I am very happy and the all the more excited to announce that today my dream of having a personal portal of information has seen its day finally. I am glad to tell that all the required setups for TechTracer have been completed and now the time has come when I will concentrating on the content and presentation rather than doing the configurations for the site.

TechTracer was not active as it should have been after its launch since I wanted to optimize it in all ways possible and at the same time make it look attractive enough to make you come to it once again. I had been searching for the right templates, the right cosmetics and the right theme mainly for a long time.

After much comparing and contrasting I have settled on the design made by Solostream Web Studio called “Bosco“. It was the only theme which attracted me after a very long gamut of searching due to its 3 main features viz. it has professional looks, it is fast loading and last but not the least it is widget-ready, which was my main concerns in deciding a theme for TechTracer.


You might be surprised after looking at the snapshot of the design and the look of this site. Yes, I have modified it according to my choices and it was a long and tiresome effort to get the aesthetic appeal as per my desire. But I am relaxed now and certainly happy since my efforts have borne the required fruit.

Apart from my technical postings, I will definitely spare some time to write about the setups, the designs, the plugins and the widgets that I have chosen to make this site appealing and productive, so that it would help you too some day.

So, TechTracer goes live from today. And I hope the ride will be smooth and fun for both me and all of you, who would come to this abode making a trace of your own. Bon Jour!

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