This would definitely be an offbeat post in this blog but this is something which I cannot withstand of sharing.

India today where impeccable in the semi finals of the Twenty20 world cup versus the unbeaten one day and test match cricket champions Australlia. India proved that this format was a different ball game to them after all. Having been favorites for a long time now India were far from being the favorites amongst the experts and commentators alike but fickle minded audience along with me were in the hoards of the simple yet amazingly brilliant and fresh Indian team which took storm after they chalked out Pakistan in the qualifiers and the unbeaten host South Africa in the quarter finals.

Now yet again they will brandishing their greatest strength to Pakistan in the grand finale. The greatest strength of the current Indian team is the dark horse in the form of a wicket keeper and in the boots of the caption, the wise and the visceral, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has showed the team how he can lead the path for the future of the Indian team and I believe that the long thirst of a great leader for the team is starting to quench. Dhoni is an example of quality leadership, hard work with dedication and getting the basic right. The most applaudable comment and the belief that he portrays in the game and off it is


If you believe you can do it , you will do it.


And yes, he had the done the same so far. From being the underdogs to now playing the final with their arch rival Pakistan yet again in the same world cup, Dhoni has paved a way for India heading for a glorious future in the upcoming seasons. Making him a captain for the ODI‘s as well just after his first stint as a captain in the very first match of the world cup was probably the best move ever made in the history of Indian cricket which till now has been the sorts of a puppet show run by corrupted souls.

I certainly would like to go Dhoni’s way in my way of doing things too. My earlier motto in any thing I did was “Where there is a will. there is a way” but I now agree that even though you have a will, if you believe you can do it, you will do it. The rest of it has already entered in the golden pages of history. Dhoni, I hope you stay that way for a long time to come.

Keep us amazed!

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