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Looping through Collections is fun in Java 5

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Edit: This post was earlier titled “Looping through Collections is fun in Java 6” which has now been renamed to “Looping through Collections is fun in Java 5” due to the accidental discrepancy of mentioning the feature belonging to Java 6. The mistake is rectified. Thanks for the feedback to all.

The traditional looping for construct has served well for many years in Java. Even today, for collections people still use the traditional approach for looping through them. The simple reason being familiarity. Its evident that the powers provided by the revolutionary addition of features in Java upgrades have yet to see their complete establishment.

Coming to the collections frameworks the other leagues of languages like PHP, JavaScript, VB have provided convenient looping constructs for the for syntax namely the for each block. Java programmers have craved long for the same and its time that it was implemented in the favorite language of millions worldwide.

The collections framework comes with a new for construct or the for-each block although the each term is missing from the syntax. Now you don’t need Read the rest of this entry »

Why Sybase is similar to Microsoft’s SQL Server

Posted on May 13th, 2007 in Concepts | 1 Comment »

Recently I got the opportunity to have a look at the Sybase DBMS and while reading through some of the material on it I had this thing in my mind constantly picking up the tit-bits from where I had left Microsoft’s SQL Server a few months back. It seemed so similar.

Other Sybase beginners might have a similar gut feeling that Sybase is so MS SQL server alike. If you are a Sybase first timer, it would be a matter of surprise and a matter of pleasure to hear than the base architecture of Sybase and MS SQL Server is the same! This means you don’t have to learn new concepts like when introduced to a new DBMS, like Oracle, which has an entirley different DBMS behavior than most of its counterparts. The enlighment I got from searching over the net was the following article, which makes it clear why the Sybase concepts are very much equivalent to those of Microsoft’s SQL Server.
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Developers Dilemma – pride or prestige

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Developers vs Managers
Being just a developer, you might sometimes feel that it does not give you good returns in terms of monetary or maturity aspects in the IT industry but being a project manager definitely gives you more power, more prestige, better opportunities and better experience. But it might not always be true that people with better managerial skills tend to take the management positions and leave the technical aspects to the developers alone. I have known many project managers in my fraternity those who have climbed to the level of mangers by starting on as a developer. I would prefer the same approach to becoming a manager or getting to a leaders position.

Technical experience acts as a savior
Of course management and developing skills are mutually exclusive. A professional in application development might not be a professional in management but every individual has a knack of management. It might though not be very staunch. Developers need not fret on this aspect since this actually would work their way. A developer can sometimes become a more better manager than an MBA professional because Read the rest of this entry »