XP Installation – The 34 minute hiccup

You want to install XP professional and suddenly you realize that it freezes up at the mention of 34 minutes remaining! You try all your efforts to make it running but nothing seems to be working to your dismay. You try checking your RAM, checking for any bad sectors in your hard drive, even your motherboard (as I have done) but cannot make a conclusion as to what’s the answer to your woes.

So what is the solution to the defamed 34 minute XP installation hangup problem?
Its as simple as deleting a simple file which caused the installation to freeze.

  • Let the XP hang up at 34 minutes remaining for the first time
  • remove the CD from the CDROM and reboot
  • Dont enter the CD when the installation asks for it, instead open the DOS prompt (Shift + F10)
  • goto C:/Windows and type setupapi.log, hit enter
  • The setupapi.log file opens in a notepad
  • Scroll to the very last few lines in the file and search for the word “inf”
  • You will notice that in the last few moments the installation created a file with the extension “.inf” before dying out (in my case it was the faulty modem for which XP created the file mdmcxpt.inf).
  • It means that the device mentioned in the last few lines is faulty and you have to make the installation skip through it.
  • Close the notepad and go to the folder C:/windows/inf in command prompt
  • Browse through the files to find the “.inf” which was related to the faulty device.
  • Straightaway delete the inf file (eg: del mdmcxpt.inf)
  • now put in the XP installation CD and Continue the installation

It will not put in the drivers related to the faulty device and so it wont freeze this time !!

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  1. I have tried your solution and indeed it does go passed 34 minutes to 33 minutes, but then my keyboard and mouse hangs when I try to enter the regeional settings and XP key!!, any idea’s about this??!!

  2. Hi Antoni,

    I think there might be a problem either with your mouse or keyboard. I have read from sources that any fault in the hardware leads to stalling of the installation

  3. I thought that to but when I try your solution for finding the rogue inf file, I can happily type in DOS for ages without a problem. It’s only when I get back to the regional settings screen my keyboard freezes.

  4. One of my computers work fine for 2 years. One day i got a error while starting windows explaining that there were missing drivers.

    I also got the 34-minute-hiccup which was the first time i seen it.

    With your solution it work fine, thank you VERY much for the easy howto.

  5. Hi nexus,

    Have you tried removing all the external devices which are plugged into your system. One of them might be faulty. In my case it was the modem.

  6. i read but i dont understand my setupapi.log

    i delete iss.inf and now ..crash in 2o or less min

    any help …
    1 month with the problem

  7. can i delete cpu.inf??? ive deleted it and installation goes on well..at a certain point,it asks me new hardware found ‘system’ and it tries to locate a software for it..i fink the cpu.inf is for the processor…

  8. cpu.inf according to me is a system specific file. The inf which on removing will cause no problems are the ones of external devices. Accordingly in my case I had removed the inf file which was related to the modem and not to the system. Hence my installation got completed. However if you remove any system specific inf’s like cpu.inf or machine.inf it won’t work. I think there is a fault in your system itself.

  9. Hmmm i have a slight different problem, mines freezes at 32 minutes and it just freezes at the same spot everytime. Don’t know what to do at all. everything in my computer is new.

  10. omg!

    i have been trying to get this going all day and this was the only thing that would work, i kept trying to install this server 2003 then i did what was written out and now its installing right next to me!, it was something on the motherboard.. this is weird because i have installed server 2003 on it before…

    Thanks allot!


  11. how do you start ms-dos, for me shift-f10 doesn’t work =/

    in what stage am i suppose to press shift-f10? =S

  12. @Cuong

    Open the DOS prompt when you reboot the first time your installation hangs. But the installation CD should have been removed before the reboot.

    Shift + F10 should work fine on any x86 machine. Try again. Good luck!

  13. Hey,

    Thanks, but now I have another problem, after successfully getting past that point, i get the blue screen of death while i boot up to go to the next part of the installation, it say that the some files are corrupted or missing, now I can’t even start up my computer.

  14. Hello everybody.
    I need help, please.
    My windows XP Pro installation hicc’s up when there are 39 minutes left, what can I do?
    2.80 Ghz Dual core.
    1 GB Ram.
    320 S-Ata HDD.
    2 DVD Drives (1 Has Lighscribe)
    Graphics: Nvidia Geforce (Can not remember the model), but it has 256 MB ram, and 256 Shared)

    I have installed XP on this PC before and it worked properly.
    I have tried various CD’s, and different drives, but I can not figure out what to do.

    Best reguards, Mark.

  15. Ok, forget about my comment, just formatted the HDD and now works.
    I have used the information on the 34 Minute hiccup which is what happens now, and it works!
    Thank you very much, you are a genious, sir.

    Best reguards, Mark.

  16. @Cuong –
    Do all the files get copied from the installation disk to your hard drive. If you have skipped some of them than the installation might not work properly. But in any case if beyond the 34 minute stalling, there might be problem either with your installation disk files or your hard drive might have some bad sectors.

    Please refer to my earlier blog regarding the same post which might have some suggestions from people.


    Try using a fresh installation disk or try with a spare hard drive. Good luck!


    Im glad that you found it useful. Thanks for the compliments!

  17. I am having no problems till I get to 13 minutes then it stops at registering components about half way thru it. I have tried to restart but I can’t get past this point. Any help out there will be great. Thanks

  18. Thanks !

    It solved my problem !
    First :
    – Begin the install –> got stuck at 34′
    – Restart in Debug Mode
    – Then, at 34′, instead of being stuck, the computer asked me for my graphic card’s CD !

    I inserted the CD, and after a few minutes, the installation resumed !

  19. Great tip and almost worked. Replaced motherboard and XP Pro was most unhappy. Tried to do repair install and got hung at 39 minutes. Tried this great tip and the last inf was machine.inf. I crossed my fingers and renamed my current copy and XP finished installing. Great. Then I got stop 07b errors (bad boot device) same as before the reinstall. Gave up and got the files on the two hard drives moved and reformatted both hard drives and restarted the install. It’s stuck at 39 minutes and when I reboot and restart the install, it doesn’t even ask for the CD. I can still Shift+F10 to a command prompt but the setupapi.log seems to indicate it has done hardly anything and hasn’t even tried to install any device drivers. There is a whole Windows directory so it seems to be able to write to the hard drive okay. The BIOS is on the most conservative settings and I’ve disconnected everything but the keyboard, mouse, hard drives, floppy, cd, and video. I’ve tried with a basic pci video card but no luck. Interestingly, it never asked me for my serial this time…I thought that came earlier in the process….

  20. @crazyred – I think you will have to search on the net elsewhere for that specific problem.

    @BSE – Cheers mate for getting the installation done

    @Mike – Interesting trials! Did you finally succeed in getting the installation done?

  21. As it turns out, I wrote right before achieving the “final solution”. The PC has two IDE hard drives and two SATA hard drives…I noticed that Windows was taking a long look at the smaller and older SATA (formatted on another PC). I unplugged it, deleted the Windows partition (again!) and restarted the install. It zipped through the hard drives and through the install. Yipee. That second SATA drive had been connected to a PCI SATA controller…I’ll have to dig that out, install the drivers and remount it. Either that or concede the loss of the data on that drive. Probably all dirty pictures anyways. This tip about getting out to a command prompt while the install was hung really was what got the whole thing moving — excellent discussion….

  22. well i kinda have the same problem but while it says that its installing the new devices i get the regional pop up and the and am prompt to enter the cd key and i try to only then it restarts or shuts down all my stuff (fans cd drive) but the computer light is still on,also i only make it to about 33 mins every time, i have tried to follow your steps and the only ins i see is in a file like $windows$.ins something like that, any help would be good

  23. >@Mike – Good to know that the solution proved useful to you. By the way what’s the need of so many hard drives to you?

    Thanks. Why so many drives? All those dirty pictures of course. Actually, I’m a writer and musician (not a very good one but what the heck…) and my music chews up an enormous amount of space but I also need to start mirroring my data…getting tired of losing it. I’ve actually got more than double the space that I need right now but I’ll chew it up. Funny: I took a systems analyst position in 1985 for a company that had a string of IBM 3370 FASB drives … 750 mb each at a cost of $50,000. We probably had 5 or 6 gb of disk drives…now I’ve got almost a terabyte at home lol…

  24. Travis — The file you describe is located in the System32 folder. You need to make sure you are looking in the inf folder…should be c:\windows\inf. Type in either cd \windows\inf or cd ..\inf. Good luck.

  25. OK this is really pressing my buttons. I am really really mad about this right now. I tried every single solution and didnt work. I deleted the last inf in the last few lines about lets say 3 times!! And it didnt work. i deleted”iis”,”netpsa”, and one other dont remember. Please be more specific cuz this issue isnt any puny issue like the other people are having its some serious issue where it wont stop freezing. Please help and be more SPECIFIC need a file name not tell me what to do. It just freezes after 34 minutes doesnt restart if u would want to know that. I got windows xp home. Please help im sure u would know what to do.

  26. Tanner — I think anyone would be glad to be specific about what your problem was if they knew. It’s hard to know based on your description. For what it is worth, when I struggled on my own machine, it didn’t feel like a puny issue but I certainly understand your frustration. I found this blog to be a God-send even if, in the end, I had to reason some of it out on my own. Is this a repair install of XP? A fresh install? Is it to a freshly formatted drive? Are you (re-)installing because of a hardware upgrade? The first thing I think you should do is to go into your BIOS setup and select the Fail Safe settings. Then, turn off anything that isn’t needed to get Windows installed initially. Sound, LAN, whatever. As an example, the netpsa is the miniport driver and I *think* it doesn’t get installed unless the Lan adapter is detected. (Maybe I am incorrect on that.) Next, you need to physically disconnect or remove ALL unnecessary hardware. You should install with nothing more than your video, cd, the hard drive you are installing to, your keyboard and mouse. Once Windows is installed, you can begin to add back the other stuff. If this is a motherboard upgrade, I think you should probably go out and get a hard drive to install to or otherwise copy the files off your C drive, format it, and start again. If it *is* a motherboard upgrade, I am willing to be that your IDE chipset is different than your last motherboard. If that is not the situation, scan back from the bottom of your setupapi.log file and look for an inf that maybe strikes you as dodgy…

  27. @tanner – None of the issues are puny, and if it was probably one wouldnt have complained! As far as your problem is concerned, the solution I have given will work if your basic hardware is allright and only external devices have failed. But if your bare minimum hardware is at fault then it would probably be good it you get it checked from your vendor.

    @Mike – Thanks for your helpful comments. I am sure that you must have definitely found out many other alternatives than the solution I have provided and I am glad that you like to share them with the rest. Thanks again!

  28. tried everything im done with it tired of messing with it every day this is just making more mad ive tried every option next option is to wait till the 4th of july and blow the comp and the hd and the disc up with a m-80 and some fireworks

  29. ok well i guess i should thank you for your help. But you see i am asking your help only because i dont want to remove my hardware nor spend money on a hardrive or go looking for a free one. I dont think that i should contact my computer manafacuator or any people for help on this issue. I also dont think that the problems people have here are much of a issue at all actually. Because to be honest i found a way to fix this issue without all that confusing stuff you people have been telling on here. You dont need to remove all this hardware or contact people for help, u dont need to buy a hardrive, nor do u have to remove a trillion inf files. I will tell u how i fixed my hardrive:

    I restarted the computer after the 34 minute hang.
    Then i DIDNT remove the cd which half the people tell u to do to fix it which tells u they dont know one thing they are talking about cuz u dont do that to fix it.

    Right away and i mean right away when setup starts u must click shift+f10 and go to setupapi.log then from there u have to go all the way to the bottom and see if the file netpsa is there(now this is only if ur reparing windows with reinstallation cd and u have the autochk not found problem) and if netpsa isnt at the bottom then u have to search for it and if u find it then go back to the cmd.exe command from there u gotta type del(space)netpsa.inf dont forget the space between del and netpsa.inf. Who cares what other people say what netpsa is because i removed it and it helped with the next part. Now you have to open machine.inf.

    If you cant then just go to setupapi.log and from there find machine.inf and copy that file to the command and open it now this next part might sound a little weird but trust me its a lot worth it then deleting a million inf files when it wont do u one good. Let your computer keep going for a few hours(4-5 roughly maybe more depends if you have the issue i told u this fixes) and then it should go straight to 33 minutes in no time. From there just chill and watch the setup complete. Now remember this is only for if you have the startup problem”autochk not found-skipping autocheck” and that ur reparing windows with the reinstallation disk.

    I’m sure this will work if you do everything correctly cuz if it worked for me it will work for you. Also try to remember that dont try doing all that confuzing info people tell you to fix your problem because if u dont know what your doing its best doing my solution its easy and will work fine for you every though it may take a few hours it will take as much time deleting all those inf files and feeling dumb that it doesnt work. Glad i could help.

  30. well looks likes its the 4th like i said time to blow up the comp and hd and the windows disc ill get a video and pics of it if i can KABOOM!!!

  31. Hey Tanner — thanks for the long detailed post. You are correct that you don’t need to pull the CD to be able to get the command prompt…pressing shift+f10 at any time after the first reboot (and maybe before?) will get you there. The point of the whole instruction was to catch Windows where it had failed. You won’t be able to open the setupapi.log file following your instructions because it will be locked for editing. In that case, you can enter “type setuplog.api” to echo it to the screen. Then scroll back a few lines.
    I’m not sure if you’re suggesting that deleting the machine.inf file will and netpsa.inf will work for all people. I’m glad it worked for you but it may not for others. I went down the same route, got XP re-installed only to get bsod’s when booting into windows. The problem was three-fold:
    1.) My old mobo had the via chipset for my ide drives. The new mobo doesn’t. Windows insisted on loading the drivers for them even though they were no longer present.
    2.) The IDE drives were formatted while under the old chipset, probably with some hyped-up driver. The formatted size displayed on the “old” system was 8 mb different than on the new. I ended up having to move files off of the root drive, and then re-partition and re-format it. I had really wanted to do the repair installation but it just wasn’t going to work. That’s Microsoft’s fault.
    3.) I had a sata drive formatted in a different computer with different sata driver. I had to unplug that drive to get XP to finish installing.

    As I am sure you realize, not everyone’s problem is the same as yours. Some people really *will* have bad hardware or incompatible drivers or equipment that Windows can’t handle until the installation is complete. I’m happy for you that you solved your problems.

  32. I have had this 34-minute hang problem for well over a year now!!! Ok, so I checked the usual suspects: RAM, HDDs, LS120, Sound card, Network adaptor, and modem. I recently upgraded my processor (thinking maybe the other one crapped out…who knows anymore?) Nope…no good. A friend loaned me a new motherboard (this time, AMD based). I restarted repair setup again (since it’s now a different HAL) and still it hangs at 34 minutes. If I let it sit there for two or three days (seriously!) it might get down to 29, but that’s it. In any event, I can tell you that it is probably not hardware related (but, I could be wrong….). In my setupapi.log file–this time, anyway–it’s stopped at installing USB stuff (which was successfully installed, btw), but it refuses to go any further. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments? Since I have pretty much at one point or another eliminated every piece of hardware, I really don’t know where to look anymore. BTW, in case some one noticed, I missed the power supply…but I had just bought a new one about 3 years ago (and have only used it for about a year because I had a previous instance where my computer was down for the count for six months!) One last thing: XP is great…but as I’m typing this, I’m on Linux. I keep XP for Quicken and Office…but Linux is the way to go…none of this crap! Any help is appreciated. TIA!

  33. This was the first solution I clicked while googling the 34 minutes hanging up problem and it worked like a piece of cake. Thank you so much. I’d been struggling with it for the past five days and was at the brink of changing my CD ROM drive under the impression that it was a problem with my CD reader 🙂 Many thanks again for the successful installation of XP. Its a different issue altogether that now my XP refuses to start after I changed its network settings.

  34. Another thing that will help sometimes after it has stopped is to enter the command prompt as stated above, type in taskmgr and look at the running processes. I have killed spoolsv.exe to get the pc back to going as well. It will start another as needed. Hope that helps someone!

  35. i identified the problem using notepad like you said, the problem inf is “C:/windows/inf/wave.inf” However, when i try to type in “C:/windows/inf” in command prompt to delete the file, i get an error message saying it can’t identify what i typed in or does not register or something. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

  36. Andrew — Unless I am misunderstanding, the command you need to type is (without the quotes): “CD c:\windows\inf”. Hit enter, type “del wave.inf” and hit enter. Good luck.

