The one thing I can say I truly liked the most in XP is its wallpaper “Bliss“. If one was to look at my desktop it would always have one of the Windows Bliss Wallpaper. I just love it to keep them on my desktop and thoroughly admire those designers behind the XP look and feel who made especially the original wallpaper “Bliss” which someone told me is the most viewed wallpaper in wallpaper history.

The specialty of the Bliss wallpapers is the unique way of the lawn which spreads apart to about half way up to the screen and the above half is taken by different types of skies. This blue and lush green combination of colors brings a sense of peace and looks pleasant to the eye.

Original Bliss Wallpaper

Original Bliss

Since then “Bliss” has gone several changes in its form from the proposed one in Longhorn to the one which now would be seen in Vista.

Longhorn Bliss Wallpaper

Longhorn Bliss Wallpaper

With the launch of the new Windows Vista and its hi-tech appearance “Bliss” too has been transformed to suit its rich Vista GUI. The first look at the new “Bliss” wallpaper (although I don’t think its the official one) is impressive but a prolonged look is slightly damper to its original counterpart.

Vista Bliss Wallpaper

Vista Bliss Wallpaper

But the most fascinating of all the wallpapers that I have come across in the “Bliss” category is the following one which I have named it as “Elegant Bliss” which is a very professional looking wallpaper and which currently serves my home and office desktops! :)

Elegant Bliss

Elegant Bliss Wallpaper

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