SCWCD – Mission Accomplished 2

Holy Grail !

It was a wonderful day today as the morning proved very good for me. This morning I gave the test of the time after my earlier mission of giving SCDJWS. Sincerely speaking this exam was much more easier than SCDJWS but I feared it more than SCDJWS. The reason being I had the access to all the materials one could ever think of. And more to it, this time I was fully prepared and not half confident as my former one.


I had vouched to give this exam as soon as I had completed my SCDJWS certification. This was because I have more liking for working in the web applications domain rather than the business applications to which SCBCD caters too. So this exam was to be my third accomplishment after SCJP, SCDJWS. This exam was still not tough as thought since it had the same vastness as SCDJWS but the main thing which was my advantage was my company library. The library gave me access to all the things I required for the exam and I did not have to spend even a single penny on the materials.


I had started to prepare for SCWCD from the start of March, 2007. So its now almost after 4 months that I gave the exam. But sincerely speaking if you even devote atleast 4 hours a day this exam can be well accomplished within 2 months. I took 4 months since I had not worked on JSP / Servlets nor I am in a project which is of JEE (remember they have changed it from J2EE to JEE!).

The Venue

I came to the Thomson Prometric Center at Marwah House, Saki Naka in Andheri at 8:30 AM. The receptionist told me that the test would be made ready by 9:15 AM. The center on entrance looked very plush with elegant style of the building and it was plush inside too! Just as the entered the center, I was at first shocked to see the occasion. Almost 20 people already were seated with forms in their hands. I thought it would be a bad thing to wait for so many people to complete their test.

But I was bought to relief by the receptionist who told me that none of those people were to give Java certification and were there to give GRE, CBT, PMP, CCNA etc. I did the necessary formalities as told and was even reluctant to part away with my wrist watch as he told me that nothing could be taken inside expect my passport and pan card and he did mean nothing! The security was really tight!

Luckily they had provision for storing our valuables in big compartments and happily did I stuff it with my bag, my wallet, my cell phone, my watch and finally my pen too! Can you believe this, they did not allow me to take my lucky pen with me. I thought now I should have made my brain had a little more space to keep temporary things which I could I have written down with my pen! Jesus!

But I was in for a surprise because once as I was advised to enter the examination hall a nice lady accompanied me to her desk. There I had to some more formalities as looking at the lady who stared at me and then kept the passport copy besides my face to make sure as if I was not a terrorist! (Why would a terrorist give SCWCD anyway?).

The Mission

Finally the lady took me another secret chamber where the big thing was awaiting. Fortunately I was not blind folded amidst such amazing security. I was in for more surprises. The lady told me not to even try acting smart. She showed me those cameras lurking all over the exam hall and that all over movements were audio as well as video taped. And If I had any problem I was supposed to just raise my hand without turning my head whatsoever. The lady had this huge monitor which she used to watch the people raising their hand and then would arrive to their help. My God! This was damn fascinating stuff for me. I got a feeling that I was in the Matrix. I hoped there were no laser guns pointing at me if I even had to tilt my head. I was given a erasable plastic pad and a marker for writing down if required. Darn! my lucky pen!

The exam started and my sweating too started simultaneously. This was because I once thought I was sitting in the wrong exam (I remember one fellow from javaranch who sat for the wrong exam which was meant for an upgrade and not the original one. The original exam code is CX 310 081 and the upgrade is CX 310 082) since the first 13 questions were of Tag Libraries!! Later on the regular questions started appearing and I was relieved. I finished my exam an hour earlier and did the review almost twice. I was so confident that I hoped of seeing a 100% on the score card. My heart was pounding!


I finally submitted the test and came out to get a much awaited score I had got only to see a feedback form being kept in front of me! The lady wanted to know if she was the best in scaring people. But I asked her politely to please at least tell me the score. She told in such an enthusiasm “Congrats! You got a 91%“, that I thought now I was going to be finally shooted by a gun. But she just wanted to shake hands with me silly!

I was not overjoyed to hear the score because my mind had already made an impression of getting a 100% but then I thought “Hey, atleast I got a 90+”. I filled in the feedback form and wished them good luck with that amazing kind of security they had and the staff was also so professional!

I came out all gleaming and all the more happy since I had completed the trilogy – SCJP, SCWCD, SCDJWS. But hey, my mind was racing ahead of me. It said “Time now for the part 4 buddy”. Yes, I thought, I was still to give SCBCD for being a complete J2EE certified professional. The show must go on!

7 thoughts on “SCWCD – Mission Accomplished 2

  1. Hey Nitin – great achievement yaar… keep it up.I know we will get your mail “SCBCD – Mission Accomplished 3” very soon.God bless you.

  2. Hi Nitin,
    Dear I don’t find any opportunity for onsite in my SBU in next 6 months.God knows when luck turns with a golden spoon in my mouth.Let’s see.I am doing my work and I have a plan to complete MCSE within next summer also.

  3. Hey Guys,
    passing SCWCD is not a big deal just, read Head First Sevlet & JSP once, practice 2 mock tests and you are ready for the real exam

    I just studied for 3 days (Sat, Sun & Mon) and passed the exam with 82%

    Background: I only worked on Servlets and JSP but not JSTL or Custom Tags

  4. @santoshmanya

    Nothing is a big deal buddy for some, but for some it is. Ask a scientist and he will tell you how simple is rocket science. 😉

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