Plagiarism – Black Listing of Sites is a Must

In the present days you may have heard of black listed organizations or institutions and now it is time that the web should follow the same real life principles. Spams can be resolved by various techniques but is there any way to stop plagiarism? I definitely feel that the policy of black listing of sites must be bought into effect. I would like to elaborate the reason why this is required in two examples, one of a hugely popular community and one of my very own.

Example of Mashable

Mashable is huge in its popularity for providing the readers with all the different kinds of news on websites, technologies, social networks and links to various resources. It comes in use to many people worldwide and thats why I suppose it’s attracted a massive community.

On the flip side, if you carefully notice the comments section of Mashable you would be amazed by the antics of one blog which calls itself as the “Technology News Daily“. The amazing thing of this site is it provides the contents as is from the source and also leaves a trackback to the site.

For example, if you search in the site for the term “Mashable” then you would get almost all the posts from Mashable with its content as is copied. I was dumbfounded when I saw this. I know that many sites do rip – off content without anyone’s knowledge but this was the first time I saw from a trackback!

The site is such a mess that the content ripped off from the source contains even the permalinks and the signatures and also the advertisements from the source! I was somewhat amused by this but at the same time it breaks my heart to see such unethical things being done.

Example from TechTracer:

From one of my own experiences, which once came in as a trackback for me was Ajaxlines, the author of which used to comment at all the upcoming site’s to promote his new site. After a few days of the promotion comment I received a trackback which was to my post AJAX Frameworks – Server side versus Client side. I was aghast with anger. The most irritating aspect of Ajaxlines was that it ripped off the entire content from many sites whichever used to make a popular post on Ajax and then in the end put in a link stating “View Full Story“. If the person already has read the entire content from the ripped off site why would he like to go the actual source?

If you saw my post in the link mentioned above and take a look at this ripped off content in Ajaxlines then you would probably come to know about my agony. I even made a comment in the site to stop the plagiarism but the site owner did not pay any heed to it.

The search engines and the web community must do something to avoid such intentional plagiarism and immediately black list such sites so that they stop the wreckage they are doing to those who honestly bring the valuable information to the web. Their traces must be removed for ever from the web.

On my part I am trying to spread this message around as far as I can, you should too!

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