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  38. Thank you thank you thank you! My install is at the settings page now (30 minutes) by following your instructions and deleting windows\inf\wave.inf.

    Way cool.

    Britt Dickson
    San Jose

  39. Nitinpai, you are the frickin man!!!! This fix saved my ass and tons of time. I Googled my problem and couldnt find anything anywhere else, until I finally came across yours. I was stuck in a repair loop on a very important machine, and this totally saved me. Thank you very much!

  40. Hey nitinpai, great job you done there.
    I did like you wrote, but in my case every time there was a difrent device |lol| first it was modem, then tv/fm tuner, flopy,dvd and @ end hdd 🙁 . Im shore that every decvice is functioning properly except the mobo.
    i menage to pass 34′ when i deleted machine.inf but then i’ve got bsod @ win startup.
    How it is possible that every time i had a diferent faulty device, is my mobo fault right?
    sorry for bad english 🙂

  41. I am sorry that I could not get your message properly – Cula.
    But from what I have understood that since your other devices are working properly your mobo must have some kind of fault. Please get it checked from your dealer.

    Hope that helps!

  42. hey,

    well the problem is solved thnks a lot 😉

    but now i have another problem :S , the .inf that i needed to delete its about audio and now i can’t install my sound drivers 🙁

    what can i do ??


  43. Capz — You should be able to install the drivers once you get Windows up and running. If Windows doesn’t detect your sound device, you should follow the installation instructions (usually running a setup for the drivers). If a soundcard, download the drivers from Creative (or wherever). If it’s integrated audio, download the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer or locate the CD that came with it. Good luck.

  44. Mike

    it detects the sound drive but when im gonna install the drivers it says “cant find INF file” .

    what can i do ?

  45. This helped me realize and solve what was causing the 34 minute hiccup. In my case it was an extra hard drive which after I disconnected the IDE cable, the installation went thru ok. Thanks folks!

  46. What’s amazing is that Microsoft can’t come up with anything better than “format your hard drive and start again”. It really shouldn’t be this hard.

  47. Yea, Mike. Whether we blame Microsoft on and on again or not, we simply can’t resist using it. Thats what this post indicates. Its too addicting to not install and work on it even though we have options. 🙂

  48. thanks for the solution….it makes me hard to understand specially when to press the shift+f10 but it’s ok..i got it..

    thank you.

  49. I’m trying the fix but it does not seem to work. I checked the log and the last *.inf it was using was the machine.inf. I deleted it but when the disc boots again, it freezes up at now 35 minutes rather than the 34

  50. Deleting the machine.inf won’t help since it is critical to the system for running. You better get your hardware checked. Some fault would exist in the system itself.

  51. Nitinpai,

    dunno if you’re still checking on these. Just used your fix to get passed an ugly hiccup at 33 mins/regional settings on XP pro install on a laptop. Bad file/hw = wave.inf. Makes sense with other problems the laptop has had. I know nothing about how this file integrates with hardware; previous windows-updates have apparently re-activated the file/hw and caused xp to freeze right after startup. Any suggestions on how to prevent hw/file from causing any more problems? Is this a hw problem or a driver issue somehow?

  52. Dan, Considering the fact that the wave.inf causes your installation to freeze it may be possible that your sound card is at fault. Try checking it. I am not sure whether the sound card was built in to your mother board or connected externally. The installation freeze happens only with a hardware problem and driver issues come only after the installation has been done successfully. Hope this helps!

  53. Hello! Thank you!, Tank you!, Thank you!… I have been racking my brains for over three days now with this problem. I knew it was the modem which was giving me a problem but had not idea how to skip the modem installation.

    Sir, you are my champion, I will have a good nights sleep tonight!

  54. (Thank you, nitinpai) x 3 for showing me how to finish an install that had disabled my new PC.

    Have you ever come across or created a way to get through the XP Repair (full repair, not Command Console)? It gets to a point where it wants the SP2 CD, even though I’m repairing with a slip-streamed XP. It asks “Insert sp2” (It’s looking for asms) followed by “Insert SP2” again (It’s now looking for nt5inf.cat). Both of these are on the SP2 disk, but when it doesn’t see them and asks where they are, the hilited entry provided IS something you’d see from the SP2 CD, but only AFTER it’s extracted Update.exe, so I even burned Update.exe and supplied it when asked for the SP2 CD, and I can now see the two ‘items’, but the repair/install program still can’t. I finally get “Windows could not load the product catalogs”, which kills the install. This is discussed in a number of posts, but no one to my knowledge has figured out a fix. There is a log file created, but there’s nothing new there.

    Thanks very much, Britt Dickson, San Jose, CA

  55. Fantastic. Everywhere else says you’re stuck if you get this problem, but a combination of the original F10 and delete .inf and killing a process from TaskManager got it working. Outstanding. Thanks for taking the time to post this solution.

  56. Erika, Britt, Arihant and Dave, 3 Cheers for getting your installation done. And it feels good that this post has helped many people. Thanks for all your compliments. 🙂

  57. Sorry I’ve got problem with ACER E500
    it crash on 34 minute installation time… the setupapi.log says that found error on PCI\VEN…..USB\…….
    please any one there help me… i’m getting tired now

    thanks to you all brother/sister

  58. @risyadi –

    Since the port you are talking about are built-in so it is not possible to isolate them if any fault exists in them. So please get your hardware checked from a service center.

  59. Hello, I have a slightly different problem when trying to install XP on a virtual machine. Everything goes fine up until there is 13 minutes left to go, and it freezes halfway through “Registering components”. I’ve tried the method you said and it still doesn’t work 🙁

  60. Hello everyone, I had 2 partitions on my hard drive and XP and Vista loaded on each. The other day I downloaded a software on XP and since then I couldnt boot to XP. However, I could still boot to Vista. Then, I tried repairing XP using the XP disk, but it got stuck at 39 minutes. Now I cannot even boot to Vista. Whenever I start the computer, it directly goes to the set up (39 minutes) window. I tried checking for the .inf file, but couldnt find one. I even tried booting from XP/Vista disk, but it still goes to the set up window. I have already disabled sound and LAN. Please help.

  61. hi every one i seem to have nearly the same problem exept that my one stops at 25 min my story is i tried to instal some updates and then it said your computer was shut down to prevent damage then it said that some cind of driver missing ok i try to repair instal and for the fist and second atempt at it is ok but it just wont boot up with a blue screen apearing for a split second and then reebooting i try the third time and it stops at 34 min ok i try again and now it just stops at 25 min left for some reason help please!

  62. oh yer i just found out thst this isue comes mostly on dell’s computers all dimention and inspiron and if i call the dell help service they dont have a fix for this problem

  63. Daniel — I hear how frustrated you are. I’m surprised you got that response from Dell. First of all, the symptoms you describe are unlikely to be unique to Dell. Dell support is mostly trained to have you put the Restore CD in. I am 99% sure this is a bad device driver. You should physically remove from your computer EVERYTHING that is not absolutely needed to install Windows. Remove your soundcard, remove any USB devices (if you can, use USB to PS/2 adapters if you have USB keyboard or mouse), especually make sure to remove any SATA boards, SATA drives (except for your root of course) and be sure to go into your BIOS and set it to Fail Safe. While in there, disable any onboard LAN, RAID and sound. This problem CAN be solved. One thing: let us know if you recently replaced a piece of harware, especially the motherboard,

  64. Abby – Did you get your problem solved? When you install Windows, it makes entries to the boot record of your hard drive which is “lower” than your partitions. My gut is that you are going to find out your problem is there. Were you able to find the setupapi.log file? If not, you need to navigate to the Windows folder on the partition where you are installing Windows. Following the instructions at the top of the page, type in dir \win*.* /ad and you should spot the name of your Windows directory. Then, type in CD \windows_dir using the name of that directory. Next, type in edit setupapi.log to view it. To get to your INF files, type in cd \windows_dir\inf. Let us know how you make out.

  65. well actuly it is a broken driver that happened it was in intel driver or creative sount blaser but now it dosent realy mater sice i had formated anyway because i need the computer but now i just formated atleast now i can instal some uupdates i couldent for some reason

  66. after formating it asked me for intel driver cd (for a network divice) and my sound blaster cd but all my stiff dispeard because my back up cd was to scrached to be read made a month a go but now i just need to reinstal stuuf inent a problem but finding stuff of backed up cd wich are lost will be hard it actulay was dels folt because the file was an update for the drives from dell resource cd i did cal dell but they dident know anything about a freez 25 min

  67. After looking through many sites and explanations, most of which were mumbo jumbo, yours seemed right on and indeed, it WORKED! Thanks so much.

  68. Still having trouble…..windows takes forever to copy files during setup. and the windows installation takes forever when it finally starts. tried new hard drive/cdrom drive/new xp cd…still having trouble. i tried doing wat this post said to…..didnt work….is my motherboard bad?

  69. Part 1 of your comments can be greatly speeded up if you copy the disk to a hard drive and run setup from there. As to the install taking forever, that depends on how much memory and what processor you have. I’ve done installs in anywhere from 35 (P4, 512 MB RAM): to 65 (P2, 192 MB RAM) minutes, and that’s if all went smoothly.

    Also, Check out the command-line options for setup.exe (run X:\setup.exe /? at a command prompt, where X: is your CD, or HD, or google around, and you may find an install swith that works for you.


  70. its a P4 system with 512 RAM and its taking around 3 1/2 hours…..ive been doing reinstalls all my life…never that long

  71. I am having a similar issue, except that instead of freezing, when it gets to 34 minutes the system will reboot and begin installing again. I have followed your tip and deleted the last “.inf” file listed in the setupapi,.log file three times (each time it’s a different one), to no avail. Any ideas?

  72. I have the same problem, except that instead of freezing at 34 minutes, the system just reboots. I have followed your instructions and deleted the last “inf” file from the setupapi log three times, to no avail. Any ideas?

  73. Johnnymo — THAT sounds very similar to the problem I was having 6 months back. I don’t suppose you just replaced your motherboard? If so, I don’t suppose the old one had VIA drivers? I replaced my motherboard — the old one had the VIA chipset while the new one didn’t. It basically couldn’t handle the hard drives. I had to go out to a command prompt as described in here and xcopy my files off the C drive to other drives. Then, I reformatted it. I had to do the same with all the others moving the files around. I was fortunate that in replacing the motherboard, I also added another big drive. Even after all that, I had to disconnect one of my SATA drives while doing the XP Repair and then reconnect it after Windows was correctly installed. A bit of a pain but I had been fighting the problem for a week. It’s really just a variation on the problems described on this page.

  74. Well, I haven’t replaced the motherboard, but I’m pretty much ready to reformat at this point unless there’s another workaround. How do I get out of the setup loop and reformat the drive?

  75. Johnnymo — If you haven’t replaced your mobo, then why are you doing the windows install. Is it a new install? A repair install? If the latter, and if you just installed a new driver or new device, you might want to remove it from the computer before going through the trauma of reformatting. Otherwise:

    Follow instructions at the top of the page to get to a command prompt. At that point, the usual tools (fdisk, format, xcopy, etc., are available). One thing I told you was incorrect: I actually in the new hard drive so that it would be my C (had 2 other IDE and 2 other SATA drives plus a CD/DVD reader/writer). That removed one complication. I initially partitioned that and, in the XP install, got out to the command prompt. I copied all of my files off a drive onto the new drive and then used format to, well, format it. If at all possible, I would (assuming you have a C and D drive): copy all your important files from D to C. Format D. Copy all the files back and then copy all your important C drive files as well.. Turn off the PC. Unplug all unnecessary hardware. Start the PC and restart the Windows install. This time, have it format the C drive. You should get a clean install. After getting your basic settings set up, power down and plug in each device — preferably one at a time — powering up the computer and letting Windows discover them each time. You’ll have to reinstall your apps and then you can take your time copying back files that you need/want. Tedious but it’ll work.

  76. I am upgrading from Home to Pro, hence the install. I do not have a D drive – is it still possible to format the C drive from the prompt during install?

  77. A simple upgrade and you’re having those hassles? Thanks a lot, MS. I wonder if your XP Home is like SP2 and the upgrade is to a pre-SP2 XP Pro? In any case, when you are prompted for where to install XP, you should have an option to delete the partition. You should do so. If you have only the one drive, I think it might be prudent to create a bootable floppy (esp to make sure you are still able to access the CD). Your BIOS probably supports booting from a CD but why be sorry? You can download a bootable floppy image from MS: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q310994

    I’ve not done an install on a machine with one hard drive in a long time. If you could spare a few bucks for a second HD I think you’re life would be way easier. Good luck!

  78. I have a technical question, if you or someone could answer. I know the line I need to delete to get my Windows XP service pack 2 to finish upgrading, but I can’t find it on the C:\ the way several places here show to delete it. The line that needs to go is $winnt$.inf and shows on the setupact.log as C:\windows\system32\$winnt$.inf error 0Xe0000102. By deleting this, it should allow upgrade to continue on from the 34 minutes holding hiccup it’s on.
    You tell me to type CD c:\windows\inf, hit enter, which I do and works to get me into the inf, but then you say to hit del {insert file}.inf and hit enter, it says that’s not something it can find or do. I’m at a stand still. lol


  80. Mahesh – How to install XP on your PC? I’d try putting running setup off of the CD and follow the on-screen prompts. Do you have a problem other than that?

  81. Gravepast — At the command prompt, type this (without the qotes): “CD \windows\inf” — That will get you to the proper directory. Now, type “del filename” where filename is the name of the file that you want to delete.

  82. nitinpai,

    Thanks for the very helpful guide.

    I tried your solution when my xp install kept freezing at 33 minutes remaining.

    Unfortunately, it kept freezing even after deleting the offending inf file.

    I kept repeating the procedure and deleting the inf files in the setupapi.log file (it was a different inf file every time) but then I got to a stage where the install still froze, but the setupapi.log file had no inf listings in it!

    What do I do now? I am trying again to fully format the drive in the meantime in case it was a bad sector problem.



  83. Justin — the guide didn’t really quite answer my problem but it got me going. I was going to 33 and 32 minutes like you. I had at one point deleted EIDE.INF (or something like that) and actually got XP installed only to get bsod’d to death. For me, the problem really turned out to be the VIA IDE drivers from my prior motherboard. I had to get out to a command prompt using the instructions in this blog, copy my important files off of the C drive, format it, and basically repeat the process for my D, E IDE drives. That wiped out all vestiges of the old VIA drivers and also formatted the drives in a manner compatible with the new mobo. Interestingly, there was a 2 mb difference in available space after partioning and formatting. I unplugged my one SATA drive and removed everything from the computer except the IDE drives, the CD/DVD player and the video board. That got me as far as XP Pro finally installing properly. I then plugged the other devices back in and let Windows recognize them and I’ve had no problems since.

  84. Thank you very very much , this article is wonderful congragulations.

    My xp repair was hanging on 34 and 33 minutes then I discover by the way of this article ; my problem is machine.inf then after I deleted machine.inf ta ta ta ta everything is ok .

    Thank you friends it was a nightmare for me .

    Sincerely , sorry for my english.

  85. Tanner’s instructions have worked! Glory be to the almighty cloud beings… and many thanks to Tanner. What worked: Leave CD in, delete the recommended files. When startup begins installing devices again, immediately do a shift-f10 and goto INF directory. type machine.inf and open file in notepad then sit back, light a cigar and hope for the best.

  86. After windows repair process completed without any freeze during the boot unfortunately blue screen suddenly appaer and disappered and no boot .

    Then after more research about issue via google I found another easy and working method for repair hang up problem.

    After copied the xp the repair files to the hdd then during the first boot session

    press F8 and select the debugging mod ,

    windows is contiuning to the repair process in the debugging mode , so repair process is passing the hang up minutes and booting properly .

    Sincerly yours.

  87. Mine stalled at 33 minutes. After playing with it/ rebooting, etc it is not stalled at 39 minutes. I do not have an inf file anywhere in the installation???? It is stuck. Help!

  88. OK – I finally got it up and it stalled. I found the .inf file as suggested but when I went to DOS it would not bring up .inf folder? Couldn’t find file or path. I tried every which way. I did bring up notepad when I typed c:\windows\inf\machine.inf and that is a page full of stuff I don’t dare delete. Help!!!

  89. Well, thanks for all your responses ( ;
    I got it up and running somehow – I didn’t delete anything but I did open the machine.inf notepad as someone suggested but didn’t have a cigar. Then when I went back to my computer it was up but the screen resolution is horrid. All I have available is a default monitor and properties cannot be selected to put in a different one. Any suggestions now?

