Web and Desktop Apps – the 3rd World War!

The debate on desktop applications dying under the limelight  of web applications is on the rise these days. But the thing that actually means when they talk about the death of desktop apps and rise of web desktop apps is all about the end users’ perspective. The web has evolved into a whole new enterprise which include blogs, podcasts, feeds, web desktops, online chat, social networks etc. All these inventions have made communication faster and more effective.

Coming to the web and desktop war I may cite an example. A person would choose a Gmail Talk application built right into the web page rather than downloading yahoo messenger, installing it and then using it. The web apps which are built nowadays and their success stories speak for themselves. Today people want everything to go faster and what could be more faster than opening up a web page and starting your application. People always wish to avoid the regular downloading, installing, using it routine and are wanting to make more work online since it is easy, fast and hardware independent and finally accessible even when away from home.

Stating a quote like “Desktop applications will fade away soon” would actually be 5 – 10 years from now where in the communication networks would have to compete with the speed of our desktop system processors. But from a developer’s perspective everything is fun when the developed product meets the current user’s need. I would be happy to deliver a desktop application as well as a web application only if someone needs it. Developing for the sake of fun is altogether another story. Its just a matter of survival of the fittest!

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