Reverting the theme to Bosco

Recently I had applied my own designed theme BlueWhirl to TechTracer but I am reverting it back to the earlier theme Bosco due a lot of bugs in the underlying theme layout Andreas 04-10. The problems faced in using the Andreas theme are:

  1. No RSS link in the header (resolved)
  2. No favicon plugin support (not resolved)
  3. No submit it plugin support (not resolved)
  4. Search and archives displays only a single page of posts (not resolved)
  5. Search shows entire length of posts rather than excerpts (not resolved)
  6. No formatting done for displaying the pages in the page header (not resolved)
  7. The URL mapping goes haywire and therefore script files in the root directory are not linked to the function calls. (not resolved)

Due to the large number of unresolved problems I am reverting the theme to the earlier stabilized theme Bosco. I will be performing a thorough testing of the underlying layout and till the time I am able to stabilize the theme Bosco will rule 🙂

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