  90. Debra – you first need to change to the inf director: “cd \windows\inf” (without the quotes of course). Delete the last inf file listed in the setupapi.log file. While I doubt that machine.inf is your problem, deleting it won’t be the end of the world…at worst, setup will replace it. It would be interesting to know what the most recent 4 or 5 inf files listed are. I would also make sure that EVERYTHING is disconnected from the ‘puter except your keyboard, mouse, monitor, CD Drive, floppy and the hard drive to which you are installing windows. If this install is as the result of replacing your motherboard, especially if the old one used VIA drivers., let us know.

  91. Debra — your note appeared as I was typing my last item. Congrats on getting it up. I remember being able to get, well, that’s another story. I’d find the install driver for your video board. If you don’t have the disk, go on line and download it from the manufacturer. Run the install and you should be good to go.

  92. Hi Mike, thanks so much. I am currently trying to figure out what video board I have. I’m very slow at these things. I knew I needed to get the driver for it, but I don’t even know what I have. Can you please tell me where to look to find out what video board I have? Thanks!

  93. Since Windows apparently doesn’t know, you’ll probably have to open the box up. Get a flashlight and peer in — if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to read the brand and model right on the board without having to take it out of the ‘puter. Otherwise, disconnect the video cable from the back, unscrew the board if needed, and carefully pull it straight out. If you have video integrated into your motherboard, you should be able to use the flashlight to see the motherboard brand and model…such as ASUS A7vXX or something similar. You can then go to the Web site of the motherboard manufacturer and go to their drivers section. This crap only hurts a little while…

  94. Mike, this site is great, and you’re all too wonderful. After getting the monitor info and downloading it and putting it on my computer, the same problem started all over again. XP wouldn’t turn on and then I got an ’eminent hard drive error’ again with a missing file that needed to be reloaded. I’ve decided to take it to a technician, have them load XP for me and start all over. I can’t handle this. Sadly, I just don’t know enough and I’m flying blind. I think I could be making things worse than they are.

    Is this an XP issue? Does XP just stink or what?

  95. I wish you luck. To be honest, I’ve never been impressed with technicians but it sounds like you’re bound to catch a break. If you do decide to get brave, you might want to take the hard drive out, spend $60 on a new one (sounds like you’re going to have to anyway) and start from scratch. I assume the video driver was for XP and so I doubt that it’s the culprit here. Feel free to write me offline if you wish: mike@mmacdonald.com

  96. Just wanted to thank you for this post. Ive been fighting to get xp on my one computer for years because of this problem.

  97. I purchased a computer in Dec that came with Vista. I gave it a try, but I don’t like it and want to go back to XP Pro until such time that they’ve worked out the bugs etc.

    I can get the XP Pro to reformat the drive, and start the install process. It freezes at 35 minutes exactly. I have tried three different copies of XP Pro now, and not had any luck. In reading the posts I have some good ideas to try out. I don’t know if they will work, but thanks in advance.

    My question to the forum is … Has anyone else had this problem uninstalling Vista, and getting the PC to accept XP Pro? I know that Vista won’t go without a fight (getting it to reformat was a pain) is there some step I am missing? Is there something in the MBR?


  98. @Meaghan – Although I have not used Vista, I am sure that once you format your hard drive the XP Pro should get installed quite easily. But the freeze problem is not about having Vista uninstalling, its more of a hardware problem as you probably might have read in the above comments.

  99. Do these solutions also apply to windows xp home edition because all I see is xp pro solutions here. XP home is also stopping at 34 minutes on a clean install on a brand new hard drive.

  100. @Dan – XP in general carries out the installation in the same manner be it Home or Pro or Media Center. So the solution should be applicable for you as well.

  101. I have been going crazy trying to upgrade my W2K Pro to Win XP Pro. Have replaced memory, run diagnostics on HDs and board, unplugged peripherals etc
    System is P4 with 2GB new RAM, 2 optical drives, 140GB HD split into 4 drives (C is 40GB with 20 free)

    The upgrade starts normally and runs fine until I get a message unable to find VIA IDE drivers. I have the latest drivers from MSI on the hard drive and also on the original motherboard utility CD. But install will not read those files when I prompt with the locations. If I skip those files and proceed then I get a string of error messages around the 32 minute mark saying unable to copy file starting with “setup cannot copy file CMPROPS.DL_ from i386”. It seems very few files get copied from this point and when install concludes XP will not boot. This happens whether I run the upgrade from within W2K or boot from the XP install CD.

    I have copied the entire i386 directory to my HD. The number of files are the same as on the CD’s i386 directory and the MB is the same, but still install won’t copy those same files when given the alternate location. I have tried install from my DVD-RW and also my older CD-RW.

    W2K is current with all the service packs and live updates. Could a file in W2K that XP SP2 install looks for be different due to updates and be causing the problem?

  102. Ron – the VIA drivers are bad news. I would go to the Via Arena Web site and see if you can download the drivers from there. The other solution, and the one I ended up doing, was to get out to the command prompt as instructed here. I copied all the files that I needed to another drive (if you have to buy another drive, it’s better than tearing your hair out). I formatted the C drive and basically repeated the process for all my other drives moving files around. A real PITA but it worked. The problem is you have bum drivers being loaded and the XP install isn’t smart enough to replace them. You may find that your hard drives have a 4 mb of space less than before. I hope that you can find a driver on the VIA Arena site rather than having to go through the format pain.

  103. Thats weird i had Windows XP Home Edition w/
    896 MB RAM
    AMD Sempron(tm) Processor at 1.80Ghz
    NVIDIA GeForce6100 with pixel shader 3.0 in hardware

    and i upgraded to Windows Vista Home Premium without any problems or hiccups.

  104. Thanks Andy, but I’m going from W2000 Pro to XP Pro so there are obviously a few more complications than just upgrading XP Home.

  105. Thanks! nitinpai
    Let me tell you a story.
    My son’s computer had a problem one month ago.
    He resolved to reinstall.
    Since that, computer shutted down in 35mins of install.
    After some two weeks or so, he brought the computer to the computer shop for specialists to help him.
    It took them two weeks or so to come up with the idea of broken motherboard.
    I got into it and got the computer back yesterday. I payed 50 bucs for idea of broken motherboard and today sat down to google the problem. After one hour chase I found your article and deleted CPU.inf
    After that installation resumed and all OK.
    Thank you again very much.

  106. I recently reformatted my pc and went to install xp pro.The refomat went fine.During the installation I got to 34 minutes then my pc froze.I deleted the first problem which was a file named “gameport.inf”.I tried to go thru the installation again then got to 29 minutes,the pc was on the stage of “installing network”.That stage would install but freeze when this section had to build a file list.I rebooted again and tried to install and the damn thing freezes on 34 minutes.what to dooooooooooo?

  107. I’m not a computer person, but this discussion led me to solve my 34 minute problem. The setupapi.log manuver confirmed the problem was in SoundMax. I couldn’t get the inf thing to work. I went into bios and disabled the sound. XP completed the installed and I enabled the sound and reinstalled the drivers. All is good now, but what an exercise.
    Thank you so much for providing a path to follow.

  108. Very similar problem. Quad core 3.4 ghz, 4 gig ram (clean), 500 gb HDD (clean), media center xp disc (no scratches) Freezes only on one harddrive after I tried repair. Did the same on another HDD worked fine. after install on my working HDD I copied its INF folder on my HDD1, still freezes at 35mins. your advice does not help. Found multiple problems with bluetooth, removed all. advice?

  109. TidusXIII – I would unplug the second hd, let xp install, get into Windows enough for it recognize all the connected equipment, then shut down, reattach the second hd and let Windows discover it normally. I assume there is no new mobo involved? Are both hd’s IDE or both SATA?

  110. So I had this issue where the installation would stall at 34 minutes also, but instead of freaking out… which I actually did… I decided to let it play out. I let my computer be and while doing so I came across this thread to see if i can find a solution to the problem. I read two posts, this one and another explaining the same scenario of a faulty .inf file. Gritting my teeth in fear that I would have to deal with DOS again, I turned to my computer praying that it would just work, all of a sudden my hard drive led began to flicker and a prompt appeared on my screen regarding some kind of driver update utility, I pressed Okay, and the installation continued… Lucky me huh? So with my basic computer knowledge It makes sense to me that since my drivers were already installed on the system before its destruction, when conducting a repair installation, i.e. after windows setup searches for previous installations, it would consult the driver location of the previous installation and use those drivers when installing devices at 34 minutes. Since the computer is installing devices and is not using the database of drivers on the cd it would naturally take longer to search through the previous installations drivers. Thats how I understood it. After completing this I found all of my devices worked perfectly as well as all of my programs.

  111. Hi my xp repair install gets stuck at 34 minutes and i have checked the setupapi.log file and it says something about Kaspersky i guess it didnt install correct? i also looked at the pnplog.txt and Kaspersky was there. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  112. I remember kaspersky not uninstalling correctly about 2 months ago…but kaspersky is a program not a hardware device right?

  113. Wow, I was having a hard time with this as well and no one person’s suggestions would work for me alone.

    This is what I ended up doing altogether:

    1.)Deleted volume.inf (twice!)
    2.)Unplugged my SATA Drives (had 2 PATA and 2 SATA drives)
    3.)Renamed machine.inf to machine.inf.bak
    4.)Ran install again, and it was at 34 minutes for about 4 minutes then the Regional settings popped-up asking for the S/N#

    Thanks man, you saved the day.

  114. Before i put the cd in i went to regedit and deleted anything that had to do with kl_klim5mp…(kaspersky) and it skipped it but then it stopped at 34 minutes trying to install a different device :\ plz help me i will not reformat my whole drive!

  115. I had the problem of XP reinstall freezing up at 34 minutes. I searched the web literally for days to find a solution and tried nearly every one I could find. When I came across this site and read nitinpai’s post, I tried it right away. Woooohooooo! It worked! Thanks so much nitinpai. I was ready to toss this computer.

  116. Um, forgive me for sounding dumb, but how do I go to the C:/WINDOWS/inf folder in the command prompt? I never learned how to utilize that particular feature.

  117. Hi, i found the .inf file in the notepad file but when i try to browse the .inf files with command prompt (Close the notepad and go to the folder C:/windows/inf in command prompt) it says that there is no such file…. im trying to install windows server 2003. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks

  118. ok so my win xp crapped out n i decided to repair…
    i got the 34 minute stall – using the info here i got to ID the inf that was being a #%$ …. it was a usb driver for the mobo….instead of deleting it (since my kybd + mouse are usb!) i put in a second install on a diff partition- which ironically worked without issues! then i put in all clean drivers and copied the entire inf folder to the repairing copy of winxp (replacing it). rebooted n reentered setup…stalled @33! was my audigy sound card so i plucked it. restarted….GOT PAST 33! woohoo!!!! and then it stalled again! this time @28. this is where it gets fun (with a capital F). I was out of ideas so i started playin with taskmgr and the like. One thing i found was that hitting shift + f11 give you better progress info – for example @ 28 it said “completing installation” or something but in the f11 window it said “configuring fax services”. so i got to thinking maybe its fax now…..plucked it and strait deleted the inf for it (started with fxo….inf…..rebooted….
    Now im at 14 minutes n its going on as i type on my laptop….
    Bottom line:
    good stuff on this site!!!!!! Thanks
    Also use shift f11 to see exactly what part is being configured past the 34 min marker- then fix or delete the inf file, also consider a second partition install even just to make sure its a software issue, not hardware…if all else fails play around with taskmgr, infs etc @ yr own risk! lol
    my 2 cents anyway…

  119. Hey Nitinpi,

    You’re the MAN!

    Thanks for this guide. I was spending the whole lot of time googling on howto get out from the mess of Crashing XP installation about 35 minutes (in my case).

    It worked!!

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you..

    More POWER!!


  120. a new problem is sometimes it wont format(happened to me i letf the computer formating for 2 days and it finaly did ) that was 4 months a go but still if u get stuck formating eatheer w8 2 days or chose qick format oh yer u cant instal 2 operating systems at the same time
    u need to to exactly the same thing as u did with the other operating system but DO NOT FORMAT THEN TO switch to the other operating system press f8 at startup.
    My firiend that the heckup for windows vista for a weird reason microsoft gave him a new cd because usualy you dont get a cd with windows vista pree instaled.

  121. i followed nitinpai instructions… and it worked out well. i deleted the “nv4_disp.inf” file.

    the window xp installation is now complete… i just wanted to know whats next?? i mean i deleted the “nv4_disp.inf”, and i dont even know what it was. so, is there any file or driver i should install to replace the file i deleted?? i think the file i deleted was related to ‘NVIDIA GEFORCE’… any help or guide will be highly appreciated… thanks!!

  122. @thep –

    If there is no problem with the functioning of any programs then no need to do anything. But if some problems occurs then see your vendor CD’s for the associated drivers or put in the XP CD and try to repair your installation.

    Hope that helps.

  123. thx nitinpai..

    everything works fine now… but i have noticed that when i scroll down thru anything.. its so slow.. i was scrolling down thru this page n it was quite slow.. there is kind of a pause when i scroll down…

    as for the cd.. i think i lost it.. but when i switch on my comp, its written Nvidia GeForce MX 400SE (not quite sure!!)

    and also when i view any clips/video files, the picture is not 100% clear.. when i open any folder in my comp n if i drag them around, its slow and like i said there is a pause before it moves on… im trying my best to explain the problem… i hope you understand what im trying 2 say..

    what do u think is da problem?? does this ‘nvidia geforce..’ play an important role?? coz im not that much into comp.. so i dont quite really know all these things..

    pls bear with me!

    thx a lot!!

  124. Graphics card (Nvidia GeForce) is responsible for the display. In my opinion it has become faulty in your case and thats why you are experiencing display problems. Call up a computer hardware services provider or your vendor and ask them to check up your graphics card. If it is faulty, either repair it or get it replaced.

  125. i downloaded the nvidia graphic card driver… so when i installed this driver on my comp.. it was going fine but suddenly there was this ‘blue death screen’… n i had 2 restart my comp… so basically i can conclude that my graphic card is faulty..

    thx a lot nitinpai for all the help n instructions!! in a way u taught me a lot… i will get my graphic card replaced n will let you know if it works or not….

    Jai Maharashtra !!!

  126. I have tried your solution… Indee it past the hang and terminate setup, but when i came to last restart i have received bsod with 0x7b if i remember corectly. In my case maschine.inf was last inf file noted on setupapi.log. I delete totaly machine.inf, and setup log files. 4 files around setupapi.log (setupold setup err ….)
    I restarted with xp cd and i run again through repair instalation. Now it worked.
    Hope this help sombody.
    Thanks for thehint with setupapi.log. Btw it wil be visibile with dos ntfs mounters on ubcd, hiren & others)
    cheers & thanks again.

  127. Hello,

    OK, I’m stumped on this one. I followed the instuctions down to the T, When I viewed the setupapi log, the only inf file i see in the last 4 to 5 lines is system.inf.

    I deleted the system.inf file (not the best idea in the world but gave it a shot). The installation did complete but now windows will not boot, it’s stuck in a continuous rebooting loop. I basically can’t do anything with it. Please help!

  128. Steve — I had the same thing as you…I would disconnect EVERY device except your C drive, your CD drive, your keyboard, mouse and video card. In your BIOS, disable any onboard audio and network devices. Physically unplug all hard drives (except your boot drive) and physically pull all boards except your audio board. Try to boot. If Windows starts up, then add back the devices one at a time and let Windows discover them normally. In my own situation, I traced the problem down to IDE drivers following a motherboard replacement. If *that* is your situation, scan for what I did about 6 months ago or so…

  129. I am having this problem on my laptop. I have tried the things listed here but in my setupapi file the last .inf file is a LONG way from the bottom. Here is my last lines. Please help, too much info and don’t want to reformat……
    #I121 Device install of “ROOT\LEGACY_VSDATANT000” finished successfully.
    [2008/03/07 13:13:25 668.1430 Driver Install]
    #-199 Executing “C:\WINDOWS\system32\setup.exe” with command line: setup -newsetup
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV.
    #W059 Selecting best compatible driver failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device.
    #W157 Default installer failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device.
    #I060 Set selected driver.
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
    #I125 Installing NULL driver for “ROOT\LEGACY_WANARP000”.
    #W100 Query-removal during install of “ROOT\LEGACY_WANARP000” was vetoed by “Root\LEGACY_WANARP000” (veto type 1: PNP_VetoLegacyDevice).
    #W104 Device “ROOT\LEGACY_WANARP000” required reboot: Query remove failed (install) CfgMgr32 returned: 0x17: CR_REMOVE_VETOED.
    #I121 Device install of “ROOT\LEGACY_WANARP000” finished successfully.
    [2008/03/07 13:13:26 668.1432 Driver Install]
    #-019 Searching for hardware ID(s): lgl_tvtpktfiltermp
    #-199 Executing “C:\WINDOWS\system32\setup.exe” with command line: setup -newsetup
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV.
    #W059 Selecting best compatible driver failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device.
    #W157 Default installer failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device.
    #I060 Set selected driver.
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_REMOVE.
    #I289 Removing device “ROOT\LGL_TVTPKTFILTERMP001”.

