Tracing the route of technology

TechTracer is soon to get active within a short period of time. The short time involves setting up TechTracer plans and activities to be done for making it the most expected technology weekly for the techie-beginners. Yes! TechTracer doesn’t target the pro’s and master’s. It makes a trace out of the technological artifacts heard and unheard alike keeping in mind that there are millions of newbies (addressed noobs) waiting for something that would help them in dreaming of becoming like a master in a short span of time. Then what do you think is in store? It would be surprise to watch out for. TechTracer would be a guaranteed fun ride through the traces on the course of the world of technology. Happy tracing!

6 thoughts on “Tracing the route of technology

  1. Hi Nitin,
    Congrats for the new domain.
    Wishing all the best for this new venture.
    Keep going !


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