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Where do I learn from for SCDJWS? Its a good question and probably the best question. In the arena of SCDJWS you should mark my words, you would never go through with a single source of material in your hand. Well its not to scare you though, its just a matter of fact. The vast scope of SCDJWS makes you learn from various sources. I have told you about how to get a kick start in preparing for SCDJWS, but haven’t yet mentioned from where you should prepare. It was a whole new section in itself and requires a detailed information. You don’t have to fret because Ill give you the thing you crave for. The material of course. Not in a bundled form but a set of links which would see you through in flying colors in the final test.

The resources which I have considered for clearing SCDJWS are:
1. J2EE web wservices, by Richard Monson Haefel (RMH) – Its the bible.

j2ee-web-services-richard-moson-haefel.jpgExcellently written, simple language, indication of BP 1.0 in places where required and excellent code snippets for a good practice. It helps in studying the all the standards used in web services and also all the API’s in JWSDP 1.6 pack on which the certification is based on(except JAXB, Web services Security, Architecture Design, Patterns and Security).

2. – It is a very good online resource which provides a nice and detailed information on all the aspects concerned with SCDJWS. Of course, you will refer RMH for most of the things, but if you want to read the same things from a second resource , this is the one. The additional things which you will find here not covered in RMH are JAXB and Web services Security. Still you won’t find Architecture design concepts and patterns.

3. J2EE Blueprints (Service Endpoint Design) – The blueprints are a good and provided from those who make the certifications i.e Sun Micro systems. They are available in pdf format and online version as well. But as they are used for production environment, they are vast and boring if you read them in entirety. But if you are keeping in mind the SCDJWS objective and have gone through the above, then you don’t have to go through everything. The only aspect which was missing in the above two resource was Service Endpoint Design (Architecture Design). Yes, you should only read this one chapter because it neatly explains you about the layers in a web service environment. That should help in building the architect within you!

4. WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 (BP) – read it entirely for the issues and their corresponding solutions. You would come across the references of BP in RMH in most of the cases. But you won’t probably remember those at once and not all are mentioned in RMH. So glance over all the BP points because it is not only concise but is actually interesting to read. Many people feel bored to read a lengthy page of specifications, but BP is completely different. If you have worked in a web services then reading BP will make you feel as it is some cheat sheet or hacks to make your work easier and better. It is nothing but solutions to commonly faced problems which involve making web services efficient, inter operable and using a combination of open standards of web services in the right manner.

2. – Finally in the last week of the actual exam, you would probably be exhausted with the whole gamut of reading you did. So it is just not advisable to revise them again if you hadn’t made notes of important points and code snippents. Well its a good point when you can refer to someone else’s notes and which have been properly revised and used by many to pass the exam. These notes are from Mikalai Zaiken! They are the ultimate notes when it comes to revising your entire process. RMH does not include patterns used in web services, so it is advisable to prepare from these notes since they are very precise and cover almost all the aspects which will be required for SCDJWS in a rather point to point terms. So a final day revision would be best done through Mikalai’s notes.

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