  130. Thank you so much for the “34 minute” fix Nitinpai!!! I spent 4 days trying to figure out WHY at 32-34 minutes, I would get the BSOD stop error referencing sysaudio.sys. I found the last mentioned inf file was wdmaudio.inf. Deleting that enabled the installation to continue without a hitch. You are an absolute life saver to what seemed to be an endless *monster* of a problem. It was made so simple with your fix!!! Thanks again, you rock!


  131. I have followed just about every suggestion on this site (and many others) and still hang at 34 mins. I have managed to get Windows 98 onto my laptop so I can at least check the setup files for XP. My troublesome device is a Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 bus controller. I presume this is the firewire socket (honestly I have been Googling this for several days now!). If I remove the 1394.inf it does not skip over this device as you suggest it would. Instead, it hangs again trying to install a null driver. I have downloaded the TI driver set for this device (from some site in Taiwan who appear to be the source for TI drivers) and run the setup for the drivers from W98 but still cannot get XP to move on. I have also tried removing the device using the Device Manager but this doesn’t stop XP trying to install the driver. When I log back in as W98 the new hardware is detected and a driver is loaded (if I want it to) so I presume XP is also still trying to load the device even though I disable it. Short of digging the device out with a screwdriver, I don’t know what else I can try! Any help would be appreciated…

  132. thanks alot, this worked perfectly, after struggling for 2 days, this was a very simple solution.

  133. I have the same problem…uh kinda..
    I am trying to downgrade from Vista to XP.. during the install the computer freezes at 34 minutes remaining. I don’t have DOS on this machine.. any other ways around it? I have disconnected everything unnecessary..

  134. my m8 has a dell laptop and he hit it coz it froze lol, the hdd was broken so i replaced it and installed xp pro from a dell recovery disc it loads the boot screen then continues installing then gets to 13 mins nd jus freezes plzzzzz help e-mail me at bassy_123@hotmail.com ty

  135. You’re a GENIUS! Thanks for your advice..it works for me.. we have a faulty audio driver and we removed the wave.inf, and it works!

  136. Hello,

    I tried the solution.

    I am upgrading from home ed. to pro. Deleted the last relevant inf file “1394.inf”, still hangs. getting the same problem as joel, “it hangs again trying to install a null driver”.

    Is there something more i have to do. The last device before it reports that it successfully installed.

    Thanks in advance…

  137. Sisk0, I had to install Vista in the end (which loaded fine so whatever hardware problems I had either didn’t really exist or weren’t that important I guess?). The only thing I notice is that two fingers on the mousepad doesn’t scroll like it used to otherwise laptop works fine.

  138. hmmm… i have gotten a lil bit further, by which i mean the screen flashes at the 34 mins for a lil bit. Even trying the “debugging mode” doesn’t help it.

    But thats about the size of it. I don’t wanna install vista, back to home edition would be fine.

    I have 2 partitions on that drive, one for xp the other for program files/my document etc. Would a format wipe this partition too?

    Thanks for the replies by the way, it make you feel like somebody wants to help.

  139. Hi all,

    I have spent the past 3 days trying to sort all this out and I found that the thing that helped the most was that when XP brings up a pop up box for a missing driver:


    try and find the CD of the driver – go on the net from somewhere else and download it and burn to CD if you have to.

    This is what was causing me so much grief.

    I think that when XP cannot find a driver and brings up that box – it is telling you that its gonna crash when it tries to boot up without it.

    I tried all the fixes here – the inf files, the debugging etc but the best fix was going on my laptop and downloading the 2 rogue drivers from the net and burning them to CD (in my case a didgidesign & Nvidia).

    After you install these it should run smoothly!

  140. Had been struggling with a customers sony vaio laptop for days. This solution finally cracked it! The problem file was “wav.inf”

    Many thanks! – next time you’re in London get in touch, I owe you a large drink. 🙂

  141. How do you delete the files?

    Every time I type in C:\Windows\inf it just tells me it’s a bad command or file name… I can’t get in it to delete the file.


  142. Mike find what file is giving you the problem and all you got do is type del filename.inf and that should work

  143. I have this problem

    Hi joe,

    If you done this C:\Windows\system32>C:\Windows\inf

    .. it will try to execute C:\windows\inf as a command and since “path” is not a command it will give out the error which you have seen.

    If your prompt is C:\Windows\system32…then you first have to come out of system32 folder by doing.


    This will make the prompt C:\Windows>

    Then go to the inf folder C:\Windows>cd inf
    which will make the prompt C:\Windows\inf>

    and finally delete the respective inf..
    C:\Windows\inf>del oem11.inf

    Hope this works.. wish you luck

    but when I type CD or cd it does not change the folder please help

  144. I’ve tried this renaming of the .inf file without success. In my case it was the netrasa.inf file that things stopped on However, renaming it to .old just resulted in the installation failing on the next stage (also at 34 mins) which is to do with the miniport drivers because it couldn’t find the relevant .inf file…

    Anybody else had this problem??

  145. My installation has finally completed so a BIG thank you but windows keeps restarting itself. The inf file I deleted was netsis. Any ideas what I can do now?

  146. Helped me recover a friends computer after WinPE spyware/virus scanning removed some very nasty items. Very frustrating to do all that work and then be stopped thanks to Microsoft. Big Thanks!

  147. My son left his computer logged on to the “myspace.com” webpage during a weekend when he was away. I noticed it was on, and went to shut it down but everything was completely frozen so I held the power switch for 30 seconds and did a shut down. When my son returned from his weekend away, he tried restarting his desktop pc ( Systemax, windows xp, 40 GB hard driv, 1 GB RAM) the pc turned on, went through the windows splash screen then to the screen where you can choose “safe mode”, “start normally” “last known good start up” etc. no matter which startup option that we choose it hangs up, restarts, goes through the splash screen then ends up right back where we started! I messed with the bios or something trying to get it back on, and now there is only a blank black screen and an A>: prompt. So I tried reformatting the computer. Everthing was going peachy until it was reaching the “install” part of the process. Said 39 minutes until install is complete. Then a box comes up that you have to click “I accept these terms and conditions….” and you are supposed to click YES, then NEXT. Only problem is the keyboard and the mouse fail to function! I have tried everything! The mouse and keyboard work on other computer just fine, and work fine in BIOS. I have plugged, unplugged both keyboard and mouse numerous times and made sure they are plugged into the correct port. I have restarted the computer three times hoping that would work, but it gets me right back to the “39 minutes until install is complete” and back to where you need to be able to use your mouse or keyboard to continue the process and download the remaining files… WE ARE STUCK. I fear a virus ate our hard drive?? Please help! Thanks! : )

  148. @Honey Booker – If you have access to any other computer then connect your hard drive to it and check if its accessible or not. It may be possible that it has some bad sectors. Also check your RAM, clean it and then carry on with the installation.

  149. TY TY TY TY TY * 1 million

    I had this problem on a IBM ThinkPad T22..originally came with win 98SE, why IDK…..bought XP to Upgrade it…Works Flawlessly …so again…THANK YOU!!!!! – By the was mdmlt3.inf…it is a built in dial up modem on IBM laptops.

  150. Thanks nitinpai, I am not sure how to connect my laptop hard drive to the problem desktop computer? But I did install the RAM so I know where that is and do you mean to “clean” it with the can of air spray duster or? Sorry for my questions but I am just savvy enough on the technical side to be dangerous! But I am a quick study as well as being able to follow directions…. so be a little more explicit and and I will see what I can do! Thanks for your advice!

  151. I locked up at 34 mins remaining. When I checked setupapi.log the offending inf file appeared to be machine.inf. From what I can tell that is a file you can NOT delete. What to be worked for mewas to use a different windows install disc to complete the install. I inserted this one after looking at setupapi.log and while windows is prompting for the disc. Also I removed everything “extra” which in my case was a network card and ps/2 mouse.

    Only problem is the windows re-install did not fix the bigger problem with my friend’s computer. Basically as soon as it boots up (and it is sloooooow) the processor runs at 100% and doesn’t let up. Also during my many attempts at installing winxp I did a long format and it took over 24 hours. SATA HD on an emachine. I’m stating to think hardware problems. Thoughts?


  152. xraystyle – Possibly hardware…but: why was xp being installed? Was this as a result of a motherboard issue? I had a situation where discs formatted with one motherboard wouldn’t work correctly with another motherboard in XP until they were reformatted. FWIW, you *can* delete the machine.inf file. I believe you will find that it will then be recreated based on your current hardware profile. If unsure, try renaming it instead of deleting it.

  153. My problem turned out the be the firewire driver. I went and unplugged the firewire header and bingo, it finished.

  154. hi, i’ve opened the setupapi.log, and the last .inf was “usbport.inf”, so i deleted it, and now, the instalation just keeps freezing at 34… but now the last inf is MACHINE.INF and it says now something like “no driver found, installing null driver”
    what i’m suposed to do?

  155. Not sure if this thread is still active, but… My repair install attempt has stall at 32 min mark with 1/4 of installing network components part. Disabling built-in network card in the BIOS didn’t change a thing. I had to try repair due to PC screwed up by SP3 install. Any Ideas?

  156. Hi, thanks to this thread i managed to fix my 34 minute freeze. In my case it was caused by the usb mouse. Simply removing it during the installation fixed the problem 🙂 The computer I was working on had an older MOBO in it, so i guess it didn’t like usb so much. This forum got me looking in the right direction for a solution. Thanks nitinpai.

    Greetz, David

  157. I had the same problem with ‘usbport.inf’ on a new machine I was “upgrading” from Vista to XP. The only thing that fixed my problem was going into the bios setup and disabling legacy USB support. Then XP loaded.


  158. I have the same problem. My bad inf is oem1.inf. The strange thing is this file is NOT present in the INF folder but it is mentioned in the setupapi.log file. at the end. What do i do now?

  159. mine hangs at 39 minutes there is no inf file in setupapi.log thing

    what do u think is the problem with my computer ??

    its a dell inspiron 700m

  160. venk — my problem was actually at the 39 minute mark as I recall but the advice on here in general was got me over the hump to get the problem corrected. In my case, I had replaced the motherboard and Windows refused to come up after that. Turned out the old board had the Via chipset and, even though I was doing a fresh install, Windows insisted on loading the Via drivers. I had to use the instructions here, get out to a command prompt, copy stuff from my C drive to another drive, and format the C drive. I had to repeat that for all my drives. Whether or not that is your problem, I would first disconnect *everything* except your monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD-Rom and C drive. Remove any cards except your video. In your bios setup, disable the sound and network support, etc (if there). Try the install. If it succeeds, let Windows come up and configure itself and then start putting back other devices. Good luck.

  161. My hp pavillion dv5000 is stuck at the 39 minutes remaining also. I bought an external hard drive to try to back up all my pictures and music but I dont know how to back up from here. When I reboot and press F8 any option i select just takes me back to the install stuck at 39 mins. Safemode wont work because it says you cant install windows in safe mode. The DOS menu looks like this”C:\WINDOWS\system32>” Any suggestions? I really dont want to lose my pictures…

  162. Your instructions on deleting the .inf files on the 34 minute freeze were great – I had to tweak a bit because it didn’t file the inf folder in the way you described and I had to use the change dir command. But nevertheless I found it, and I had to delete 3 .inf files in the end (maybe this is what tanner was frustrated about). Also part way through this process the shift+F10 stopped working for a while which stalled me. However – now I am hung on 33 minutes regional settings. As the keyboard has worked before it seems odd it would be that. Although the first hardware hang was the USB controller and it is a USB kbd. Any more ideas anyone?

  163. @SAM – I had the same fix. I’ve been searching the Internet for the last 8 hrs and finally followed collectively including your method, removing the ndisuio.inf, then rebooted, then removed oem3.inf, reboot, even removed my PCI LAN card before convincing myself to remove the 3rd, the wdmaudio.inf before finally getting past the 32-minute mark and completed my XP-SP2 installation.

    @nitinpai – you are a geek and an angel as well! You really helped a lot with your post.

    @All of you guys – if not for the posts you made I would have had my ass kicked for not Upgrading the XP-SP2 of my officemate and would still be awake beyond 2AM.

    This is the most helpful posting I’ve ever run into.

    Cheers to all! 🙂

  164. Nitin — You’re a damn genius. I’ve been searching for this fix for 3 days. Can’t believe Microsoft doesn’t have this on their support site.


  165. Thanks… it helps… got an error at 34 minutes to go when installing xp on old thinkpad. I’m following ur advise and delete the last inf (mdmtl3.inf), than i’m happy to see the rest… Great!

  166. i found the inf file, it’s oem5.inf.. but when i tried to delete it, it says access is denied.. what should i do?? thanks in advanced.

  167. Hello, I did this and deleted the Machine.inf file. Then I received a BSOD blue screen. Now what I did is recovering the machine.inf file from another windows hard disk and copied it.

    However I am again stuck in the beginning.

    Everybody take care and don’t delete the machine.inf file..

    I think the guy that did the article should enter that warning in the beginning so people dont delete it.

    If you delete that file, things will get even worse.

  168. Wow, really worked very well. You are a master dude…

    Thanks for your help. With this you teked me aout of a hole problem.

    Thanks again dude…

  169. Mine got stuck on the 39 minute mark and setupapi.log gave me this :
    #E357 Registration of “C:\WINDOWS\system32\initpki.dll” appears to have hung.
    #E291 Failed to register OLE server “C:\WINDOWS\system32\initpki.dll”. Error 258: The wait operation timed out.

    What does this mean? What should I do?

  170. Okay, I have been working on this one off and on for a week. my nephew has a toshiba laptop about 2 years old. He tried to do a system restore (he has restored it several times – whenever he get too much spyware/viruses I guess – and it would get to starting windows and just hang. I have winxp pro sp2 and winxp media… I have tried both with the following results – was able to get past the “windows starting” by pressing F5 when asked about raid drivers and selecting Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC. Then is started hanging at 34 minutes (after the restart). I have restarted a dozen times trying to Shift+F10 and I can not get a command window to open. What am I doing wrong? I have tried it with and without the cd, from the time the computer starts until it locks up, or wait until it asks for the cd (as was recommended in one forum) but never do I get a command window. I have disabled everything in the bios that I can, not a lot of bios options. I also updated the bios. I have done several full formats and I always get to the same point. Any thoughts?

  171. Good pointer for the 34 minutes issue. It worked the second time I tried. The wdma_se3.inf had problem and it turned out my audio card is faulty. I used ERD commander to access the setupapi.log file. Many thanks!

  172. A suggestion: instead of asking people to delete the file, it would be better just to rename it. So that people can reverse it if it turns out not to be the issue.
    move filename.inf filename.inf.bk
    To reverse
    move filename.inf.bk filename.inf

    The first time I found a wrong inf file and had to reverse it. The second time I found the right inf file.

  173. I get to the point were I try to open setupapi.log but it gives me a access denied message. Any comments?

  174. Fr those having problems with a freeze at 13 minutes during the ‘register components’ phase, my install did this. I left it sitting there for about twenty minutes and it eventually carried on without me intervening.

  175. I tried loading XP Pro over Vista and deleted all drives to make a “clean install”. Of course I got the 35 minute hiccup and tried the shift +f10 task (after I tried everything else, I guess… reformat, etc). The Shift +f10 does not work it only goes to the blue schrren noting the setup is restarting and then it hangs… I am losing it but I have not tried the setupapi.log task and am eager to do it but I can’t get to a cmd prompt. Please help. I saw that you told another user to try again – I have tried several times and still no go – any suggestions considering I have no OS on the Sony Vaio laptop now.

