Developers Dilemma – pride or prestige

Developers vs Managers
Being just a developer, you might sometimes feel that it does not give you good returns in terms of monetary or maturity aspects in the IT industry but being a project manager definitely gives you more power, more prestige, better opportunities and better experience. But it might not always be true that people with better managerial skills tend to take the management positions and leave the technical aspects to the developers alone. I have known many project managers in my fraternity those who have climbed to the level of mangers by starting on as a developer. I would prefer the same approach to becoming a manager or getting to a leaders position.

Technical experience acts as a savior
Of course management and developing skills are mutually exclusive. A professional in application development might not be a professional in management but every individual has a knack of management. It might though not be very staunch. Developers need not fret on this aspect since this actually would work their way. A developer can sometimes become a more better manager than an MBA professional because he has had the roots in the technical field and has borne the brunts during his technical experience. He can not only work in the favor of developers but also can promote the team to a more smooth sailing work environment. This can lead to a better work environment and an enriching experience not only to the manager but also to the developers in the team.

A manager with no technical exposure might have high expectations while proposing solutions to the clients but when the problem is put to the ultimate test of implementation it is the developers who face the wrath. This results in uncanny decisions, hasty alternatives, unjustified deadlines and crappy codes. But on a successful project completion, all the due credit is taken away by the manager who reach the limelight and the team just gets a couple of applauds. On the other hand, a developer who has had a good experience can view opportunities in crises and propose the exact actions which have to be taken while taking decisions much before the onset of a project.

How to strike your chord
In order to take your developer skills to managerial skills it is always essential to follow the code of conduct in your technical routines. This involves improvising on your analytical skills, your time managerial skills, presentation skills and finally your technical skills. The technical skills comes as the last aspect because it is assumed that you would get adapted very quickly in a technical environment which leave out the other aspects i.e analytical, time and presentation.

Even in the smallest aspects of your daily work you must work hard to analyze the work you are doing and come out with better solutions and increase your way towards utilizing the time in an efficient manner. Developers who practice this normally have the tendency to go quickly up the technical ladder and at the same time become a better project manager. So developers, never fret over the plush lifestyle of your project managers but make yourselves move to that level so that you can enjoy the double nature of your life which is being a manager as well as a experienced developer at the same time.

What would you choose?
It’s obviously a matter of pride when you develop something extra ordinary but when you want prestige, a higher position in a company does matter.

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