Finally after a long wait, the moment to cherish has arrived and that too with a very dramatic touch. Yup, I got SCDJWS certified today. It was a long learning curve, but turned out to be very fruitful indeed. The exam started early without much delay in the NIIT Prometric center, Bandra where I had been given the time of 11:30 am. It started at about at 12:00 am with my heart pounding out too loud to be heard by people around me. It was in my mind that today would either be the best day in my life or the worst. All thanks to my stars, after a period of 2 hours, 30 minutes it turned out to be the former one.

There are many reasons why I am this much excited about clearing SCDJWS. First and foremost reason was that this certification is very new and now known to many people around, as it targets SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), which is the architecture that the IT industry is targeting for the future and not many organizations have accepted it in its processes. This means that getting certified for a futuristic technology was something very big. Hence the exact scope of the test was a big consideration. And since SOA web services have a lot of things to be covered, it became a challenge to get acknowledged to all of them.

To give you a brief idea about what you will have to encounter when you prepare for SCDJWS, it first includes knowledge of the W3C standards like XML, XSD, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 which addresses interoperability problems amongst these standards. But then the certification is meant for a SUN developer which means you would have to study and get a hands over all the API’s which have been provided by SUN for making the web services adhering to the above mentioned standards.

The API’s to be studied includes JAX-RPC, JAXB, JAXR, JAXP, SAAJ. Further more if still don’t feel a jolt, then you would also be required to have a background of working with J2EE components including servlets, JSP and EJB. And moreover since the developers job is the provide a solid architecture for placing web services in a SOA architecture he would have to study about the SUN specifications in its J2EE blueprints on web service development. Last but not the least, the passing score is 68%. Phew! It’s a shocker to somebody who is new in the web services arena.

Wikipedia too agrees to what I am saying…

It is probably the toughest and most respected Java certification yet as there are no study materials made specific for it and because it covers a wide range of subjects.

And man, was the exam tough! More than preparation the exam requires an in depth knowledge and a frame of mind which would be prepared to visualize the futuristic architectures. It’s a great thing that happened to me when I joined LnT Infotech and got an opportunity to work on these interesting aspects of SOA and now I can say that I am quite proficient in working on J2EE web services. Hey! I am certified too.

My SCDJWS score is 76% (from a total of 69 questions)

This news didn’t come to me even as I clicked on the END button of the test app. But as I saw the result getting printed the first thing could notice was Status: “Pass”. That was the moment of truth. It was for real which was based on the efforts I had spent night and day and it was the test of time on which many expectations were based. Finally I can say, mission accomplished!

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