answer the call?” I touch the ‘Yes’ button.

2 – A second dialog box is displayed that says Read the rest of this entry »

How I see my Blog after one year from Today

Posted on October 21st, 2007 in Random | 2 Comments »

Rishi has announced a contest for his upcoming celebration which marks the completion of 1 year of his blog . The contest entry is to write a post on what do we see our blog as one year from now. The contest details can be found out in this post. Here is my entry for the contest.

How I see my blog after one year from today?

TechTracer is a blog on technology. It relates to a blog on software technology, tough many people assume that a technology blog might be something based on hardware and gadgets. I had started this blog as a resource where beginners might get some kind of relief on any doubts and difficulties in any field of software technology. Of course it might be easier said than done. I did have a tough experience of keeping this blog in all its positive spirits. Somewhere down the line I might have become lazy enough to keep it on its toes. Yet this blog has given me a sense of belief that if you write from the heart then people will read it eagerness. The moment you try to game the audience into reading the blog just for the sake for building traffic or earning through ads, then at that moment your conscience itself detaches from the soul of the blog making it look like a zombie in the hoards of already present to pounce on the poor hapless reader.

In some course during my tenure of running this blog of 7 months I had become traffic addicted and money conscious which almost had killed my blogging intension and I felt lifeless. To revive and start a comeback was very painful which took about a month or two. After this I regained and felt that, unless Read the rest of this entry »

Advertising Touches New Heights on the Internet

Posted on October 15th, 2007 in News, Opinions, Utilities | No Comments »

Tell me a place which is deprived of advertisements. You won’t think of that so easily. Life has become today an advertising gimmick. There are advertisements on billboards, neon signs, roads, streets, even the lame rocks are not spared despite the government putting a ban on them. The sole purpose of such gimmicks is not only to get viewership or an increase in sales but to break out of the mold of traditional formats of advertising and make people long for it.

This fashion of advertising has been long displayed many histrionics in the massively trafficked world of the internet and espcially blogs. Google which started as a search engine provider quickly went on to become the biggest advertiser on the world wide web. Due to this blogs have started to increase in numbers exponentially because Google has the Adsense program which helps blog owners to earn some money for the information they provide freely. The impact of blogs is quite commendable to the way the internet has got structured.

internet advertising

The trends in advertising after the launch of Google Adsense has never been the same. I have known some techniques of advertising which are worth appreciating because they don’t harm the view of the reader but in fact help the reader gain more quick access to the information available on the exhaustive web.

Some of the great advertising campaigns which have come into my blogging tenure till now have been Read the rest of this entry »

Unleash the Power in Your Blog with Google Custom Search

Posted on October 14th, 2007 in Google, Utilities, Wordpress | 6 Comments »

Some bloggers often get confronted by the question which is, “If a blog already has written a custom search function then what is the need to replace it with a Google Search?”. Well, now that TechTracer is replacing the default wordpress search with Google Search, I am ready to answer the question. The answer is simple. Google Custom Search not only benefits bloggers but also readers of the blog. The only thing required to understand is how does it actually benefits both.

Google Custom Search

For the Blog Owner

It is very easy to setup Google Custom Search either through the Adsense Program itself or by using Google Co-op which provides Customized external search engine which can be used either by an individual or by a collaboration. I personally like the second option than the Adsense customized search. Of course you can make money with both the counterparts.

For hosted WordPress users, the Google Custom Search can be easily Read the rest of this entry »

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