BlueWhirl – new wordpress theme for TechTracer

I designed this theme yesterday and have named it BlueWhirl since every thing in this theme has a shade of blue. Why blue? Because it’s one of my favorite colors. The design has the layout of the theme Andreas which is a fluid 4 column widget ready theme. I had loved the Garland theme which was ported to the free wordpress blog by the Drupal Team. I had used it for a long time in my old blog and had loved it. But surprisingly it hasn’t been made available as a free download. BlueWhirl has the shades of Garland theme especially if you notice the background and the sidebars.

BlueWhirl - new wordpress theme for TechTracer

This theme is not a fancy theme nor purposefully made to look attractive. It is entirely made using CSS and does not utilize images for the sake of loading the site faster. I also have made the theme SEO and adsense friendly. I am not sure if BlueWhirl would be realeased as a free theme in the near future. But for the time being I am requesting readers to please report any bugs if found. It will be helpful to make sure that it works properly before a stable release. All kinds of suggestions are gladly appreciated. 🙂

4 thoughts on “BlueWhirl – new wordpress theme for TechTracer

  1. Hi Pai,
    The theme is nice, but would suggest the name “TechTracer” could be bold and thick, the Home,About,Author & Content link can have space or a bar between them, color can be selected ? atleast 3 options like
    Great effort keep up the good work. 🙂

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