  176. That technique didn’t work for me as such however using the command prompt I was able to locate the problem which was the lan controller.
    Went into the BIOS and disabled it, ran the installation from scratch. (including reformatting) and it worked no problem.

    Nice one nitinpai!

  177. I’ve had a couple of goes at this but I’m not making much progress. Can anyone interpret this for me?
    My last log entry in the setupapi.log file says (in summary)

    Selecting best compatible driver failed
    Default installer failed
    Installing null driver for “ACPI\PNP0400\3&13C0B0C5&0”

    I can’t find any ref to .inf file to delete from the disk.

  178. managed to make some progress. Started all over again and this time it was machine.inf so I renamed that and I’ve moved on.

    Now I’m in a continuous reboot loop so if anyone has any ideas I’d appreciate it.

  179. Ian — is this a re-install because of changed hardware such as a motherboard upgrade. What you are describing now sounds much like what I went through. If so, I can post how I solved it. If not: can you get into Win by Safe Mode? If so, right-click on My Computer, choose Properties, click advanced and System Recovery (going from memory here) and uncheck “Reboot on Error”. That may allow you to get far enough to see the problem. Otherwise, you need to go through all your hardware. Pull your hard drives and make sure the jumpers are correct. If you are using Cable Select, make sure your BIOS supports it — better, set your primary drive to Master. *You should disconnect any drive you aren’t using, especially SATA drives.* Disable any BIOS sound card and LAN features. If possible, disable any BIOS based RAID features. If you have a sound card or LAN adapter installed, remove them. I really think your problem is hardware/driver based.

  180. Thanks – have confirmed the reboot is caused by disk driver issue. Sounds like XP can’t deal with my SATA drives. I’ve got a couple of options to try but I may just end up starting again with a new drive and try recovering data off the old drive later.

    However if you have potential fix then please post it. It may help me and you never know who else it might help.


  181. Just to clarify. The boot drive is, and always was, SATA. Seems like maybe the issues with drivers in the reinstall may have killed off the SATA driver so the drive is now accessible from the BIOS but not from the XP install CD.

  182. Ian — here’s kind of a blow-by-blow of what I went through. Pick out what’s useful to you and what isn’t since I don’t know your situation. I upgraded my motherboard and found XP wouldn’t boot so I decided to to reinstall — I did the same as you (deleting the machine.inf) and Windows installed okay. Yay…except every subsequent boot blue screened me. I had 3 IDE and 1 SATA drives attached. I had to get rid of the SATA drive altogether to proceed. I happened to have bought a new SATA drive with the mobo and THAT one was causing no probs. Aha! I eventually figured out it was my VIA disk drivers that were installed with the prior motherboard — formats with the VIA drivers yielded slightly different disk capacities than with my new drivers. I had to one at a time get the contents of each IDE drive onto the new SATA drive, format the IDE drive, and copy back. Eventually, all three IDE drives had new formats and the installation went fine. I never was able to do anything with the other SATA drive. I have a disk test tool that I can use and the data is sitting there fine but I can’t mount it on any machine that doesn’t have VIA drivers on it. Instead of fighting it, I copied what files I really wanted onto a laptop that does have VIA drivers, got those files to my machine and just put the SAtA drive on a shelf. This is an example of Microsoft at its worse…XP should have been able to detect the VIA drivers and accommodate. Likewise, shame on the VIA folks for being just a little non-standard.

  183. Thanks MM. That sounds remarkably similar to where I’ve ended up, even to the VIA drivers – but I will check and confirm that. I’ll follow through on your suggestions., but it will be a couple of days before I can get back to the PC but I’ll post what happens in the end.

  184. Thanks MM I found the SATA drivers and loaded them via a floppy during the windows install. All is working beautifully.

  185. Thank you nitinpai, original post , my problem was similar .was doing a repair of xp pro it would hang at 23 minutes no matter what i did it took a 12 pack and your solution to fix it
    Thank you very much TWD.

  186. THANKS Nitin !!!
    this solution should be published in the microsoft web site !
    I’ve got it fiexd when installing xp pro into my thinkpad t22

  187. Many thanks for this workaround!!
    I’ve manage to pass the hung on 34 minutes, however after the repair was finished and make the required restart, another problem appeared!! BSoD 0x7B error with continuous reboot!
    I’m really stuck now…please anyone have an idea on how to proceed next?


  188. Nicu – Unplug EVERY device in the system, especially any SATA drives. You should have only your C drive, your CD reader, your keyboard, your mouse and your monitor. If your motherboard has built-in sound and/or LAN, disable them in your BIOS. That should get you to a clean install. Then, add back your other devices, preferably one at a time, beginning with your network adapter.

  189. Thanks MM, I’ve done this the first time and managed to get a clean repair install, but as I said, I hit another problem….0x7B bsod error. Now I,m struggling to do a new repair install, following Sorin recommendation.
    I’ll keep you updated with the results.

  190. Guys I really need some help here. As I previously said, I’ve tried to make the repair again, since after the first attempt (even though it was successful) I got BSOD 0x7B after the restart.
    Now I’m stuck again at 34 minutes !! In setupapi.log I see the last devices to be one of the dni_dnemp (005 …. 000). I erase the oem25.inf file, but still it freeze there. It tries to remove the device as it seems.
    I really don’t know what to do next!

  191. Nicu — I understand you’ve removed all devices. Next, I would delete the machine.inf file and restart the install. It might be helpful to know the circumstances of what prompted you to do the XP repair install in the first place. My issue had been a motherboard replacement…the old old mobo had via drivers for my disk drives where the new mobo used different drivers…started a whole series of unfortunate events culminating in getting an install but then getting the symptoms you are having.

  192. Stupid decision from my part!! I had some problems with some trojans (I don’t remember exactly the name) and managed to fix it after couple of painful days.
    After this, even though my laptop (Dell Latitude D505) was working quite OK, I had this EXTRAORDINARY idea to make a repair install, thinking that I’ll “cure” the windows for good!!
    And guess what: I’m stuck for 10 days now with this miserable Windows repair!!!!
    So, after reading this forum, I managed to finish the repair install. But after this, every time windows booted, received BSOD 0x7B stop error. Then again I tried everything I found on the net and at the end I started again the repair without machine.inf.
    Now I’m stuck again at 34 minutes and have no idea what to do anymore. Of course there is no inf file to look at in setupapi.log when it freeze.
    Everything is disabled in bios, no devices attached, etc.
    I can say also that the GUI setup either freeze or I get a stop error 0xA (IRQ_not_less_or_equal). I couldn’t find any pattern when each one appears.
    I guess I will start again the repair, and see if is doing the same thing! Any other ideas?

  193. Your article was very helpful. It set me on the right path, even if it didn’t work at first. I found I had to edit the registry file “system.sav” to remove the offending device.

    read the *.inf file – was loading “asuskbnt”
    removed the *.inf file
    removed the device from windows\system32\$winnt$.inf
    booted with UBCD4W
    overwrote windows\system32\config\system with system.sav
    loaded remote registry
    deleted the offending PnP device
    overwrote windows\system32\config\system.sav with system
    reboot / finish the upgrade

    Same general idea, but in my case when I deleted the offending oem2.inf file nothing changed; the system was crashing when the default driver was installed. Maybe you can expand my explaination on how to do this to help others?

  194. Mine hangs on 39 minutes. I tried the 34 min. fix, but I can’t get past goto C:/Windows and type setupapi.log, hit enter . What I get instead of C:/Windows is C:/Wnidows\system32. When I type in setupapi.logand hit enter I get ‘setupapi.log’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file, and it gives me a new C:/Wnidows\system32 line.

  195. Brad-

    At the C:/Windows\system32 prompt, type:

    cd c:\windows

    That should switch the directories.

    I have tried every fix listed by others on this page and I’m still having the same problem. I’m ready to pull my hair out.

    The only periph. I have plugged in are the mouse, kb, cd rom, and of course the hd. I have an integrated video card. If the video card is corrupt, am I basically screwed?

  196. Steven–Different thoughts: I would delete the machine.inf (or even all of the inf files if you have to). If you are reinstalling XP, make sure you go to a new folder (WinXP instead of Windows as an example). I’d validate in the bios that all built in devices are disabled and would put it into safe mode if your bios has such a setting. If all else fails, try this: an internal IDE HD at wal-mart should run $80-$90 for 200GB+. Pull your hard drive, put the new one in and do the install. I’ll bet that solves the problem. If so, get XP installed and then add back the other drive later. I had a drive that XP simply wouldn’t recognize…I used a USB to SATA cable to copy the files off and just retired the damned thing rather than making a career out of saving $75.

  197. Say Hey-

    The 34 minute problem with loading drivers is not just with bad *.inf files; nor does it always involve bad hardware. My problem was in the registry of the machine I was upgrading.

    I must confess that I don’t always uninstall a driver before I upgrade to a new one; I trust the new driver to remove the old one. Silly me.

    When we upgrade Windows the process looks into the registry and can see any driver that was once installed and wasn’t removed properly. It will try to re-load any driver it finds it as an “enumerated Plug n Play” device. If it falls to load a driver, it will load a default driver. In my case the default driver caused the failure/reboot.

    The upgrade makes a new copy of the registry when it first starts the upgrade process. The file is called “system.sav” and it is found in the c:\windows\system32\config directory. The section inside “system.sav” of interest is called:

    It is a list of devices that will all be installed during the upgrade process. If you remove the offending device here, it will be skipped during the upgrade process. The trick is to edit this file on a system where windows is broken.

    I booted my “dead windows” computer with a CDROM called the “Ultimate Boot CD for Windows”. This lets you read/write the hard drive with the “dead windows” you are stuck upgrading.

    I opened the Explorer on the CD desktop
    I replaced “system” with “system.sav”
    delete c:\windows\system32\system
    rename c:\windows\system32\system.sav system

    Then I used the remote resitry function on the boot CD to load the broken registry into regedit

    I removed the offending device
    Note: I knew its name from reading the *.inf file I had deleted.

    I replaced system.sav with the edited copy
    copy c:\windows\system32\system system.sav

    I saved the registry back to the hard drive

    …then I restarted the upgrade

  198. to every one needs idea about how to solve a 34 mins hung in installing windows xp at first i also have a problem about this matter until i find a solution and here it is first make sure to unplug the ethernet cable before installing xp and go to simos setup by pressing F1 or DEL and then go to pnp and disable the LAN and MODEM and save it by pressing F10 the beggin again the installation and another tips dont use memory card that higher than 256 in installation process ok hope i share my idea well. GOODLUCK

  199. hi guys this worked for me i had the 34 min hang up….
    i followed the solution like this…
    1:reboot with no (xp pro CD in) when it asks for CD press shift and f10
    2:type “setupapi.log
    3:a long log will appear in NOPEPAD
    4:scroll to the last few lines and look for the entry saying eg: atiixpaa.inf(that was my last entry on MY list in notepad
    5:OK so “atiixpaa.inf is my driver fault!!
    6:close the notepad and return to the command screen eg:C:\WINDOWS\system32\
    7:here ia a example of what to type next! assuming the fault is atiixpaa.inf!
    9:A new notepad will appear with the faulty drivers etc–just highlight all the text in it and delete all.
    10:close empty notepad
    11:close commant prompt
    12:put xp pro disk back in and carry on with installation!

  200. Thank you! I could not get past this. Everyone was advising me to remove the partitions and reload Windows from scratch. This allowed me to install Windows. Thanks again.

  201. This thread has been helpful to me is getting past the install sticking. I was adding a better graphics card and a slightly larger hard drive to an old Dell Dimension 8200 for my daughter and I did full formatting and a fresh install of windows. After reading this thread and the info on MS site now (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828267/en-us), I just removed all devices not essential, disabled them in the bios and managed to install windows ok after that. I then put the devices back, and re-enabled them in the bois, hoping to go into windows and install the drivers needed, only it seems I messed up some setting in the bios as I now am getting ‘I/O card parity interrupt at F000:ACC0 Type (S)hut off MNI, (R)eboot, other keys to continue. I googled this and it sounds like a resource conflict, sure now I set something wrong in the bios settings, as all worked fine before I made my changes to the hardware etc.

    Problem is now that I can’t get back into setup (bios) to check the settings, as all I can get is this message. I would appreciate any tips and suggestions to get around this step in the long journey of dealing with a windows installation lol. (Have been working with computers for many long years, not really a techy but have built and rebuilt a few in my time, never had such a load of poo poo to deal with as this time 🙁

  202. Wisteria — Poo poo? The correct technical term is crap. Well, “Microsoft Crapola” is the long version. Be that as it may, this may actually be an issue with your Dell…the poop (er, info) that I see suggests this is common with Dells. Check out the link below. The suggested solution is a BIOS upgrade:


  203. Hello all!! I have some good news! What worked for me was entering “DEBUGGING” mode.

    After your XP disk reboots your system(from a repair), go into “DEBUGGING” mode!!

    (Press F8 before windows XP logo screen pops up)

    This worked like a charm for me! If Debugging mode fails for you. I would try this OP’s technique.

    Man, i was up untill 6am in the morning, trying to figure this one out! I wish you all the best of luck!

  204. After almost a year I have made time to set this desktop computer back up so I can attempt to “fix” it. My last post was May 16, 2008 About getting the set up to make it to 39 minutes then asks me to click yes to agree. However as I stated back last May, at that point my mouse and keyboard are not being recognized. When I bring up the BIOS I can use the mouse and keyboard fine.

    So I have attempted to delete the rogue inf file as you all have been saying to do. I have done the setupapi log to see what inf file is giving the error, I find it and it and this is the message it give me about 7 or 8 lines for the bottom:

    #w082 could not locate a non-empty service section [Clean.Services] in “C:\WINDOWS\System32\$winnt$.inf. Error 0xe0000102: The required line was not found in the INF.

    Then the last six lines say:
    #E077 Could not locate a non-empty section [iis_Common_install] when calculating disk space in “C:WINDOWS\INF\IIS.INF” Then the same thing for the next five lines except with these errors:
    [iis_inetmgr_install] ” ”
    [iis_pwmgr_install] ” ”
    [iis_www_install] ” ”
    [iis_ftp_install] when calculating disk space in “C:WINDOWS\INF\IIS.INF”

    Can anyone tell me what those codes mean? I am thinking it does not sound too hopeful?
    Thanks in advance, Honey….

  205. Well good news… something must have happened internally even though I got a message when trying to delete the corrupt inf file saying that it could not be found, and from the BIOS it seemed as if nothing had happened, but I put the cd back in the drive and was going to try Tanner’s instructions with the CD in… the setup resumed from the same point as all the other times, at the 39 minute mark, asking me to click “yes” to accept and then click “next”.

    This time, my mouse and keyboard were not frozen any longer and I was able to complete the setup! From a years worth of frustration to now, and it is finally fixed! Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions, and to the next poor frustrated soul who is on here searching for answers to the incrediblly horrid 34 minute hiccup, DON”T GIVE UP ! (smile)

    And thanks again!

  206. I have tried all these fixes and nothing works. I can get into the setupapi.log and see a couple of .inf’s, but I can’t get the system32 to disappear from the C:\windows… I’ve tried disabling some of the onboard items and nothing works.

    usbport.inf and machine.inf are two that I have seen in my log.

  207. as i repeat…
    for JE

    hi guys this worked for me i had the 34 min hang up….
    i followed the solution like this…
    1:reboot with no (xp pro CD in) when it asks for CD press shift and f10
    2:type “setupapi.log
    3:a long log will appear in NOPEPAD
    4:scroll to the last few lines and look for the entry saying eg: atiixpaa.inf(that was my last entry on MY list in notepad
    5:OK so “atiixpaa.inf is my driver fault!!
    6:close the notepad and return to the command screen eg:C:\WINDOWS\system32\
    7:here ia a example of what to type next! assuming the fault is atiixpaa.inf!
    9:A new notepad will appear with the faulty drivers etc–just highlight all the text in it and delete all.
    10:close empty notepad
    11:close commant prompt
    12:put xp pro disk back in and carry on with installation!

    im assuming the machine.inf is the last inf on YOUR list. go to step 6 and change my inf for “machine.inf”
    and carry on the steps

  208. Andymaxi,
    I tried those steps EXACTLY…a second log for deleting inf files never came up. I did find a solution though. At the initial install screen it says to push F6 for raid controls or something. Instead I pushed F5. Another screen pops up for what type of computer you’re installing on. I chose normal PC and it took off like a champ. It zooms right past 34 minutes and on to the finish line.

