SEO for WordPress Beginners

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term commonly used for the techniques which ensure that your website becomes search engine friendly. This includes making you site adhere to certain rules which makes it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl effortlessly in your site pages and rank them or list them accordingly.

Why is SEO required?

SEO is must required for anyone who wants his/her website to reach to a large audience. For personal blogs, it does not matter much as the content in its sense is somewhat personal and does not cater to a large mass. But the web sites or blogs which cater to a reader’s needs should follow some SEO techniques without which the intention to get the idea across is left unintended. In other words, as you need expressions to make your thoughts move across to the people, you need SEO to make your online information accessible to the worldwide surfers. Thus, SEO is important.

Can you provide any example?

Techtracer is a blog on technology. It includes articles, views, reviews, tutorials, news, resources which cater to a technology. Whatever I write, I make it a point that it should be well served. This means that whenever a person needs help in a particular aspect then my blog should be easily found. For this, I have to adopt SEO. Since SEO concepts are implemented in this site this is easily searchable on search engines.

How to implement SEO?

SEO is a very vast topic and it ranges from designing strategies of your site layout to the words you put in the site. In this particular article I would explain how to make it simple for wordpress users to implement SEO in their wordpress blogs. I will explain you 5 tips by which your site will easily become search able. For the searching aspect I am targeting Google which forms a major part of the of the search queries.

1. Properly use that Title
2. Using Meta tags for targetted searches
3. Making a Sitemap for your blog
4. Using the robots.txt file
5. Highlighting the proper keywords.

These are the 5 basic tips that I would like to elaborate in the forth coming posts which will be very helpful if you are using WordPress. I am talking about WordPress because you don’t have to do much since there are plugins which can do the majority of the things for you. So you don’t have to be a technical expert in implementing these basic yet powerful SEO tips. Bookmark this page or subscribe to this blog to get updated automatically for the upcoming posts on SEO for wordpress.

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