SCDJWS mock tests and help – tried and tested

Before the actual exam it is always a better thing to give some mock tests to get a feel of how to prepare for the final exam and also to find out the weak points and to do a revision of the course material for them. You would be excited to know that there are in fact a couple of nice mock tests for SCDJWS. The ones I have tried and would advice include the following:

1. Whizlabs Test Simulator:
This is a good simulator which gives a feel of the real exam. But you should remember that this simulator is more tough than the actual exam. You would not fare well in this since it includes minute depths of the topics. But you shouldn’t feel that you are not prepared. Its the actual the other way round. If you do manage to get through this with a good score then you should be confident enough to pass the real one with flying colors.

Whizlabs isnt a free product. It costs around $21 and proves its worth in making you strong in the overall area of web services. If you want to try it out before purchasing then Whizlabs comes with a mini demo exam for free. It has a fixed set of questions.

2. – If you are in pocket crunching situtation the xyzws guys are to the rescue. They provide an online mock exam and its completely free. You have to register in their site and you can give as many times the mock test as desired. One more advantage of this mock is that there are about 200 questions which are chosen in a random order everytime you take this test. So don’t be surprised to see a new question even though you are repeating the test. After submission an explanation is provided for each question and the options for it and also a link is provided in case you want to clarify any doubt. Seriuosly, without this test I wouldnt have felt confident any more. It is quiet a balanced test and represents the same depth as the actual exam but beware, the same question may or may not be there in the actual exam. I had got only 3-4 questions from this test in the actual exam.

3. JAVARANCH Forums : You often come across a series of confusions when you begin your journey in the web services arena and in particular, with SCDJWS. So is there anybody to help you out? Of course there are many and they are all united in a single place. The name of the place is . This is a friendly place for any sort of discussions you might like to have not only in web services but also in any field of J2EE and Java. You are given prompt replies to solve your queries and also they will share a drink in your name once you clear the test!

4.Techtracer– else why would you have come here?
Techtracer will always keep a trace of the web services area since it is hip and happening and also would keep updating the information on the topics related to the SCDJWS exam. More information is coming up. So bookmark this right now!

8 thoughts on “SCDJWS mock tests and help – tried and tested

  1. Hi Uma,

    SCDJWS hasn’t been yet revamped to a new version. The one which is present currently refers to the API’s which come in the JWSDP 1.6 pack.

  2. Hi Nitin,
    The links

    SCDJWS study material and resources – The most searched thing

    SCDJWS preparation – a kick start guide

    leads to blank page. Is it supposed to be so …

  3. Hi Nisha,

    I have checked for the links and they seem to be working fine for me.

    Maybe the connection is slow at your end. So please wait for sometime for the page to load. Try clearing the cookies from your browser and please check again.

    Tell me if you still face the problem.

  4. hi nitin,
    i am feeling unsecure about taking exam becuase of not knowing about the future of it . so can u point out something about the future of web services ……… . i have cleared scjp and looking for the next step but in dilema to which option i should choose .. what u suggest ? waiting for ur reply ….

  5. Hi Nitin ,
    Thanks a lot man ! From yesterday I was thinking about this exam and today read your links.It inspired me lot.

    I am working on Java web services from last 1+ year.So wants to be certified in that.Can you please help me out in preparation ?

    It will be great , if I gets your mail-id or cell no.

    Thanks again,

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