  209. Hi everyone,

    I’m having a problem that two others here have had; namely, I can’t get a command prompt. I’ve tried pressing Shift + F10 at numerous points during the startup, but no luck in getting at command prompt.

    I had been having horrible trouble with my computer freezing, etc, so I tried to do a repair install with XP. However, at 34 minutes I get a dialogue box saying that the software for my NVidia GEForce 7300 LE is not compatible with Windows logo testing. It then asks if I want to install it anyway, or not install it. If I say install, I instantly get a BSOD with a Page Fault in NonPaged Area. If I tell it to not install, it just freezes. I basically would just like to have it stop trying to install xp, because before I stupidly tried this repair, I could at least start up fine in safe mode. Now I’m just trapped in a loop.

    Any thoughts about how to at least get a command prompt?

  210. I have an unattended network upgrade that i created but on every single 8187 machine that i have to do the upgrade on, it seems to hiccup at the 34 minute mark. After setup restarts it is capable of finishing without a problem, but i would like to shave the extra 30 minutes it seems to take for it to hang, restart and then get past that point. Thanks

  211. This post is very helpful. Thank you to all that contributed. In my case deleting the inf file didn’t solve the problem but I was successful when I tried @smg suggestion of pressing f5 at initial setup screen and then continuing with the repair install. It worked like a charm.

  212. Ran into this same problem. After trying the other “34 minute hang on install” solutions, I found this page. It was the same problem – a modem card gone bad or misbehaving. Removing the card also fixed a problem I had booting linux live CDs such as knoppix, gparted, etc.

    The other write ups did not explain about removing the install CD to get at the shift-F10 repair console. Good job.

  213. Thank you Thank you Thank you…..I could only create a xp home installation disk from the i386 folder on this old and corrupted dell computer and who knows what faulty files are in that folder. The installation kept freezing at 31 minutes at installing network. I deleted all .inf files that were causing errors….and it worked!!! Thank you, you have saved me a lot of headache, especially since dell wouldn’t send me a new install cd without me paying them $30.

  214. ahhh…thanks so much!
    the delete .inf thing didn’t work for me as i couldn’t find any anywhere…but i spotted that somebody got past the 34 min hang up by simply removing the usb mouse during install. Worked a treat! thanks for this

  215. So the copy of windows that I had on my computer (custom built) wasn’t real. The windows genuine advantage thing comes up, but I bought a new copy of windows so I could install it. I upgraded successfully, but then I got to the welcome screen, and I got stuck in an activation loop. Spent 2 hours on the phone with Microsoft, and finally the guy basically had no idea what to do, so he generated me a new product key, and said try a repair.
    This is where I am now.
    Repair… New product key… This is going to work!!!…. and just like that, stuck at 34 minutes. It says that it needs the nvidia nforce network adapter cd…. Don’t have it, but I got the driver online with the correct inf file that it was asking for… so that no longer is coming up. Still stuck
    I have tried:

    setupapi.inf and found oem35.inf and oem5.inf to be the last couple lines. I have deleted/ renamed both.

    Removed all external devices including mouse

    disabled networking

    opening the inf files and deleting their contents… but it will not let me save.

    I am running out of ideas so any help would be greatly appreciated!


  216. “opening the inf files and deleting their contents… but it will not let me save.”
    who said anything about saving?? after deleting! you dont have to
    follow my instructions from up the page and it will work.

  217. Yes! That works.

    There appears to be a particular problem with IBM T21 and XP SP2 See IBM site for revised software.

  218. problem here, trying to delete oem3.inf yet i get an access is denied message. any tips on this?


  219. K – while in the directory, try this:

    attrib -r -s -h *.inf

    That will remove the read-only, system file and hidden attributes on all inf files. Type attrib /? for more info.

  220. Thank you so much i ws struggling with 32bit XP Pro installation on Mac pro for last 3 days which (after several other problems) eventually kept hanging at 33 min wall despite leaving it on over 12 hours at one time.. i deleted in inf as you mention in the article and got to pass the 33 min wall.. but then hanged again 19 min while “installing network”.. i removed all the peripherals including any USB, Firewire devices and restarted installation. This time it all went smooth.. After a failed attempt and 125£ loss of buying 64bit XP pro, over 25 hard-reboots and 3 days constant trying XP is finally installed on my 8 core mac pro. Thank you so much for letting pass a massive 33min hurdle..

  221. Thanks man,
    I unplugged everything from my pc, but my dvd rom and my hard drive. Restarted the baby and installation completed 34 minutes later!

  222. Appreciation for you fix did still comin’ in…I have a faulty dvdrom and your fix was THE trick!
    Thanks again…!

  223. Hi “nitinpai”,

    If you still read this article, thank you very much.

    You ARE CERTAINLY a genius.

  224. Hey @Sitiev,

    Yes I do read the comments. I’m no genius but I am glad that you found this useful.

    Thanks for all your support and appreciation. Do keep coming! 🙂

  225. Hey guys-
    After looking in the setupapi.log I found that the last inf file concerned USB devices. I took out my USB mouse and tried again and setup went through. I think my problem was that I had USB mouse disabled in BIOS but had it plugged in anyway. Hope this helps someone.


    The main fix of deleting .inf. DID NOT WORK

    Someone mentioned F5 and choosing Normal.. standard PC when initial setup asks for Raid drivers..

    YOU ARe the man.. it worked.. F5 worked. damn right

  227. Hi guys,
    I just want to add my solution. The setup always stuck at 34 min or a little later at the Key input.
    So i created a XP SP3 cd with the freeware tool nlite. there you can enter all the settings asked during installation (key, computer name, workgroup, …). I did that.
    Then during my next installation attempt i tried the DOS-console thing. I tried to delete the bad .inf but while typing the setup luckily finished! The system froze at the really end agian..
    after reboot the system froze every time after 10 … 120 seconds. then i tried F8 after booting and chose “last working version” (sorry i just translated it; don´t know the correct wording)
    This worked fine but i still don´t know the real bug or corupt device 😉

  228. Hi i got the fucker! (i guess ;-))

    After the installation with the nlite-xp-cd i got constantly system freezes at the desktop.
    now i tried to figure out which file or driver is false. i started the system in “safe mode” and saved the ntbtlog.txt part (at the end of the file i had the surch for the right date/time). after that i started in “normal mode” and let the log run also – the system crashed, of course 😉
    now back in the safe mode i compared both log files. now i had the additional driver the system was loading in normal mode. i went through these drivers (i would there were about 30 or 40 extra drivers). most of them were from MS and a few from ati, realtek, …
    now i cut out all additional drivers (.sys-files) from c:\windows\system32\drivers and put them i a new folder on the desktop.
    after that a add for example the last 10 drivers to drivers-folder on C: back again. the system worked fine? – yes! – so i added the next .sys-files. in that manner i identified the intelppm.sys to be the fucker that causes the system freezes (something for the processor – i thought it might be important 😉 but it seems to be crap)
    so now without that file the systems runs stable.
    maybe it helps some of you to get rid of the 34 min problem. it took me about a week to get my friends lappy running again…

    Toshiba m30x with Win XP

  229. one last addition:

    the bad intelppm.sys seems to be created by the cpu.inf
    maybe it helps also at the setup to delete that file to get over the 34 min.

  230. now the very last comment from my side:

    i tried deleting cpu.inf at the setup. everything worked fine after that!

    i read some other comments to that driver problem for intel cpu. they said that there must be a special driver-version from Toshiba…
    but i can´t check that.

  231. big shout to nitinpai and je (april 5, 2009)!

    je, your idea worked like a charm! and nitinpai, you kicked this whole thread off! you’re a star, mate!

    the following may help someone : )

    thanks to your suggestion of checking the setupapi.log file i found my problem was with a samsung driver for my cdrom. in retrospect i realize now my install was falling over because the laptop (samsung) came preloaded with an oem version of win2k. when i hit f5 in setup as per je’s suggestion, i found the default setting was for “other” computer. obviously they’d added specific hardware drivers onto the os recovery disk, and wanted those drivers loaded when 2k was reinstalled.

    i’ve reformatted the hard drive, and am loading a microsoft copy of xp which doesn’t have samsung’s specific cd driver… couldn’t find it, so the install failed. changed the computer type in the f5 mask from “other” to “standard i486” and xp loaded flawlessly. as je said hit f5 when the prompt for f6 comes up (for scsi or raid setups). it’s near the start of the setup. i had to hit f5 twice.

    many thanks again, and good luck to anyone out there still struggling!

  232. Well I had the same problem with this crap. Funny thing is I just unhooked my second drive and went right past the 34 minute hick up. Peace guys.

  233. also yes i mean to type hiccup.. haha but anyways for the f5 repair that someone mentioned, I wouldnt. I looked into that. It does say standard pc but it says i-486. So you talking about doing an old 486 installing maybe causing you problems. Heres what i recommend though. Take out anything extra that was installed on the computer (extra ram, etc) and unplug your secondary drive completely (power and cable). The 34 minute hiccup is because of devices. So look everything over, check your cables. Im not saying this will fix everyones problem. But id say it will to a lot of them.

  234. Nehemiah:

    Why would you do a i486 install?.. thats ridiculous

    you have 10 options when you hit F5 – you can even do the normal Sata install or whatever.

    hit up and down buddy and you will be awakened to more options 😉 it just only shows you 2 at a time

  235. NO no i would NEVER do that man. Someone just mentioned it and i was just checking into it. Someone said hit f5 at the setup screen. Someone else did that, thats why i responded back saying not to do that.

  236. Tried to install XP on a new harddrive and setup stopped at 54% saying it could not copy tourW.exe, P3.sys and then continues to a blue screen of death. I tried changing cables, cd’s, roms, hardrives and even the processor. Finally i changed the memory and setup completed. I have done hundreds of xp installations on several differant brands of pc’s and this was a first for me. Sorry to say, but there is no standards when it comes to XP installs.

  237. Ok guys i have figured out how to fix the 34 minute hiccup with out having to delete inf files!!!! I have gave myself the 34 minute hiccup to prove that this works.
    +Ok after you delete your partion, create a new one, and start to install windows. You need to let your computer get the 34 minute hiccup.

    +After it does reboot your pc and when the screen pops up for to press any key to boot from cd, do so. Your computer will go to the blue screen loading all the files and drivers.

    +When the loading is finished and your at the setup for windows xp, take your cd out and turn off your pc.

    + Start your computer back up and let it continue the windows xp installation.

    +When it asks for you windows xp disc put it in. The setup will install all the way no problem!!

    It seems as if windows dumps all the necessary info needed so when you perform these steps it fixes it. Be sure to post with your success. Ask if you have questions

  238. @Nehemiah – I am not sure if you have tried your solution with faulty onboard devices. I had a faulty onboard modem. So when the PC reboots XP tries to install the drivers for all the devices connected to your machine. This drivers are dumped when you start with the installation.

    Now while installing the drivers if it comes across any faulty device then it moves into the 34 minute halt. So this solution of deleting the INF file skips the driver installation for the faulty device.

  239. My issue is that it stops at the very last step which is finalizing windows. It just says there “saving settings” 9 mins left and it won’t proceed anymore. I tried removing and placing back the cd (nothing happens). Has anybody ever encountered this?

  240. You rock!! It took several tries (as I have multiple faulty devices, I suppose) but I was finally able to get through the repair install! I actually renamed all the net*.inf files in the windows\inf folder to net*.bad and that was the final step that worked. Bad NIC, I guess. Thank you VERY much for this posting.

  241. THE HANG UP fixes itself.

    at least on mine it did. I waited 13 hours at the 34 Mins. left, and turned off the computer. The mouse was not working at the time either.
    I turned the computer back on, it resumed the set-up, found the mouse, and worked right past the hang up!!!!!!

    hope this helps 🙂

  242. My laptop hangs at 31 minutes during install of XP Pro. I take out the CD and reboot but can’t get into DOS. Tried shift f10 and it takes me to the bios screen. If I wait longer to do shift f10 it still doesn’t take me to the DOS screen.

    Any ideas on how to get the DOS prompt for me?

  243. Are you letting the xp resume the installation with the cd out. At that point i will ask you to insert the cd. Dont put the cd in, instead hold shift and hit f10 and you will be at the dos prompt

  244. Ok i also have the issue where at 34 mins remaining my install just sits there. I have looked at the setupapi.log file and in the last few lines i found the oem0.inf file which is a system file(correct) and cant be removed. I believe is i change the permissions i will be able to but as i read earlier systems files will cause more harm than good. Any ideas of what i can possibly do. Only my mouse keyboard and monitor are connected to my pc.

  245. finest….
    just delete the inf file in question and continue with the installation.then windows updates will replace the lost .inf files.
    dont worry

  246. whether I disable USB in the BIOS or delete the usbport.inf file at the DOS prompt, I cannot continue my installation without a mouse or keyboard (when it comes to pressing the “Next” button”). My Dell PC only has USB connections for my keyboard and mouse, no pin connections. How can I continue my installation with no keyboard or mouse? Any ideas?

  247. I think a network install might be a little over my head, although I do have another PC in the house. Is there any other way that could be easier?

  248. If I install a PS/2 PCI card will the computer recognize it? I am doing a clean install from bootup after reformatting thats why i am not sure…

  249. If you put the dell’s harddrive in your other PC you might be able to do a full install from there..first unplug your harddrive from your other PC, put it in the dell and see if it boots up?

  250. I had the same problem, re-load stops with 34 min to go. I removed my after market usb-pci card. All OK now

  251. Its funny because this page started in 2007..looks like we still have this problem. Thanks for the help. What worked for me was to unplug my front audio/video/usb port from the motheboard. They came with the computer when i bought it and as i recall this problem didnt happpen the first time i installed xp on it. Anyways good luck huys

  252. Hey thanks a lot!!!! That works…The problem that I was having..I have a Toshiba Satellite m45-s265
    model psm40u-07001 pa3362u-1mpc. The system hanged after the installation of the DVD Recovery Image. I enter into the Windows/Inf, my problem was the 1394.inf, so I RENAMED it. The first time I erased that file and didn´t work.
    But I used the Restore DVD first. Next I used a XP CD y use the Recovery Console to enter into the DOS Command.

    Thanks again and I hope my experience help to another people….

    Thanks again…You are the MAN!

  253. I have never left a post before whether it has helped me or helped someone else, but I will for the first time say: “Thank You” this information has helped so much after days of mind boggling trauma. ALSO IF ANYONE CANT CLEAR THE system32 from C:\WINDOWS\system32 Just use a different method other than cd type HELP FOR MORE INFO Thank You

  254. I followed the instructions exacly as written and it seemed to work, until I rebooted my PC and it again asked for activation. After I typed YES I got Error Code:
    0X80004005. I do not have a pirated XP version, I used my original XP installation disk (with valid code) to repair what appeared to be a corrupted Operating System.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help,

    Max (on Oct. 10, 2009)

  255. start/command/chkdsk /r
    it will chkdsk on reboot and install the missing activation files.
    if this doesnt work try start/command(cmd)/chkdsk /f

  256. Hey Guys …
    leave all these solutions alone … I am a service technician and i encounter this problem on a daily basis. All you need to do is when the xp installation hangs, reboot the pc, get into the BIOS and disable the USB Controller at Startup or USB Emulation.
    then restart the installation and it will work like magic.
    This IS A 100% GUARANTEED RESULT. OKAY ??? if any queries get to me on my blogspot on murtazataher.blogspot.com

  257. Well, this worked perfectly for me. My problem was the video driver. Got rid of OEM2.inf and voila! Many, many thanks!

  258. So let me start by saying thank you SO MUCH. I had actually found the solution plagiarized or used on another site then by searching more found this post.

    First my problem i was searching for was “where are files stored for xp repair install once it has started so i can delete possible bad drivers?” well this certainly answered the issue much more easily using the setupapi.log solution! It took about 4 tries as there was a parent .inf file (hdaudio.inf) calling some other OEMs.inf to be installed. After deleting them and any install files that might have been referred to it worked like a charm! I actually used Knoppix to boot to and found the files using a folder explorer as i had to delete all references to the Realtek HD audio driver folder in the c:/hp/drivers folder that were corrupt, but of course command line works too!

    So thanks again!!

  259. Your a champion Murtaza T Mohsin. After trying nearly every solution on the net i could find nothing worked until i read your post. Thanks so much mate !!!!!!

