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LinkedIn is a a new growing community which I came across a few days ago. Quickly I got registered in it and since then it is a fun routine and enlightening one to visit my LinkedIn  account and getting linked to people across the globe sharing the same interests as mine or working in the same field.

Once you open an account with LinkedIn you have to fill in proper details about yourself since without the details nobody would be interested to be linked to you. Once you are done with it you have the option of going inviting your colleagues to join the network or just go  or just wait and watch until somebody eagerly invites you to join his network.

Such a network grows speedily if your profile is interesting so an advice would be to make it as interesting as possible. What else could be more satisfying when someone from the same fraternity makes you popular by recommending you to others through his LinkedIn network.

Not only this, but you have a lot of goodies such as meeting interesting people, searching jobs, making friends with the big wigs in the network, recommending your friends to others, getting updates of any changes in your friend’s profile and much more.It also gives you options to downloads vcard of a member’s contact details. Its very easy to use and the user  interface is lovable.


It is also an icing on the cake when your old long lost friends make an apperance somewhere in the same network as yours. Hey, you just got linked in!

You can promote your LinkedIn profile through your own custom link as I have done in my sidebar for my profile and get known in the web world. WordPress users will be more happy since there is a sleek LinkedIn script to decorate your blog’s sidebar.


So what are you waiting for. Get connected, get LinkedIn.

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