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You might have used many site statistics checking mechanisms to keep a track of how much popular your site is. Such mechanisms include using Google Pagerank, Alexa‘s ranking tool, Technorati’s Authority Value, the number of diggs you have got. But this requires you to go to the individual sites to keep a watch. This is time consuming.


Ajaxian recently reported about this tool by the name Xinu which is simply amazing. Some of the amazing statistics it provides are:

  1. Page indexed by various search engines
  2. Keywords listed in your site
  3. Site ranking
  4. Site linked in various social networks
  5. Errors found in your site’s HTML or CSS code
  6. Backlinks to your site from various engines

Isn’t this simply amazing to see the list of features? Although this tool is in Spanish the statistics are easier to understand and valuable. They give an insight even to the most overlooked aspects which might be crucial in getting more popularity to your site. Another nice feature of this tool is it gives you all the statistics in a downloadable PDF format.

The user interface of Xinu is completely Ajax based. So that’s an added advantage of faster response. One thing that you would particularly like is that the different satistics keep filling one by one and you can customise the flow. There are draggable blocks of statistics categories as in the above mentioned list and the the blocks are filled acoording to their placement i.e upper blocks will be proccessed first.

Although not very sophisticated enough the idea is very innovative and it would be very nice to have such facilities in an English version and with customizable statistics features! Feel free to share if you know any other such utilities available elsewhere.

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  1. Nice looking website, could I ask you what template you are running and how much it costs? I’ve been using cheap ones but can’t locate one that I really like.

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