  260. I have tried debugging mode and deleting the inf file as suggested. I’m still getting stuck at 34 minutes. I checked the setupapi.log file again, and now the last line is:

    #I289 removing device “ROOT\VMWARE000”

    Basically, it seems that after I removed the oem46.inf file, it now cannot find the driver for the VMWare virtual network devices or whatever else it needs to install the device. So it tries to remove it, but fails, and hangs there indefinitely.

    Can someone PLEEEEEASE reply to my post and tell me how I can bypass or remove the VMWARE device or software so that I can complete the rest of the repair install? I would be eternally grateful. Thank you!!!

  261. Okey, I had got this problem and I followed this instruction. I have deleted machine.inf and I’ve installated windows XP Prof. When computer was rebooted and text “Windows XP” was loading, suddenly it shown me blue ecran with some text (it has taken only a second) and computer was tripped (rebooted). It was happening again and again. I thinked it’s kernel32.dll missing, but when I’ve expanded it from CD, it didn’t untie the problem.

  262. Thank you Murtaza! That solution is for sure guarantee working 100%! Now I hope that hdaudbus.inf file i deleted dont effect nething

  263. Thanks, this totally worked. OEM6.inf was the culprit. Next time I will just slipstream the latest SP to the installation media. As a rule in thumb always make sure any non essential device to perform the install is disabled, off or disconnected whether by BIOS or otherwise. Cheers.

  264. The 13th is not a good day. Doing a WinXP Pro SP3 repair installation on a Toshiba Laptop I’ve discovered the 34 min. problem. My major woryy is not in getting windows installed bu in saving my data – effectively my documents. Using Shift+F10 I can get to a command prompt, can you tell me how I should proceed?
    This blog is truly outstanding – in March it’ll be into it’s 3rd year – an enormous amount of help has been provided – but none from MS!!

  265. It worked Thank you…
    First machine.inf
    Then oem0.inf and oem1.inf were in the last lines of the setupapi.log and after about 4-5 tries. it worked.

  266. Can’t get rid of the “system32” behind the C:\windows prompt???
    Somebody got the answer for this old dog learning a new trick!

  267. WOW thanks soooo much for this info worked like a charm in my case it was the battery.inf file which makes sense because the battery is shot and will only run when connected with the power supply. I never even knew you could open a command promt at this point of the install. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

  268. I normally don’t leave message on random websites, but I just have to say thank you! I was almost going to give up and buy a new computer before reading this. It totally worked on my computer, although it did take some time for me to figure out how to change C:\windows\system32 to c:\windows xD.

  269. i am ashamed of myself,

    i am a guy who get benfiets from other experience even without thanking them for their efforts.

    i know that about myself.

    i am writting these lines to thank eveybody who wrote before about this problem and i mean everybody.

    you know why??

    cuz my problem was solved by one of the comments!!!

    and what that guy said was i deleted CPU.inf and it worked.

    that was Noen.. thanks alot man .

    and i also thank Nitinpai and Mike.

    my porblem: i installed XP SP3 on a new PC everything is new and up-to-date. it costed my all of my savings. anyhow.
    you installed the XP ( by the way not original) you know what i mean right.

    every thing was fine and nice till installing devices @ 35min and the PC freezed.

    first time it happened i said probably it is the XP copy not good, so i tried another one,
    and the same problem happened.

    @ that time i got woried. what iwas happening, what i\went wrong.

    i did a complete Format and it took around 2.5 Hours. O.K now things will be fine, and XP will run very smoothly

    guess what




    after trying to install 2 different copies of XP several times

    i gave up and reaady to take it to PC tch to try to fixed it ,

    i went to work,

    and on my break, i googled my problem and i found you site,

    i printed out the the comments and i highlight the important ones,

    and neon’s comment was not highlighted why ????

    it wasn’t making an sense at that time to delete CPU information

    so i went home, i couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours. i started doing what people said

    it was the CPU.inf which was defected, what should i do ?? i searched for machine.inf to delet it i couldn’t

    so i said i will give it a try

    worse come to worse i will not lose any thing

    more work for the PC tch to get his hourly Labor

    i deleted CPU.inf installing XP and now here is installing devices and here is 37, 36, 35 min
    and here where it usually freezes

    O.K now it is going to freeze freeze freeze

    guess what it didn’t

    i didn’t believe my eyes. it kept installing and i got my lovely view Win XP wallparer and congrats for installing XP SP3

    all what i can say is

    thanks to everyone
    plz write down your experince either positive or negaitve

    you don’t know it may not work for some one but it does for another

    big thanks to this site.

    to the person who introduced his problem

    and to all people and thier comments

    and speical thanks again and again to this One common line which didn’t have at all any significant inf ow to fix the problem but it did.

    thanks alot Noen

  270. OMG I just found the solution… For everyone who get stuck around registering components, click ALT-TAB… and Voilà, there was a window hidden behind your windows installation…. Just clic okay and continue.

  271. You are the max!, Thank you! my problem was mdmlt3.inf . I delete of c:\windows\inf\ and succes

  272. Hi
    As other people here, I had the freezin
    g prolem with T 22 when it was 34 min before completing installation. In my case it was the mdmlt3.inf file that had to be deleted. It is a Lucent Win Modem or Agere Win Modem installed.

  273. The 34 min hangup.
    Thankyou all.
    I have been looking for the solution for weeks now.
    It was solved by appling a litle bit from various comments.
    Works great now.
    Thanks again

  274. My issues started with the install stopping at 28minutes. I tried the the deleting on the inf files as suggested at the top of the blog but no good. I then tried debug mode and as I was going through this time just pushed the wifi button so it turned blue and for some reason i decided to move my pc to another desk and in doing so unplugged my usb mouse.. I have no idea what exactly made it work but it then went on to complete the installation. On reboot it seemed to sit at the microsost windows screen saying please wait for what seemed ages. I then forced the pc to power off and this time powered it up without th cd in the drive. I got my user log on and all appears fine. I don’t know in the end what exactly helped but what i can say is until I found thses entries I was going no where. I am very greatful to you all.

  275. I had 2 gb of ram in my CR14GN laptop. Removed 1 gb and restarted the setup. Win xp installed fine. I will try to put the 1gb back after installation completes. Thanks.

  276. I think this is a dumb question but, how to type C:/WINDOWS/inf ? I can’t even delete the “system32>”.. please help..

  277. aviv: type “cd..” in the system32 folder then type “cd inf”. After it you can delete the “bad” inf file with del ***.inf (Of course, you have to give the right file name.)

    The method is great, many thanks for it.

  278. I can’t get a list for inf files. it will change directories but not list anything. Also my computer seems to use backslashes instead of forwards slashes in the command prompt area

  279. Robert: type DIR in the inf directory and you will get the list. (The backslashes are OK under DOS/Windows.)

  280. Thank, I know a lot but never had a problem like this and I’m not cmd prompt savvy. I’ve decided to install ME but can’t get the computer to recognize the disc now that is has a partial xp install. can you format the disc from cmd prompt?

  281. The reason may be that you used NTFS file system. Win Me can only handle FAT32 (and FAT16) file system.
    I suggest not to install Win Me. Perhaps it won’t hang up during installation, but it is not a “modern” operating system. If I were you I would start the XP installation again.
    (Formatting from cmd prompt: “FORMAT C:”)

  282. Thanks for the command prompt. I thought maybe I could get around all this by installing ME and upgrading to xp. The laptop had 98 2nd edition but of course I can’t find that disc anywhere. All I’m trying to do is put this little thing together for my granddaughter to have her first computer and add a couple of games, should have been so easy 😉

  283. I have same problem i.e. The 34 min hangup on my laptop. I don’t have any external device attached with my laptop.

    I chose to repair my XP installation because my network connectivity was having a problem and despite my best efforts I could not make it working.

    The last reference in my setupapi.log file is machine.inf which basically contains the whole PC information.

    Is it safe to delete machine.inf?

  284. I’m also getting the Cpu.inf error code one the setupapi.log. Does this mean I need a new CPU? Also when I try to open the C:windows/system32/inf, it says command not found…

    Windows XP- Clean install and brand new hard drive…

  285. thanks, I am from Colombia and I spent 6 hours finding the solution for this problem and u were the only one with the correct solution.

  286. @ nitinpai
    Thank you very much from the depth of my heart!. I read wordy, but useless Microsoft, got my eyes blurred at many other places. You offer finest simplicity. I applauded when it went to 33 minutes. Thank you again!. Best wishes, Oliver.

  287. While I am very grateful to all those who have contributed and very happy to see that so many have found success here, none – NONE – of these solutions have helped me. I am still banging my head against the 34 minute wall. I’ll let you know if I figure it out – after working with you all for two days now I almost feel like we’re family.

  288. @JE

    Thanks for the tip! I did the same thing (Press F5 and when at the screen asking you to press F6 for RAID drivers) and my install went through fine.


  289. Well, I tried viewing the setupapi.log file and although it did show me the contents, it scrolled on endlessly for 30 minutes before I got sick of looking at it so I never did reach and end to the file. It didn’t show up in Notepad either. It just scrolled in the command line window. I did stare at the scrolling messages and noticed a lot of issues with the CD-ROM so I deleted that cdrom.inf but it didn’t help. I’m still working on it. It’s a great thread though and I’m still reading through the posts. I own my own computer repair business and this is definitely now in my notebook of information!!


  290. hi mike you just scroll to the end and look at the last .ini file,you dont have to read every one.

    1:reboot with no (xp pro CD in) when it asks for CD press shift and f10

    2:type “setupapi.log

    3:a long log will appear in NOPEPAD

    4:scroll to the last few lines and look for the last entry eg: atiixpaa.inf(that was “my” last entry on MY list in notepad yours will most probably be different.

    5:OK so “atiixpaa.inf is my driver fault!!

    (basically that is the point where windows installation is stuck, so the file needs to be removed temporarily)

    6:close the notepad and return to the command screen by entering C:\WINDOWS\system32\

    7:here ia a example of what to type next! assuming the fault is atiixpaa.inf


    9:A new notepad will appear with the faulty drivers etc–just highlight all the text (CTRL+A) and delete all.

    10:close empty notepad

    11:close commant prompt

    12:put xp pro disk back in and carry on with installation!

    the file you deleted will be re-enstated when you do a windows update.


  291. yes using the shift f10 and finding the inf file, in my case it was the cpu. deleted it and i am up and running thanks to the person that posted this info. I was at witts end LOL

  292. hey guys,, i tried this but i seems not working for me.
    i have this problem last year and my toshiba satellite can’t boot on the dvd therefore i took out the hard drive and put an installtion of win 98 then upraged to windows 2000 Pro
    i started the winxp installation while in win2k(i copied the files in hard drive and the cd is still in the tray) and rebooted
    stuck at 34min then i tried to restart then follow the procedure but my keyboad has a defect, some keys doesnt respond so i have to boot on windows 2000
    (to use the onscreen keyboard)
    then i looked for the mentioned files
    and it mention an error “0xe0000228”
    and it is for this device pci ven 104c&dev

    plss help me 🙁
    thanks in advance

  293. While rebooting hold down F8 then select to boot off cd/DVD drive.
    Or press f1 while rebooting and change the Bios booting order: DVD drive first had second
    If this isn’t your problem can you explain it again clearly – I don’t get the bit where you took the hard drive out then installed windows2k. What did you install this on if you removed the hdd

  294. I finally fixed it by installing XP3. I downloaded the install file on another computer, put it on a thumbdrive, and installed from that. According to Microsoft tech support, this is one of their recommended fixes – they just don’t get to it until they’ve gone through a bunch of others. Good luck, folks.

  295. hi bob so basically when you got to the 34 minute hiccup you removed the xp pro disk and inserted a windows xp service pack 3 disk and carried out installation from that? im glad to hear that worked 🙂

  296. I too have the problem mentioned by lots of people.
    have tried the above with log file and delete the inf files with no help.
    I have Benq Joybook 6000 no cdrom, I use a adapter to usb with internal Cdrom. By deleting some inf files, I have passed into the networking config at 32 but thats as far as it goes.

    I have tried linux works everytime. But to use my usb mobile internet I need a windows base file to install ie xp.

    any suggestions?

  297. @andymaxi: My working theory was that some newer file was corrupted that was consistently not being overwritten by any of the automated repair procedures. If I remember correctly, (to be honest, I went through so many procedures that they’re all running together on me) I booted with the original XP (sp2) install disk and then executed the sp3 install program. Sorry, I spent almost 4 weeks working on this, going through every clue and guess on the net. As I mentioned, this is one of Microsoft’s solutions (eventually), so they should be able to help anyone who needs to recreate what I did.

  298. @Andymaxi – from my desktop,, cause i cant even boot on cd/dvd on my laptop.. ah one more thing I remember the last time it boots with disabled auto restart on system failure, it says about the hard drive/ hard drive controller?.. and about spywares … Im not sure of the hard drive cause I have evenhave it replaced,,

  299. @andymaxi, jyst to clear things out,,, i have removed my laptops hdd on installed windows 2000 using my desktop.
    i copied the installation files of windows 98 and 2000 ang returned the hdd on the laptop. and proceed in installation..

    My biggest problem is that my laptop can’t boot on DVD, even it is in the first boot priority,


  300. 26th Feb, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    34 Minute XP Installation Hangup Problem?
    Which File I Delete Please Tell Me Step By Step Sir (Please)

    I Am Using Vista In My Pc But Vista Is Not Suit For Me It Is Hard And I Am Not Comportable. When I Insert Xp Installation Cd Its All Done But 34 Mint Hang Up Then I Insert Vista (For My Use If I Have A Time I Put Xp Cd Again & Its Same Problem. I Have Bought 3 Xp Cd From Market. But I Cant Solve The Problem My English Is Not Well Pls Understand Me.

  301. robbert i understand you have a dvd drive–but it doesn’t boot from it ? does it just boot or try to boot windows when you restart pc?
    if so you need to restart your laptop while holding f8, then go to bios/ boot section, then you will see the order what the laptop boots, all you need to do is move the dvd above the hdd in the list then your laptop will boot from dvd/cd first. basically boot and it says press any key to boot from disk.

  302. oh sorry i just read that dvd is first boot already. have you tried another boot disk? ie:xp disk to see if your windows copy is the problem.

  303. @ LOKESH put all this text into google translate.it will detect your language automatically and change to it.

    1:reboot with no (xp pro CD in) when it asks for CD press shift and f10

    2:type “setupapi.log

    3:a long log will appear in NOPEPAD

    4:scroll to the last few lines and look for the last entry eg: atiixpaa.inf(that was “my” last entry on MY list in notepad yours will most probably be different.

    5:OK so “atiixpaa.inf is my driver fault!!

    (basically that is the point where windows installation is stuck, so the file needs to be removed temporarily)

    6:close the notepad and return to the command screen by entering C:\WINDOWS\system32\

    7:here ia a example of what to type next! assuming the fault is atiixpaa.inf


    9:A new notepad will appear with the faulty drivers etc–just highlight all the text (CTRL+A) and delete all.

    10:close empty notepad

    11:close commant prompt

    12:put xp pro disk back in and carry on with installation!

    the file you deleted will be re-enstated when you do a windows update.

  304. @andymaxi: actually that laptop has a recovery dvd but it won’t boot, i have tried other cd’s i have used on my desktop but no luck, i even tried windows vista and 7, but they can’t boot on dvd, my last chance is to put the installation files on the hard drive but all installations failed when it reached the point where it detected hardwares:(i think after graphic adapter is installed)
    only windows 98 and 2000 pro are successful 🙁

  305. This is for one of the earlier posts where you weren’t able to change the regional settings after applying the .inf fix. The way around that is to use a pst2 style keyboard. There is an issue with the usb. I had the same problem. Earlier in the installation I couldn’t press Enter to continue the installation so I switched to the ps2 keybaord. My error was with the usbport.inf which was I then ran into the 34 minute issue. After applying the .inf fix, it work with no problems.

  306. i was on my laptop this morning until my wire came out and i plugged it back in and i got the blue screen.so i went to get the windos cd to install windows xp home editionand everything went smooth until it froze up at the 34 min mark and ive tried about 8 times and nothing……. please help… also when nitin you said i have to delete the inf i cant find it i found it in notepad… can you tell me what to do next?

  307. doesnt work for me i get the bsod when i do it so ya i need some help with this shit,,, escuse my laguage

  308. Holy Crap I had to use this for the 4th time and it worked. This time I had to delete 2 inf files but it an EMACHINE so it’s expected LMAO.. Thanks dude

  309. Thanx for this brilliant solution, i’ve tried anything from update bios and several times formating the hdd but this is exactly what i should for the first time.
    greating from indonesia.. 🙂

  310. don’t know what i’m doing different………this does not work for me. i’ve removed 4 inf files with no luck.
    – usport.inf
    – machine.inf
    – cpu.inf
    – volume.inf

    i think it’s the usbport.inf causing the issue, but went ahead with the others just in case.

  311. Nice one, I wanted to restore an old pc and I’ll be damned if I’m paying another window license fee.

    My file was usbport.inf
    Guess I’ll do without usb support! 🙂


  312. @Linux User

    I was able to obtain an old PS2 input keyboard and mouse. I’m still having driver issues, but I was finally able to complete the install. I’ll work out the driver bugs once I can get XP to recognize uverse is connected.

  313. It was quite useful they went through 34 minutes, a month trying to do the installation but this fringed problem., I do not know how to thank you, helped me a lot, thanks again, you’re the best.

  314. Thats so much, this saved me on a server 2000 to 2003 upgrade I decided to do that had an oem1.inf file installing some legacy 2000 drivers.


  315. Thanks alot! got a free laptop that had a dead HD and came with vista so i got a hd for it and went to install xp couldnt get it to work, was gonna give up and do vista but now its working! turned out to be the cpu one lol

  316. Hi

    I had to reinstall windows xp due a ‘Bad_Pool_Error’.
    Now I’m also stuck on 34 min:

    First of all, it stucks on iaStor.sys, which I need to locate on my disk (so I need my mouse).
    Then after that I get a popup which I need to accept to allow the software of my Intel USB family controller to install. after a few popups my mouse stops working (my keyboard did never work during the installation but it’s plugged in) and another popup comes for my Network card inside my pc. I can’t click on anything so I’m stuck there.

    I tried shift+F10 but my keyboard isn’t working during the installation for some reason :/ is there any way I can go to the command prompt?

  317. Hello

    Sry for my bad english 😀

    So , I tried to repair my WinXp and its stuck on 33 min . I do everything what this site is wrote , but I cannot find the “.inf” file . I find INFCACHE.1.. etc , but not machine.inf or something like that .

    Pls help me , I dont want to format everything !

  318. @ Bladeff

    1:reboot with no (xp pro CD in) when it asks for CD press shift and f10

    2:type “setupapi.log

    3:a long log will appear in NOPEPAD

    4:scroll to the last few lines and look for the last entry eg: atiixpaa.inf(that was “my” last entry on MY list in notepad yours will most probably be different.

    5:OK so “atiixpaa.inf is my driver fault!!

    (basically that is the point where windows installation is stuck, so the file needs to be removed temporarily)

    6:close the notepad and return to the command screen by entering C:\WINDOWS\system32\

    7:here ia a example of what to type next! assuming the fault is atiixpaa.inf


    9:A new notepad will appear with the faulty drivers etc–just highlight all the text (CTRL+A) and delete all.

    10:close empty notepad

    11:close commant prompt

    12:put xp pro disk back in and carry on with installation!

    the file you deleted will be re-enstated when you do a windows update.


    If you still are struggling try this it works for some people.

    reboot the pc, get into the BIOS (hold down f1 while restarting pc) and disable the USB Controller at Startup or USB Emulation.
    then restart the installation.

  319. @andymaxi

    Thank you very much everything BUT

    “1:reboot with no (xp pro CD in) when it asks for CD press shift and f10” =DONE

    “2:type “setupapi.log” =DONE

    “3:a long log will appear in NOPEPAD” =YES

    “4:scroll to the last few lines and look for the last entry eg: atiixpaa.inf(that was “my” last entry on MY list in notepad yours will most probably be different.” = This is the problem .. I cannot find attixpaa.inf or mg2fs.inf or aafsaf.inf , only INFCACHE.1 and the last line is =C:\Windows\system32\wpd.ci.dll cannot installed. Errorcode : 0x800b0100 (No signature was present in the subject.

    And I dont know what should I do

  320. what comes up if you type this?

    or this
    (if a notepad appears) delete everything in the folder then exit and restart.
    as far as i know the above wpd.ci.dll is windows media player!
    did you disable floppy drive in bios?

  321. If I type :C:\WINDOWS\system32\inf , the C:\WINDOWS\system32 changes to C:\WINDOWS\system32\inf.

    and if I type C:\Windows\system32\wpd.ci.dll there’s come out nothing .

    Now I go and try to disable the usb controll/floppy driveres . I hope that will be work.

  322. one more thing do you have more than one dvd/cd drive? if so disable the other one or disconnect it.

  323. I have 1 dvd drive and i have too an inbuilt sata controller . I go and try to disable these now . The USb controller/floppy drive disable aren’t worked :S

  324. after shift and f10 two more commands are :
    Setupact.log or Setuperr.log
    see if any .inf files are at the bottom of any of the results of them commands. if so delete them.

    If the log files do not indicate the cause of the issue, try removing hardware to determine which device is causing Setup to stop responding.

    Remove any external hardware, such as attached devices that are not required for setup (for example, printers, external serial devices, and Universal Serial Bus [USB] devices other than the primary keyboard).
    Remove any internal cards that are not required for setup, such as sound cards.
    Disable items in the basic input/output system (BIOS), such as ports or power management features, and on-board devices that are not required for setup to complete, such as modems.

    Try to move or reseat the cards in the Peripheral Connect Interface (PCI) slots.

  325. Hey nitinpai, great call! It works… well it’s got me past the 34 minute mark and, about 2 hours later, just 19 minutes to go. Going to wait and let you know it completed successfully but gotta go to bed, so tired.

    May I suggest one improvement. I spent ages trying to remember the right DOS commands to follow your original instructions; ended up searching the net and scrolling through reams of stuff before I sussed it. Then having deleted the problem file (mdmcxsft.inf in my case) spent ages trying to get back to windows from DOS before giving up and just rebooting the computer. Could you edit your original posting to make it more explicit.

    Other that that, it looks like the perfect solution.. for me at least. Thanks very much… and now down to 4 minutes in the time it took to write this note. Either it has speeded up or I talk too much!

    Woo hoo! it works; I have just logged on. Thanks again.

  326. Ok i am having this problem but i can not get the command prompt to come up on my computer. Yes the keyboard does work because i can go to the setup menu and system recovery and boot in the begining when the tower turns on. Help plz

  327. I did try what was send. I found the inf files in the notepad. But I get lost when you say to find folder. C:\windows\inf. I type it into the command prompt but it says “command not recognised.”

    Please help.

  328. In my case, problem was wdmaudio.inf. I deleted this file and setup completed smoothly. Now I’ve installed audio drivers also, but no sound output. Please help.

  329. which audio drivers have you installed and how did you install them? also have you got the motherboard disk?

    you may need to install an ac3 filter then if you still have no sound you will have to manually add the xp sound driver off your motherboard disk.

    there are a few ac3 filters available one from here:


    install the above, if still no sound you need to then you need to open device manager then click on the sound, ac3, then right click -update driver software-brpwse my computer for software-let me pick a list of drivers off my computer-have hisk-put motherboard disk in-browse-select cd/dvd drive-click ok-disk will load up then browse for xp audio drivers-install them. close device manager. sound should work -you may need restart.

    it sounds like a daft fix but it does work. if you dont have the motherboard disk, you will need to find it out and then look for xp drivers.

  330. I found that “C:\windows\inf\usbport.inf” is the faulty one. So i tried it to delete like “C:\windows\system32>del usbport.inf”. But the moment i hit the ENTER, it displayed that it is not found…
    @SCAR, how did u delete the usbport.inf….
    I’m unable to remove the “system32>” after “C:\windows”.
    Please help me out, would be appreciated…

  331. @Gopi K: To remove the “system32”, type “cd ..\inf” The whole thing should look like this:

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ > cd ..\inf
    C:\WINDOWS\inf >

    Then type in your del command. Hope that helps.

  332. ur a god, i was about 2 thro this god dam pc in the bin, took me ages to get the dos stuff working cuz i dnt know it well, but it worked!!! saved me ££££££ buying new gfx lol :))) atiixpag.inf was the baddy lol xx

  333. The restore console puts you at the DOS prompt, Joe. Whenever you see “C:>” (or anything else that ends in a greater-than sign) on a Windows machine, you are at the DOS prompt.

  334. I had this same problem this past week when trying to install Windows 2003 R2, SP2, x64 Enterprise on a Dell PE 905. This server had been in production since 2009 running W2K3 Ent w/ MSSQL with no problems when we decided to re-purpose with a clean build to assist in migrating all of our MSSQL clusters to W2K8R2. Given the server had a PERC 6/i controller, I used the Dell Build & Install CD given the 2003 media didn’t include these drivers natively. Although the Linux-based GUI loaded, the system would freeze (no mouse/keyboard input) at various points throughout the setup. I tried everything under the sun from different CDs, different CD/DVD drive hardware, creating various Virtual Disk configurations using different drive selections and RAID levels, using USB Boot media, removing all Fibre Channel and PCI NICs, removing and trying various memory configs (it has 256GB RAM).

    Still being under warranty, I called Dell for assistance. Working with the first tech, I tried creating a boot CD with 2003 source files to include the PERC 6/i drivers using nLite. It was during this install attempt that I experienced the 34 minute hiccup. Actually my screen would freeze at 33 minutes with loss of mouse and keyboard on the Regional and Language settings menu. Working with a second tech the next day, within 15 minutes of the call, he found this post stating, “This is similar and appears to happen mainly to XP, but let’s give it a shot”.

    In my case, when I opened the .inf log, the last entry was a wave.inf that installed successfully. However, as I worked my way up the log, I eventually found were “msports.inf” had failed. I navigated to the inf directory and via command line renamed this file to msports.zip. Rebooting and reinserting the 2003 boot CD media, it worked…successful install!

  335. I am surprised that this is still happening. This was similar to the situation I was in prior to repairing my Windows install. I searched for blue screen loading xp in google to find articles that gave a list of steps (this is because a blue screen flashes by before restarting). I couldnt even get safe mode going so I had a different fix, but the following seems to be a good fix from safe mode: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1647&page=4

  336. Yes, what a terrific post. The best I’ve ever seen!

    I was very skeptical at first, however, I decided to give it a try. My system was originall stuck on the welcome screen, so I tried to run the XP repair to correct the problem.

    I then was getting stuck on the 39th minute. I followed
    the instructions outlined by Nitinpai. I ran the repair again and it worked! Honestly, I still don’t believe it.

    Thanks again Yes, what a terrific post. The best I’ve ever seen!

    I was very skeptical at first, however, I decided to give it a try. My system was originall stuck on the welcome screen, so I tried to run the XP repair to correct the problem.

    I then was getting stuck on the 39th minute. I followed
    the instructions outlined by Nitinpai. I ran the repair again and it worked! Honestly, I still don’t believe it.

    Thanks again Nitinpai, I can’t express how grateful I am, you deserve a metal!

    WDK, I can’t express how grateful I am.


  337. this DOES NOT work!!! when I put the directory specified in the command prompt it errors out as CWINDOWSinf is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    it ALWAYS error out to that!!!!!!!!!!

  338. you all are LYING!!! THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DIRECTORY COMMANDS DO NOT WORK!!!!!

  339. @moltres rider: The original instructions do work but they assume you know how to navigate in DOS. I will try to clarify for you:

    # goto C:/Windows and type setupapi.log, hit enter

    To do that, you type “cd Windows” it should look like:
    C:\> cd Windows
    C:\Windows> setupapi.log

    # Close the notepad and go to the folder C:/windows/inf in command prompt

    To “go to the folder” you use the cd command again. It should look like this:

    C:\Windows> setupapi.log (this is still there from before)
    C:\Windows> cd inf

    # Browse through the files to find the “.inf” which was related to the faulty device.

    To do this, use the dir command:

    C:\Windows\inf> dir

    # Straightaway delete the inf file (eg: del mdmcxpt.inf)

    C:\Windows\inf> del mdmcxpt.inf (for example)

    I covered the other DOS commands you’ll need a few posts back. Good luck!

  340. Everyone left out one key function of the “pnplog.txt”
    You can add entries to the “pnplog.txt” file to exclude from trying to install.
    This way you dont have to delete anything.
    I ended up with 17 entries in the pnplog.txt but then it worked.
    My entries in “pnplog.txt” were like this: (lines added to signify start and end of text file, not really in the file)
    Root\DNI_DNEMP016=Deterministic Network Enhancer Miniport
    I did that entry 17 times by counting the number down per entry 0016, 0015, …., 0003, 0002, etc as every time I blocked it the next file was 1 number lower.

    You need to find what is being stuck, basically te the last few lines in the “setupapi.log” file and fit it into this syntax.

    The “pnplog.txt” is the access list to bypass hardware for installation. It would be nice if they just had a prompt for items that “timeout” asking if you want skip that piece of hardware. What moron programmers.

  341. Thank you man!!! I’m Hungarian, I translated what you wrote with great difficulty and proven. You do not know how much you helped and what makes you save me!

  342. magyar vagyok, nagy nehezen lefordítottam amit írtál és bevált. Nem is tudod milyen sokat segítettél és, hogy mit?l mentettél meg! Tehát ezer köszönet neked vagy a csapatnak
    ———————————————————————————–I’m Hungarian, I translated what you wrote with great difficulty and proven. You do not know how much you helped and what makes you save me! So a thousand thanks to you or your team

  343. I am trying to correct the issue but I have no setupapi.log file. is there any other way to identify the faulty inf file. Also I have a backup drive I am running on in the same machine with no issues, using the same hardware.

  344. I followed Bob’s instructions . I found “mdmlt3.inf” in the log at the end but could not find it in the directory so could not delete it. at a loss as to what I need to do as I have tried various ways to get past 34 min freeze

  345. @Tony: mdmlt2.inf is a modem installation file. If you can’t find it in the c:\windows\inf directory, you might try removing the modem card.

  346. I did another format and installed xp again and this time I found it and deleted it but after install have a few issues one being that I can’t go in to safe mode. I’m doing ser pk 3 install and hopefully that will put back any thing missing

  347. Thanks scott, killing stuff via taskmanager got mine going again 🙂

    Thanks all – save me doing a clean install!

  348. Please add metadata so this is the first thing that comes up on google! I beat my head against the wall for a couple of days before finding this solution. Worked without a hitch.

  349. Glad (but surprised!) that it’s still helpful. Your point about increasing the visibility is well taken – I think we all beat our heads on the wall for at least a couple of days before finding this thread.

  350. I have deleted upto 5 inf files like hdaudio.inf, usbport.inf etc…but the system restarts at 34 minutes to finish of xp sp3. Pls help
    acer emachines 355 series
    Model No- PAV70
    emachines- 355-131G25ikk

  351. I have deleted .inf files like hdaudio.inf, usbport.inf etc…but the system restarts at 34 minutes to finish of xp sp3. Pls help
    acer emachines 355 series
    Model No- PAV70
    emachines- 355-131G25ikk

  352. thank u bro.i hope this trick is all the answer for my f*cking problem for a month…even i dont try yet but i believe this will work because i have the same problem as you written post.

  353. thank u bro.i hope this trick is all the answer for my f*cking problem for a month…even i dont try yet but i believe this will work because i have the same problem as you written post.
    thank u 1 more

  354. Thank you!!! I had been struggling with the problem for 3 days until I found your post. Worked as documented! Thanks!

  355. Dear all,
    Recently I had faced this problem(stuck at 35 minutes or installing devices) and tried everything , changed hdd , changed ram and cd but to no avail finally it was solved when I removed front panel USB cables wires from motherboard and it worked like heaven

  356. Small correction to the above solution, I’ve tried to Install xp in another HP system and when the same problem occurred, So as usual I removed Usb cables wires from the board but it didn’t work this time, So I removed the Ps2 mouse and tried to install again and it went smooth and didn’t stop at 35 minutes again, So people who are facing this problem please do the setup without using mouse and it is the solution.

  357. Many thanks. I’d been hitting a brick wall with this over a day and a half, and though the solution looked a bit technical for a comparative novice like me it worked perfectly first time. Was even considering ditching the system altogether!

  358. I remember that brick wall well, Ken, havin bounced my head off it for a while way back when. Glad (but a bit surprised) this is still helping folks; I thought I was the only dinosaur still running XP!

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